We opened our doors in 2013, but really, we’ve been building this effort for decades. Our founder, Dr. Cara Osborne, began as a certified nurse-midwife, trained at the Vanderbilt School of Nursing. She went on to receive her doctorate in maternal and child health from Harvard University and eventually teaching at the Frontier School of Nursing.

cara-osborne-bw-683x1024-e1448398661476-239x300She has practiced in a birth center and in the hospital, spearheaded mobile health maternity projects in Haiti, taught at the Eleanor Manning School of Nursing, and was part of the National Birth Center II research project.


So she decided to do something about it.

“We know from a growing body of evidence that the care that we receive around pregnancy and birth has the ability to affect the health of a family for years to come, maybe even generations. I wanted to work to create spaces where all families can receive the evidenced-based supportive care that sets families up for a strong start and that was so meaningful to me as a mom.”

With support from family and friends, Cara opened her first birth center, which is still the only birth center in the state of Arkansas.

Then, with a desire to make this model of care accessible to more women, she began to build a small team. Together they developed a plan to grow a network of birth centers in communities around the country, beginning with the Cary, North Carolina birth center.

And Baby+Company was born.

Now we’re a team of passionate certified midwives, public health professionals, healthcare advocates, and educators, dedicated to empowering families and communities through a combination of tradition and innovation.

Parenthood is a journey. We think you deserve the best possible start.