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Although Zanardi has in the past raced using modified pedals and leg prostheses, the M4 DTM has been modified to be operated by hand controls for more precision.

Braking system

Zanardi waiting in the garage at Vallelunga while his car is prepped. For those who have watched Ken Block perform in his outrageous stunt films, working a similarly mounted handbrake lever to provoke lurid broadslides, this setup will seem familiar.

However, because downshifting is usually associated with braking, for which the right hand is needed, Zanardi can also downshift using an additional button on the end of the brake lever. This plays no role in the way the system functions. He’s recently been testing the car, which has been specially modified with hand controls.

Italian racer Alex Zanardi will run the Rolex 24 at Daytona this weekend in a BMW M8 GTE specially prepped with hand controls. Braking is easier thanks to the braking arm’s greater leverage. Paralympic gold medalist Alex Zanardi on how he’s able to race at Daytona The open-wheel champ is back in a race car, this time with a new hand control setup. Controls on the BMW M4 DTM set up for Alex Zanardi. Zanardi has been testing the system in both the simulator and the real world for some time now, but the first real competition test is this weekend.

Mark Ewing has spent his life around specialty and sports cars, as a car magazine editor and in specialty vehicle marketing. This automatically opens and closes at certain engine speeds without any driver involvement. Then I have to reduce a little bit the pressure and maybe downshift a second longer. For me, it would be far more strenuous if I were to continue to brake with my prosthesis as I have done up to now.”.

The silver arm to the right is the brake lever with integral paddle for downshifting. With all controls built into and around the wheel and a tall brake lever worked with the right hand, Zanardi can drive without having prosthetic legs attached to pedals.

The tall lever operates the brakes, and... [+] includes a toggle for downshifting. This is incredibly complicated.”, “And while I am doing this, my head is basically focused on applying the right amount of pressure but I am kind flipping the throttle as I need to feel a little bit of power but at the same time I am steering with the left hand. The throttle ring uses the same sensors as the standard throttle pedal.
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While he's used prosthetic legs to drive race cars in the past, he decided a hand-control setup would be ideal for Daytona. Zanardi lost both of his legs in a horrific 2001 crash during a CART race at the Lausitzring in Germany, but that hasn't stopped him from racing. I feel a bit like Jimi Hendrix: I play with both of my hands. The throttle's controlled via a carbon-fiber paddle, a small, pull-push rocker engages up- and downshifts, and a combination brake lever and downshift trigger (genius!). So your muscles are doing one thing, and other muscles are doing another thing. Alex Zanardi, dashing race car driver, feels lucky to have lost his legs.
He even reminisced about his legend-making, last-lap pass on Brian Herta during a 1996 CART race to win at Laguna Seca, which we can't stop watching. A look at the modifications that enable Alex Zanardi to race the BMW M4 DTM with hand controls. As one of the top hand cyclists in the world, Zanardi has continued to inspire others with his incredible pursuit of greatness.

Zanardi's BMW M4 DTM in the garage lane of Vallelunga. For the new system to work, BMW Motorsport engineers turned the operating principle of the brake cylinder on its head. Throttle and throttle Centrifugal clutch In 2003, Zanardi was ready to take to the track again, with the aid of hand-operated brake and accelerator controls. Because downshifting is usually associated with braking, and Zanardi needs his right hand for that task, he can trigger downshifts using a paddle located on the end of the brake lever. ... outfitted with hand controls so that he can race it at high speeds without the use of his legs. As with every BMW M4 DTM, Zanardi’s car also has a parking brake, which is used to build up preload pressure to allow the fastest possible start. However, he can also mechanically activate and release it via a lever on the braking lever, allowing him to secure the car, keeping it from rolling. Oh yeah, and he also has four Paralympic gold medals. Clay Regazzoni, a Formula One driver portrayed in the Ron Howard film “Rush,” lost the use of his legs in an accident at the U.S. Grand Prix held in Long Beach. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at, Chase Elliott Wins Wet-into-Dry Roval Race, Watch Tommy Kendall Explain A Simulated Roval, Where To Watch Racing This October Weekend, Denny Hamlin Wins Long, Absurd Talladega Race, NASCAR's Revamped Schedule Needs One More Change, Will Power Holds Off Herta For Harvest GP Win, IndyCar to Add Massive Hybrid Power in 2023. I may have to push a button while my fingers are opening the throttle with the ring behind the steering wheel, I may have to trigger a downshift while pressing the brake lever. He accelerates by using his fingers to pull back on a throttle ring that mirrors the shape and diameter of the steering wheel rim.

Twitter: @ewingassociates and Instagram, Mark Ewing has spent his life around specialty and sports cars, as a car magazine editor and in specialty vehicle marketing.

Zanardi settled in the BMW M4 DTM for testing at Vallelunga. Before the 2003 German 500, Zanardi ceremonially drove the thirteen laps he never finished at the Lausitzring in 2001. He accelerates and changes up the gears using a ring and paddles on the steering wheel, while he uses his right hand to take care of braking and downshifting with a big lever. The brake lever is located to the driver’s right, in the center console area. As well as the size of the brake cylinder, the improved leverage of the brake lever itself also makes the whole braking procedure easier.

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Zanardi said on the testing day, “Driving a race car like the BMW M4 DTM is physically very demanding.

The second ring, executed... [+] in carbon-fiber, is the throttle system. IndyCar legend Alex Zanardi has suffered a severe head injury in a collision with a larger vehicle during a handbike race in his native Italy.

but this time will be the additional challenge of the driver swaps.

In the run-up to an initial guest drive at Misano in a few weeks, Zanardi and BMW have been testing at the Vallelunga circuit in Italy.

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