best got talent auditions ever

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Scottish Susan, famously dubbed ‘SuBo’, practically invented the entire art of the viral video – and propelled Britain’s Got Talent to its most-watched series ever. Grace VanderWaal - I Don't Know My Name 16:03tags:most talented kids moments auditions, best talented kids moments auditions, americas got talent auditions, agt talented kids auditions, agt best talented kids auditions, agt kids moments, americas got talent best kids moments, talented kids agt auditions, best talented kids moments americas got talent auditions, best kids moments in americas got talent, best americas got talent kids auditions, artyon and paige, barbie dance, barbie dance by artyon and paige, artyon and paige americas got talent barbie dance, agt artyon and paige audition, artyon and paige agt audition barbie dance, grennan the green monster, throws knives at dad, throws knives at dad by grennan the green monster, grennan the green monster throws knives at dad, grennan the green monster americas got talent throws knives at dad, agt grennan the green monster audition, grennan the green monster agt audition, yasha \u0026 daniela, kid dancers, agt yasha \u0026 daniela audition, yasha \u0026 daniela kid dancers americas got talent, merrick hanna, emotional story through dance, emotional story through dance by merrick hanna, merrick hanna emotional story through dance, agt merrick hanna audition, merrick hanna emotional story through dance americas got talent, angelica hale, rise up, rise up by angelica hale, angelica hale rise up americas got talent, agt angelica hale audition, agt rise up angelica hale, adrian romoff, piano player, piano player by adrian romoff, agt piano player adrian romoff, americas got talent adrian romoff audition, heavenly joy, in summer, in summer by heavenly joy, heavenly joy in summer audition, agt heavenly joy audition, americas got talent heavenly joy, darci lynne, singing ventriloquist, singing ventriloquist by darci lynne, darcy lynne singing ventriloquist, agt singing ventriloquist darci lynne, agt darci lynne audition, celine tam, my heart will go on, my heart will go on by celine tam, celine tam americas got talent my heart will go on, americas got talent celine tam audition, celine tam americas got talent audition, grace vanderwaal, i don't know my name, i don't know my name by grace vanderwaal, grace vanderwaal americas got talent i don't know my name, agt grace vanderwaal audition, grace vanderwaal agt audition

10 *MOST TALENTED KIDS* Auditions Ever on America's Got Talent! It's a big moment for any aspiring musician to audition for America's Got Talent, and an even bigger one to hear the sweet sound of the Golden Buzzer.

Every year, hundreds of contestants flock to the auditions, hoping to impress the judges with their array of talents— some downright mesmerizing and others more bizarre. Artyon and Paige - Barbie Dance 00:18 9. As part of its 15th anniversary celebration in 2020, “America’s Got Talent” officially revealed the 15 most viewed auditions of all time. Angelica Hale - Rise Up 06:475. Artyon and Paige - Barbie Dance 00:18 9. Darci Lynne - Singing Ventriloquist 12:242. Grennan the Green Monster - Throws Knives at Dad 01:428.

Merrick Hanna - Emotional Story Through Dance 04:426. Not only did her YouTube audition score 200 million viewers, her inclusion in the final – where she missed out to Diversity for series 3’s top spot – peaked with almost 20 million viewers. Adrian Romoff - Piano Player 08:444. ︎ Subscribe now, never miss another upload! The 10 Best Performances In Britain's Got Talent History June 13th, 2018. 10 *MOST TALENTED KIDS* Auditions Ever on America's Got Talent! Celine Tam - My Heart Will Go On 14:191.

By Britanie Leclair Contributor at See It Live Originally broadcast in 2007, Britain’s Got Talent has become a mainstream in pop culture. 10 MOST VIEWED AUDITIONS OF ALL TIME From Britain's Got Talent! Artyon and Paige - Barbie Dance 00:18 9. Top 10 Best Auditions Britain's Got Talent (part 1) - YouTube 10.

Yasha \u0026 Daniela - Kid Dancers 03:157. BGT 2019 applications are now open! Wowsers. 10 *MOST TALENTED KIDS* Auditions Ever on America's Got Talent!10. Apply now at: Back in 2014, Bars & Melody first auditioned for Britain's Got Talent. Heavenly Joy - In Summer 10:593. Kodi Lee on America's Got Talent. 10.

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