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It's like Dylan going electric if, instead of going electric, Bob Dylan decided not to wear a manky tracksuit.

His Keith Lemon act was very convincing too! Other than Jean Martyn, obviously. As you do… we’re still pre-watershed you know…. IT'S TIME! This is shaping up well as a vocal display if you ask me (who has no vocal talent experience by the way!). He might not win. 18:57 Good evening! 19:04- The Addict Initiative are first up!

First published on Sat 4 Jun 2011 13.28 EDT. I remember seeing an act like this on the USA version of the show but this was even better! 20:22 – Paddy and Nico- Paddy, 79, and Nico, 40, are big contenders tonight after winning over the support of Amanda in the audition stages; going onto win her Golden Buzzer. 21:10 Well that was certainly an energetic performance. Every Sunday for the next couple of months? It's JEAN MARTYN, whose talent is NOT PLAYING THE PIANO VERY WELL BUT APPEARING NOT TO MIND. 9.55pm: Oh goodness me. You hear that, internet? Plus absorbing Danish crime thriller Follow the Money returns. And look at her. This isn't Britain's Got Competency. She's the happiest woman in the world. Beautiful. BGT final, won by pianist Tokio Myers, seen by an average of 8.2 million viewers Published: 4 Jun 2017 . It’s like watching a more dramatic version of Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’; so intense!! It's Nobody, isn't it? ... Or I might set this blog to auto-update with the phrase 'kill me' every few minutes. Everyone stop not voting for anybody, please. Hooray! 7.38pm: The judges aren't having it. But, oh no, what's this?
But what do I know, eh? He judders, he does that weird neck thing, he throws himself on the floor a bunch of times. That is incredible. Live Blog. Oh really, Simon. 7.44pm: Simon just asked James a question, and James embarked on what appeared to be a 20-minute monologue about the fine details of timing. 9.51pm: Right, this is it. Simon said it was ‘too intense’, not ‘as fun’, and ‘you’re not going to win.’ In all seriousness, he has a point. 20:58 Oh yes, I forgot that Little Mix’s Jade and Jesy are dating Diversity members. Death before watershed may have gained ITV a few OFCOM complaints I imagine. Won't it? 20:43- Alesha, ‘simply superb.’ Amanda, ‘you were just incredible darling.’ Simon, ‘you literally sung like a diamond’. And that she wins. 20:42 Apologies. 21:24 Well, that's it! The big question is…. Go crazy, conspiracy fans. And the man who painted things with Marmite. Personally, in this day and age, I think it's wonderful that someone can reach the live final of a talent show by ending his act by basically copying those weirdos you see on beaches on holiday. I am looking forward to that. 9.31pm: And we're back. BREAK TIME- Darcy Oake will be attempting ‘the most dangerous stunt’ the show has ever seen after the break, apparently. Is this because he's ill, because he KNOWS THE TRUTH? Here’s the best TV to watch this evening, The duo finally reunite as the talent contest returns. We’ll have to wait and see. I personally would love Darcy Oake to win.
But not Britain's Got Talent. And feel free to validate my neediness by following me on Twitter (@StuHeritage). The prophesies were false.

9.34pm: Simon Cowell has predicted that a singer will win tonight. I just think than, instead of 'a singer', Simon Cowell actually meant to say 'a mad auntie in a glittery top who winks a lot'. He is also showing off a rather broader vocal range too.

9.52pm: They're announcing the results in reverse order. 9.37pm: Looking at these recaps, I've come to a sudden realisation. The comedian may have been knocked out of the competition by Darcy Oake and Collabro in his semi-final show, but now he’s back thanks to the judge’s Wildcard. You were the queen of my heart. 20:25 The act finishes with the judges on their feet and Paddy hanging from Nico’s neck! 6.43pm: A special hello to anyone feeling downhearted by the result of the England match. Luckily I've written 'Don't let Simon fool you' in green ink and strapped it to my tinfoil hat. You're not going to find out who's won until 10 o'clock. 9.45pm: Phonelines are closed. 20:54 Little Mix appear to have male dancers, with no tops on, on leads. Instead of playing all the intros to every piano ballad ever written, Paul has decided to play his own song.

As ever, thanks for joining in so enthusiastically tonight. But Paul isn't right for Britain's Got Talent. 7.23pm: Michael's singing Fast Car, just like he did in his first audition. "Don't look at it! Sat 4 Jun 2011 13.28 EDT

20:39- Lucy Kay- This 24-year-old opera singer has displayed deep emotion on the song through her songs and through her back story. Here’s their winners single! 7.03pm: Also: that man who painted himself blue and pretended to be a dolphin. He kicked off with his Ant & Dec impression but now appears to be returning to his audition technique of kids shows impressions. I think I just got a little bit lost in Lucy’s stunning performance of Nessun Dorma. I'm onto your game, Cowell. 7.56pm: I'm no expert, but I think the name of Paul's composition is 'Plinky Plonky Plinky Plonky Plinkyplonkyplinkyplonkyplinkyplonky Plonk (Directionless Mess)'. Jordan Mant blogs about the Britain’s Got Talent Final 2014, as it happens LIVE. Jean Martyn must win. Britain's Got Talent final live blog The final acts battle it out for the Britain's Got Talent Crown. As you were. It was a slightly same-y performance as the others. 8.43pm: Simon Cowell, in his critique of New Bounce, has namechecked JLS. Even Simon Cowell has roused the energy to almost completely open his wonky eye and praise him. You’re 2014 Britain’s Got Talent WINNER is…, 21:20 3rd PLACE: BARS AND MELODY (shame, but I am sure that Simon will give them a record deal).


All rights reserved. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Alesha is comparing his to James Morrison and has named him the competition’s ‘dark horse.’ Amanda is loving the retro. Well you know what? 19:12 It’s a glitzy affair for Clegg tonight with an Oscars-style set and he’s wearing a boe-tie. You won't be able to tell the difference. Tonight, they will be once again be singing ‘Stars’ from the musical, as done in their audition. 20:03 Amanda just said that the guys have stolen Bublé’s crown.

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