causes of july revolution 1830

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Thus, the Allgemeine Politische Annalen of the liberal poltician Carl von Rotteck (1775–1840) commented a few weeks after the Trois Glorieuses: "Die Nachricht von diesen Ereignissen durchlief Europa mit reißender Schnelligkeit.

For example, the French ambassador in Electoral Hesse, Sabatier de Cabre, learned of the events in Paris while visiting the baths in Wiesbaden.23 Karl vom und zum Stein (1757–1831) received his first information from Ems,24 and Heinrich Heine's (1797–1856)[] sister Charlotte Embden (1803–1899) most probably found out about the Paris events from the same source.25 Heine himself was taking the waters on Heligoland at the time, where he learned of the July events around 6 August through newspapers sent over from the mainland.

In addition to donations, the French revolutionaries received numerous messages of congratulations from Great Britain. Heine related his memory of this moment in his memorial to Ludwig Börne published 10 years later:26, According to Heine's account, news of the events in Paris caused similar excitement among the Hamburg clientele taking the waters in the seaside resort of Cuxhaven.28 The news from Paris gave the Bavarian king Ludwig I (1786–1868) a fright when it reached him on 3 August in Brückenau.29 The news reached the Prussian king Frederick William III (1770–1840) in Töplitz in Bohemia;30 it reached the Russian foreign minister Count Karl Robert von Nesselrode (1780–1862) in neighbouring Karlsbad;31 while the Austrian state chancellor Prince Clemens Wenzel Lothar von Metternich (1773–1859) and his confidant Friedrich von Gentz (1764–1832) were informed of the July revolution at Metternich's summer residence in nearby Königswart.

The country had grown displeased with Charles X, who limited freedom of the press and concentrated power in the crown. (eds.

The response of the media to the rebellions in Belgium and Poland in the subsequent months was no less intensive.
(eds. There was therefore a close connection from the very beginning between the revolution and the media, which created ideal conditions for the reporting of the events in Paris throughout Europe, which soon began. 1. The power of the House of Bourbon transitioned to its cadet branch, the House of Orléans, and thus the replacement of the principle of hereditary right by pop…

2002, pp. The Revolutions of 1830 were a revolutionary wave in Europe which took place in 1830. published by the Leibniz Institute of European History (IEG), Mainz The 1830 Revolution ended the rule of Charles X over France, and Louis Philippe of the Orlean dynasty was placed on the French throne.

Charles X was forced to abdicate and Louis Philippe was proclaimed king with a more liberal constitution. ): Die europäischen Revolutionen von 1848, Königsstein/Taunus 1979, pp. 224–237.

On May 29, 1825, Charles was crowned in Reims in an opulent and spectac… 272–310. 216 of 04/08/1830, p. 863. The French Revolution of 1830, better known as the July Revolution, was triggered after Louis XVIII died, and his brother, Charles X, rose to power.

Archaix, Marie-Jeanne et al. ): Arbeit, Frömmigkeit und Eigensinn: Studien zur historischen Kulturforschung II, Frankfurt am Main 1990, pp. Julia A. Schmidt-Funke: The Revolution of 1830 as a European Media Event, in: August 1830, in: Heinrich-Heine-Portal, online: [10/08/2017]. vom, European History Online (EGO),

1–2. ): Aus Metternich's nachgelassenen Papieren, Vienna 1882, pp.

July Revolution (1830) Insurrection in France.

To many, the Trois Glorieuses seemed like a return of the first French Revolution. Billinger, Robert D.: The War Scare of 1831 and Prussian-South German Plans for the End of Austrian Dominance in Germany, in: Central European Studies 9 (1976), pp. Leslie, Robert F.: Polish Politics and the Revolution of November 1830, London 1956.

This was accompanied by widespread fear of a potential war, which reached its highest point in the first half of 1831 and which repeatedly flared up until the end of 1832.50, Opponents and supporters of the revolution both inside and outside France viewed the French nation as the instigator of Europe, as a state – as Metternich put it – "dessen Schicksale so tief in das europäische Leben eingreifen".51 Already on 4 August 1830, the liberal Journal des débats suggested that "En effet, tout ce qui se fait en France est un événement européen".52 In February 1831, the conservative Courrier de l'Europe commented that "C'est une destinée de la France de ne pouvoir faire chez elle aucun changement qui n'aille à l'instant même porter des changements semblables au bout du monde. The representatives of this movement made use of a broad palette of forms of political action, which stretched from public appeals in the periodical press and in pamphlets, to founding associations and holding festivals, and to secret organizations, terrorist attacks and guerrilla activity. 149–194. A large portion of the European elites received news of the events in Paris in the communications centres of the international spa resorts.

In addition to the print media, various types of political publics emerged, which to an extent reverted to proven symbols and actions, but also created new forms of expression. [Anonymous]: No Title, in: Journal des débats of 04/08/1830, p. 1.

Michalka, Wolfgang et al.

Hannig, Jürgen: Vom Eigensinn der Freiheitsbäume: Frühliberale Bewegung und Volkskultur zur Zeit des Hambacher Festes 1832, in: Richard van Dülmen (ed.

[Anonymous]: Situation de l'Europe, in: Courrier de l'Europe, No. However, after 18 hard years on the throne, he, also, would be taken off the position of king.

): Dokumente zur Geschichte der deutsch-polnischen Freundschaft 1830–1832, Berlin (Ost) 1982. Rudé, Georg: Warum gab es in den Jahren 1830 oder 1848 in England keine Revolution?, in: Horst Stuke et al.

Foerster, Cornelia: Der Preß- und Vaterlandsverein von 1832/33: Sozialstruktur und Organisationsformen der bürgerlichen Bewegung in der Zeit des Hambacher Festes, Trier 1982.


Gruner, Wolf D.: Großbritannien und die Julirevolution von 1830: Zwischen Legitimitätsprinzip und nationalem Interesse, in: Francia 9 (1981), pp.

To a lesser extent, the most influential German-language daily, the Allgemeine Zeitung of the Tübingen publisher Johann Friedrich Cotta (1764–1832) established in 1798, also had a European readership. It showed the change from one kind of monarchy to another. The French Revolution of 1830, also known as the July Revolution, was a rebellion by liberals and revolutionaries against the French monarchy. Cause of the revolution. When quoting a certain passage from the article please also insert the corresponding number(s), for example 2 or 1-4. Look at France!" In a poem entitled A la jeune France which he dedicated to the school pupils and students who were caught up in the fighting during the Trois Glorieuses, he wrote: "L'Angleterre jalouse et la Grèce homérique, / Toute l'Europe admire, et la jeune Amérique / Se lève et bat des mains, du bord des océans. Thus, shortly after the July events, the Municipalité de Paris and the national guard received donations for the support of loved ones of those killed in the street fighting and for the wounded. Radical reformers in England and members of the nationalist movement in Ireland both declared their solidarity with the French July revolutionaries.61 These meetings were advertised in the local newspapers, which also reported on them in detail afterwards. 1–2. These rebellions were brought about, influenced and accompanied by an intensive transfer of news and ideas, by the reactivation of a system of revolutionary symbols and by numerous declarations of international solidarity. 215 of 03/08/1830, p. 857. (eds. ): Polenbegeisterung: Ein Beitrag im "Deutsch-Polnischen Jahr 2005/2006" zur Wanderausstellung "Frühling im Herbst: Vom polnischen November zum deutschen Mai: Das Europa der Nationen 1830–1832", Berlin 2005. 159–193. Archives du ministère des Affaires étrangères, Paris, Corr. The Chamber of Deputies, which had only been elected in June 1830, was dissolved, and voting rights were restricted. Faulstich, Werner: Medienwandel im Industrie- und Massenzeitalter (1830–1900), Göttingen 2004.

Candeloro, Giorgio: Storia dell'Italia moderna, 2nd edition, Milan 1981, vol.

The consequences of these revolutionary shocks could be felt right up to the middle of the decade. In eastern Europe, the Kingdom of Poland was rocked by the attempted assassination of the Russian governor on 29 November 1830, which was carried out by Polish officers.5 Similar to Belgium, there was dissatisfaction in so-called Congress Poland with the settlement reached in 1815. ): Europäische Öffentlichkeit: Transnationale Kommunikation seit dem 18.

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