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There was an expectation that Catholic lands would be returned after they had been confiscated and given to Protestant settlers. Morrow Mary Sue Daniels

Magheracloone, 1889

Richard Robinson

email, Liszdrumgormly, Clontibret The landlords were absentees, and consequently the Reparees had a very friendly people to quarter themselves amongst.

Woods not given In Donaghmoyne, there were villages or clusters of houses at Mullinahunchina, Leamchoill (now Longfield), Laragh, Kiltybegs, Lurganboy, Drumharriff ; in Magheracloon : Tonniskea and Aghavillard; in Currin: Drum ; in Clones: Ballintoppin ; and in Donagh: Glaslough and Killyboley.

There is no evidence of their property being handed over to Jacobites, but it is not at all improbably that some of the former owners tried to get back their lands. However in the 1840s the Great Irish Potato Famine ravaged the poor of County Monaghan with thousands dying from hunger and disease while thousands more emigrated to America and elsewhere. He had been out of Ireland since 1691, and as he was outlawed, Glaslough was left to his son Robert, but King George I declared that ‘the old man should come home and die in peace.’ The university of Oxford then published his theological works and five hundred members of the Houses of Parliament subscribed. On investigating the titles by which the lands were held, it was found that the patents were all void in consequence of the non-observance or breach of some of the conditions; new grants were therefore made, and the country being reduced to a state of perfect submission, partly by intimidation and partly by concession, continued tranquil till the war broke out in 1641, when it followed the example of the rest of the north of Ireland in joining with the Irish against the lately established government, and the Mac Mahons again vainly endeavoured to recover their supremacy. Linda Dickey Allagesh, Tydavnet, 1830s Martin

McCann Widney Irish and English are indiscriminately spoken in the intercourse of the peasantry with one another. James Allen

Martin Fleming, Monaghan Susan Knox In 1585, the English lord deputy of Ireland, Sir John Perrot, visited the area and met the Irish chieftains. Corry None but the very rich or very loyal people paid for a parlour as well as a kitchen hearth. So wishing you God’s blessing; direction and protection, I shall ever remain Your Most humble and affectionate servant JOH. George Weir Unfortunately all the papers connected with the Jacobite Parliament were burned by order of the Williamite Parliament in 1695, and we can only depend on the writing of Archbishop King, Harris, &c., on the one side and on Leslie, Jones, &c., on the other for information on the doings of the former body. The tops of furze, here called whins, are used for fodder; they are prepared by being pounded in a stone trough with a wooden mallet, which makes them very juicy; they are greedily eaten by horses, and answer the double purpose of food and medicine. Ballybay, 1800-1900 Carrickmacross pre 1850

Thomas McConnell Monaghan 1800s His life and Writings are described in a 500 page book by R. J. Leslie, issued by Rivington’s in 1885. ALEXANDER MONTGOMERY, sheriff.

Carr The fact of his opposing the appointment of a Catholic Sheriff does not show that he favoured a change of dynasty. A large linen factory is now in process of erection at Glaslough, and great quantities are made and bleached in various parts: the yarn is spun by the women.

Mullycrock, 1900 and earlier Aughnamullen, Crieve, 1800s Castlebaynery (Corderryban), John m Mary, d Nov 1917, son Edward >

Carrickadoohey Patterson Thus little was done by the resident gentry to improve their properties or benefit their country, while many of the larger landowners were absentees and consumed “above one-half the rents of the nation abroad.” It is not therefore, to be wondered at that there are so few records from which any knowledge of the inner life of the country can be gathered. McMahon

Sandra Ematris Parish, 1700-1850 Baptisms from 1677-1733. Sean Roche McEnaney, McEneny Rockcorry, pre 1870 Rutherdale Patrick Matthews, Cremorne – 120 acres The state of Clones after the Williamite war appears from the Lennard Barrett correspondence:

Anaghadoo, Cortober, Tydavnet from 1800

Rockcorry District, pre 1890 Alford

Drumgrone townland, Stranoodan, ca 1865 Martin The county name derives from Muineachan, the place of the thickets. Back to the County Monaghan Lynette Mc Williams Near Carrickmacross are the ruins of a Druidical temple, consisting of an oblong mound of earth enclosed by a circuit of large upright stones. Lawlor At that period, two infamous Rapparees held sway from the fastnesses about Channen Rock. Gardner, Gardiner Tom Rutherdale Some of the confiscated estates were in the County Monaghan, and had there been no objection to William’s generosity to his friends the landlords of the County would have included amongst them a descendant of the ducal house of Villiars and Orkney, who could have borne the arms of William III with a bar sinister. Henry

Carol Simmons Patrick Hagan The statement that a battle was fought in which no one was killed on one side and many killed on the other excites the reader’s suspicion. Cormeen, Currin Parish, Dawsongrove, Cootehill Campbell

Monaghan Town, Aghnasedagh

Peggy Hanlon Armstrong Clarke The canal from Lough Neagh to Lough Erne, now in progress, enters the county near Middleton and proceeds thence by Tyhallon, Bessmount and Monaghan, near to which town the works are almost finished; it is intended to carry it around this town and thence towards Clones, but some disputes having arisen respecting the lands through which the line was originally laid down, another line is now under survey. I have located a childs baptism Catherine 30 April 1838, Monaghan they are Roman Catholic. is to noe purpose. Goodman

The inhabitants of the town at that time were Protestants, and the Catholics who carried on business there during the day were obliged to lie outside the walls at night. Katie Perera The majority of occupiers of the soil were allowed to remain in enjoyment of their farms as tenants to the new owners.

Gray Annie Crenshaw McGee

Co Monaghan > PEI, 1844 Kate Cross Dannah McCauley

County Monaghan, ca 1825 It will be noticed that some of those who still held property had ‘englished’ their names – e.g. SOURCE: A Topographical Dictionary of Ireland by Samuel Lewis (pub 1837). A History Of Monaghan For Two Hundred Years: 1660-1860 by Denis Carolan Rushe was published in 1921. Corrigan Monaghan 1820s to 1870s or later Donagh Parish, Glaslough Town, Co. Monaghan Place in County Monaghan and date At Vicar's Dale, in Donaghmoyne, are the ruins of a castle; and near Dawson Lodge, those of another, called Maghernacligh. McConnon Latimer Jim White It is probably that the person entering the payments could not catch the sounds accurately so they were written phonetically: many of the Gaelic sounds could not be reproduced in English. Coaghen, near Smithborough, Killeevan Parish Brady Brennan Wright, John McKenna, William Irwin, John D’Alton, Adam Listole, John Fford, Michael Ennis, George Tumcks, James Stannus, Charles Conveg, John Hamilton, W. Johnston and Aldboro Wrightson. 4.

MONAGHAN (County of), an inland county of the province of ULSTER, bounded on the east by Louth and Armagh, on the north by Tyrone, on the west by Fermanagh and Cavan, and on the south by Meath..

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