first aid kit live

October 12th, 2020 by

The stage presence, the band, their voices and songs were out of this world. Such a wonderful performance. Unplugging their microphones and guitars and having everyone but those singing along go silent was not only a suprise, but a real treat. Read more Report as inappropriate. 1 of 17. I'm just like my mother Loved the fact they drank Iron Brew on stage. Lie awake in the night I'm alone now I left the Roundhouse ever so slightly in love with this ultra-talented Swedish duo and begging for more.

The quality and purity of their voices is simply beautiful, and they have great variety from country, through folk to more rocky tunes too. Also, a lot of cheese jokes, lol. If you consider yourself a fan of Indie Folk, go, go, go!! It is so rare to hear two voices that are able to compliment each other so well. To redeem some part of me To Live a Life First Aid Kit. A live performance from First Aid Kit really shows something that seems to be lacking in the music industry today - genuine talent, conviction, passion, and enjoyment. That marvelous combination and chemistry between themeselves is truly an unique experience, it has to be. First Aid Kit creates a close-knit atmosphere with the crowd. Who you are C. 1. Great concert! It was certified platinum in their native Sweden, and whilst some of their testimonials were a little more dubious - David Cameron allegedly attended their Shepherd’s Bush Empire show - the fact that they were selling out the sort of rooms they’d only seen as support acts before - most notably, when touring with compatriot Lykke Li - was a clear indicator of the heights they’d reached.

The uniqueness of their sound and depth of tonality in their voices made for a thoroughly enjoyable night. Join Songkick Cannot annotate a non-flat selection. We both love to run The energy on scene, the songs, everything was great. We heard the fragile vibratos intertwining in a ghostly manner, alongside the support and power that was demonstrated. Congratulations girls! Guitar Ukulele Piano new. The crowd-banter was poor. Amazing show! There should really be some consideration as to what van be done about those awful glass screens, or other venues should be preferred. I enjoyed their music before - I find myself converted to an even bigger fan after seeing them live. Fast-forward five years and with two albums under their belts, sisters Johanna and Klara Soderberg find themselves performing on the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury 2013. Both these covers are gorgeous. These ladies have the loveliest voices, truly. Tea Tree Oil . They have earned the respect of the audience to such a degree, that save the moments when we were encouraged to sing along, silence swept the venue. They acted like little school girls let out for the first time. I've seen tougher\rougher bands and they don't need to resort to that kind of language.

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