moon goddesses

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In a story more closely connected to the Inanna identity, the goddess learned of the grief of her sister Eriskegal, wife of the God of Death. They feared that if she were overcome in an attack, their world would become dark. The warlike aspect was more closely depicted in the Greek telling of her story.

Women aspired to be like her as she had these qualities and great beauty. Before being converted to Christianity in the Middle Ages, a group called the Basques worshipped a moon goddess named Ilargi in the Spanish and French countryside, bordered by the Pyrenees Mountains. Originally from West Africa, the myth traveled to the Western world with the slave trade. Her sister the guardian of the west and married the sun. The male aspect of this legend is Tecciztecatl, and their stories are similar and often intertwined. They had found him crying in a field years before, and brought the boy to the town once they heard of the goddess being punished for eating her child and realized what had likely happened. Thematic Guide to World Mythology. There was not another in Roman mythology like this, so the story of Epona traveled and rooted everywhere the army did.

She was the goddess of pulque, a natural alcoholic drink made from the sap of the maguey plant. When three birds were seen together, it was meant to be a visit from the triple goddess: the maiden, the mother, and the crone.
The goddess turned herself to a hen and ate Gwion Bach whole. Perseus once again used the head of Medusa and killed Phineus. Fishermen take the baskets to sea and make the offerings to the goddess. It is a point of pride for Mexicans, along with its history and mythology. Behind these stories of darkness often lies a nearly universal archetype; a powerful yet gentle moon goddess that sagely controls the tides of the waxing and waning of the life cycle. The goddess is the progenitor of Venus and Aphrodite. She was celebrated during the full moon and had a festival on December 2 of each year. Her name is translated to “silver shining” from her Sumerian origins. Her habits may have been exaggerated for history as they were condemned. Ancient cultures across all geographical parts of the world honored The Moon Goddess, and many societies celebrated multiple. She was celebrated with white candles and white roses. This part of the goddess is feared, and is called upon by women who are being abused or have been raped. HarperCollins.Kvam, Krisen E. et al. In Rio de Janeiro on New Year’s Eve, thousands gather at the beach to welcome the New Year. He waited for his beloved Rhiannon at the enchanted mounds where they had met at the time they agreed upon and she led him and his group of the prince’s men into the enchanted, densely tangled, forests. The stories of the goddess were largely told in limerick form, many of which survive today. On February 2 each year, people meet at the sea shore at dawn for offerings to be made to the goddess in Rio Vermelho. She was worshipped from Britain to Rome and throughout Western Europe during the Iron Age.

February held meaning in politics too, and Juna was present there as well to oversee this time of renewal of political power. Some of the stories about these gods and goddesses may have been borrowed from cultures like Mesopotamia, ancient Egypt, and Persia.

Selene (and her counterparts) are depicted in ancient art wearing a moon symbol (usually crescent.) She was famously saved by Perseus, who defeated the monster using the severed head of the Gorgon Medusa. Like other moon goddesses, she controlled the rhythm of the tides. Many Irish families claim her ancestry. She was symbolized with the moon, stars, lions and doves. This divine magic trick made Endymion forever young. The god had just abandoned Eriskegal and Inanna wished to console her. Sarpandit, a pregnant moon goddess, is the matron of the moonrise and reflection on the water. Etruscan culture called her Uni. The goddess was believed to have had wells of healing waters on the moon which she sent to the earth as rain showers. Sources:’s%20choice/articles/lilith_hunter/lilith.html, William.

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