gunsmoke season 2 episodes

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to Dodge to open a dress shop. Doc's out of town and can't confirm Jim's story. McCready accuses the new family of stealing from him. Professor Jacoby is a photographer from back East in Dodge, willing to do anything for a picture, even to the point of committing murder. The driver says is was three guys. Matt tells Ira he'll try to find Jed. see Bill Pence, who runs the Long Branch, about setting up a poker game. On the way there the man is. Matt says he'd like to tag along. All rights reserved. When a twelve-year-old Cheyenne prisoner is brought to Dodge by the Cavalry, a woman claims it's her son, who the tribe kidnapped many years earlier. Ira gets a job riding shotgun on the stage. Matt jails the wife abusing Sam Baxton on suspicion of murdering 2 squatters on his land, but after Baxton gets locked up, a 3rd squatter is murdered. They sober him up.

Gunsmoke is an American Western television series developed by Charles Marquis Warren …

Matt and Chester takes turns watching them.

Chester. (TV-PG), Marshal Dillon finds out about the fury of a woman scorned when he spurns the advances of an outlaw's girl friend. Matt hears a horse and takes it. Doc is sick and tired of working day and night and being paid off in promises. (TV-PG), After white men slay his father, half-breed Quint Asper joins the Comanche tribe of his Indian mother so he can avenge the killing. (TV-PG), An outlaw who saved Matt Dillon's life 17 years ago takes advantage of the marshal to plot another crime. Greatest TV Character Pairings of the 1950s. Jen is stabbed with Tobeel's knife. Matt stops him. Matt agrees to let him have his job if Egan shadows him for a week to see if he can handle it. John Peevy and Milligan Rives go out for one "Last Fling" and Peevy makes a pass at Kitty. Jim's back in jail. In poker if you win you're cheating and if you lose it serves you right. (TV-PG), A lonely widow takes angry revenge after realizing she has mistaken half-breed Quint Asper's kindness for romantic interest.

He gets a wanted poster on Bassett. (TV-PG), A saloon girl withdraws into bitterness when a jealous hunter kills the man she loves. Jim says he's been in an all night poker game, except for an hour about 4:00 am, when went over to Doc's. Chester brings Willie's rifle back to him. They find Ann unconcious on the ground outside of Ma Smalley's. A Washington Bureaucrat comes to Dodge to change the way Matt runs the town. Matt saved Nick's life. He cut his leg chopping wood. A proud father goes to great efforts to make sure his worthless son will face death onthe gallows like a brave man. Kitty's father, Wayne Russell, arrives in Dodge to meet his daughter after abandoning her and her mother as a baby. After Chester & Matt meet Uncle Oliver, Chester feels uneasy after Viney suggests he "Get rid of Chester." A white man and his Indian wife, passing through Dodge, become targets of violence after it is learned that the wife's father led deadly raids against white settlers. Gunsmoke season 2 episode guide on Matt tells Fred you killed your wife. She's just return from a morning ride. Matt arrests Sam, the killing doesn't stop. Enoch Mills is the richest man in town. Doc says it's a rare man that won't try to weasel out of admitting he made a mistake. a rifle and goes after Webb. Flora drives to town for supplies Fos waits to help her load the wagon. Hank Shinn tells Matt he doesn't want to kill people, Matt & Chester doesn't believe Shinn until He tries to tell Al James he is unarmed. A simple man let feeling for a woman get the best of him. Doc comes upon a new homesteader confined to bed with a badly infected leg and a gun under the bedclothes for protection against his wife. Hank Shinn is a newcomer in town bragging about his reputation as gunman, but Marshal Dillon suspects he is nothing more than a liar. Tobeel's knife finds it's mark.

Festus: Ken Curtis. He asks her to marry him. He insists that saloon life is not fit for a proper lady and wants to take her back to New. (TV-PG), To quell a feud between two old friends, Matt Dillon gets a court ruling that each is to be responsible for the other's life. (TV-PG), Whether blood is thicker than water is put to a test when Marshal Dillon asks a killer's nephew to help him bring in a wanted man. Matt arrests Groat. Forie. The stage comes in with the guard dead. Joe Delk causes trouble at The Long Branch after shooting two young men, who were loved by all in Dodge, but only after being drawn into the gunfights by Delk. In her room Pearl tells Webb you are not going to touch me. Matt has to prove Chester is innocent. (TV-PG), Marshal Dillon is forced to send to prison a man he believes innocent of the crime for which he will be hanged. of our. She got a shotgun leveled at them.

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