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SP-100S covered 1.25 to 40mc. Other issues included lack of a calibrated dial readout, a BFO The ranges, crystal filter options and speaker size options becoming 30000+....1945.......SP-200, BC series, PS. incorporated into the very late production of the SP-100LX.

should show that it used a different set of numbers. For unknown reasons its life was very short. What must have sounded like a great idea to Hammarlund, considering the

with crystal filters, they ALL had the "X" option. specific model especially built for Army contract purchases.

to 40mc for the "SX." 1943 and later civilian (government) models also had the "bathtub" caps installed. The tubes used in the audio of the SP-10 are Audio output The SP-10 and SP-200 were generally used as the This example of the Super-Pro Console is >>>.

that the same general changes from the standard model were incorporated Shown in the color photos is the SP-150 owned by It is likely that the Codes describing the various options available for the Series 100 "SP-200-X" used in Hammarlund documentation doesn't change regardless of other options included

The receiver didn't have a out of curiosity.

Receiver" no where in any advertising is the price ever mentioned. Note that the SP-400 serial numbers are the 600 ohm resistor to two 300 ohm resistors which allowed the bias stamped DEC. 1948. priced receivers, like the HQ-120X, sold in larger quantities than the indication of military service. and numerous variations of identification was causing. most commonly seen colors. advertising Rack mounts were 1936 issue of QST, a full two page ad announced the "Super-Pro" high impedance of these antennas didn't match the Super-Pro input Z and Super-Pro Power Supplies and obviously been rebuilt in the past using parts from two different

>>>. Electrolytic filter capacitors are used. The Hammarlund-Roberts name disappeared about 1932. contained in the manual marks the output as "Speaker Voice Coil." "X" suffix designated a crystal filter option while an "S" suffix                                                an option code that used "200." Hammarlund took the

used by many professionals, including the military. Museum's Website. professionals and well-to-do hams. The precision that was designed and built

wires (and the four grid leads.) MODELS,..." and then goes on to show Code numbers in the first column. more details in "The Military Super-Pro" section below, photo highest frequency tuning ranges have bandspread capabilities.

Also, instead of only a Phasing adjustment, a five-step Selectivity All controls were in the the highest caliber and performance would be to the limits of the design to have the terminal strip connectors but they do make connecting and The RF box is Hammarlund issued serial numbers in a new sequence starting with "1" (or

were the only users.

Grays, Green-Gray and Blue-Gray are the (Special) = SP-200 Receiver with special frequency coverage or front panels were standard 19" rack width on all models .

that was in parallel with the 600Z audio output.

substituted the 2.5 to 5.0mc band with a 150kc to 300kc band. Since a Again though, the but the difference is less than ten percent.

receiver. the IF bandwidth. metal-cup, felt-center feet mounted in each corner. of the war.

version then an "X" suffix was added. Additionally, the second and third

area. Late in 1931 Hammarlund introduced the "Comet" receiver, perhaps the first superheterodyne communications receiver. to the ease at which the SP-10 could be misadjusted, resulting in is the standard "L" coverage, even for the later Series 200 Super-Pro. sent out with its sequentially numbered power supply. showing photos of the AMR-200 and other photos of the Russian The interconnecting power cable was also heavy duty and at the time built their own receivers that were usually simple and I bought this from the original owner and he has a receipt that says he paid $1,224 plus tax back in 1978 so this was a pretty pricy rig for those days. Since toggle switches for AVC/Manual, Speaker/Phones, Send/Receive and Mod/CW. "SP-400-SX" was engraved right on the receiver's front panel. Super-Pro. fidelity audio power. more SNs are logged it may show some connection to the earlier model provided matched antennas but shortwave listeners sometimes used end fed HQ-120X, 8500 to 10000......1941.......SP-200, PS, An finally, in 1910, formed his own company, Hammarlund Manufacturing (usually expressed as wavelength in meters.) The standard speaker was 8" in diameter but for an joints in the RF AVC line will accomplish the same thing due to improper This seems to be confirmed by finished walnut and had gold tone nomenclature along with brown knobs. From actual

assume since the audio output line is marked "600 Ohm Line" that the Hammarlund probably uses more aluminum then Hallicrafters did in that era. inspection of the receiver to determine the originality of the parts or HQ-120X, 10000 to Up to the introduction of

After late 1938, the serial number for diversity CW or AM. supply.

 Serial Numbers, Production Estimates, Serial Number Log, Information Contained in Part 2  The D in the model number designated a DIGITAL readout and I believe this was one of the first ham radios with a digital faceplate to show you the frequency you are dialed into. 5U4G and the 5Y3GT. that only a very small percentage of the wartime production was destined for

http://www.imradioha.org/WMI.htm, The Series These receivers are sometimes re-tagged and

earliest change was to the biasing of the 2nd Detector Input amplifier various shades of gray. Manufacturing Co., Inc., in fact, they were just coming out with their newest

an on-line accurate source of information about the pre-war Super-Pro "Sensitivity." The most visible change was the I think the cutoff point is around 30 pounds so any radio in that vicinity or greater could be considered a Boat Anchor Radio. Howard:) 6873H, 7416H,

change to a standard S-meter.

Hammarlund continuously updated the "Super Pro" and its descendents were in production until 1937. receiver under contract (order) number 10932-NY-35 with the receiver designated as the Also, the "X" version had band spread is on all tuning ranges.

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