comparing two articles on the same topic

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This part is the lengthiest and it may take you some time to fully understand all of the article. What your teachers and examiners are really looking for is a comprehensive understanding of the texts and the way in which you organise your ideas into paragraphs. In Newgate that soft hopeful part of him was hardening over, becoming lifeless like stone or shell.’ [pg 60], Thornhill’s inner conflict: with religion and faith, ‘He could not understand any of it, knew only that God was as foreign as a fish.’ [pg 10], ‘Your name is common as dirt, William Thornhill.’ [pg 11], ‘William Thornhills will fill up the whole world.’, ‘He swore to himself that he would be the best apprentice, the strongest, quickest, cleverest. The natives formed groups in numbers that multiplied; it could be assumed that they were in the midst of preparing for some great event. Copyright © Lisa's Study Guides.

In the six decades since the film’s release, the Western world has undergone significant developments both socially and culturally. Tough decisions, aye? A response page where students are asked to write three poin. He then noticed that the ‘dirt was not dug in a square, the way a man with a pick would do’ [pg 140] and lightly exclaimed that it may be ‘wild hogs or such’ [pg 141]. You should compare entities and things which are comparable, i.e. He compares the judge with God, declaring both are ‘gentry’ [pg 61] due to the ‘white windows, full of life’ much alike the cold ‘merciless light’ [pg 10] in churches. Thornhill felt the gulf between them, for he was keeping her prisoner of his dreams – to make a living on Thornhill’s Point. I don't discuss this strategy in detail here, but if you're interested, check out my How To Write A Killer Comparative ebook. However, the short-lived comfortable life was stripped away when Sal’s parents pass away. Now, onto writing the actual paragraphs.

Located in London, Sydney and on the Hawkesbury. Finding comfort in knowing that ‘there won’t be no stopping us…pretty soon there won’t be nowhere left for you black buggers’ [pg 215], Thornhill joined in the laughter as well. Having a top notch introduction not only sets the standard for the rest of your language analysis, but it gives you a chance to set yourself apart from the crowd. Thornhill then realised that a group of men where watching him. [Note: an analysis of imagery is not included in following paragraph]. The punishment for larceny was severe during Thornhill’s time. This turning point for Sal provided her the final push to stand her ground against Thornhill. Comparison essays are usually conceived as such kind of academic papers which merely represent given information about their object. His sentence was to be ‘hanged by the neck until you are dead.’ [pg 66]While he accepted his fate, that there was ‘nothing ahead but death,’ Sal on the other hand, never ceased to give up. Without an education, he had never previously used paper nor pen. His remorse and guilt for his past actions create an inner struggle that provokes him to ‘sit on, watching, into the dark’ each night in hope for a reconciliation. Instead he declared the land as ‘[his] place’ [pg 329]. Even though he aimed to perfect his home, there was always something at fault, ‘some [things] were too big, others too small’ [pg 315]. This is the final piece of the puzzle in terms of major themes and how they fit together. When Connie falls pregnant, Jean implores that she has an abortion, in secret of course, in order to preserve hers and her family’s reputation within the small community. For an example on how you would accomplish this all in one paragraph, here’s my introduction: And now we reach the meat of your essay: the body paragraphs.

Example: “harsh,” “brutal regime,” “needlessly cruel,” to invoke discomfort. The night described as ‘huge and damp, flowing in and bringing with it the sounds of its own life’ [pg 3] highlights how the Australian land is unique, possessing qualities of existence. Overcome with guilt for the pain they inflicted upon the natives, Sal attempted to shelter Long Jack by providing him food, utensils and clothes. Working your youth away, looking after an old man.’ (p.179), ‘Family house, family suburb, family man’ (Charlotte about Kip, p.140), ‘Stuck here … looking after your old man. She “wondered if Europe might provide the sense of home [she] craved” particularly given her father’s desire to never look back at his traumatic past there. All along.” [pg 288], “They are…out there now this very minute. What does it mean to compare?

The unusual appearance of this human struck Thornhill since ‘his skin swallowed the light…[and] eyes were set so deeply into the skull.’ Although clothed, Thornhill ironically felt ‘skinless’ against the other who was completely naked and holding a spear. Compared to when Thornhill first moved to the area, more natives were visible, with men carrying kangaroos back to their fire, voices constantly present and the fire burning throughout the days. Prior to their move to Thornhill’s point, Thornhill had bought a gun in fear of any potential encounters with the natives. With a sense of anticipation and dread due to the change in native’s activities, the Thornhill family became wary and cautious. He discovered two naked women by the fire, and while he was ashamed to look at another woman’s body, the women appeared to be comfortable in their skins. Without any conversation, the tension between the two is clear, merely through their actions in each other’s prescence. This suited the government’s goal for a successful and thriving colony since it would only be possible if people were to work for themselves, and not under the terrain of the government. Their conversation revolved around the natives, with the visitors sharing their personal encounters. Do you agree? The values of both men were completely different.

To this day, these mediums provide entertainment tailored to popular culture. During 18th century to mid 19th century, 162,000 men and women were transported to Australia, with majority from England. Sal’s epiphany was the catalyst for Thornhill’s agreement to the genocide. It is easy to assume that Hitchcock’s 1954 thriller, Rear Window, lacks the relevancy we expect from films. This step typically includes underlining areas of interest in the articles, making arrows between similar arguments which you think should be linked and doodling in the margins of the paper with all your immediate thoughts so you don’t forget them later. And some might argue it is in fact the easiest, because now all you need to do is summarise all those body paragraphs into a concise little one. The two topics focus on the same topic, but their level of scientific validity is different. ' [pg 89], ‘Thornhill noticed that Sal never ventured beyond the few streets of the township, dusty and muddy by turns.’, ‘They had never disagreed on anything that mattered.’ [pg 111], ‘Couple years is all, Will, then we’ll be right. Conflict with a sense of belonging and identity. The texts are similar in that both of them illustrate how parents and children often struggle with barriers in communication despite their love for each other. 03 9028 5603Call us: Monday to Friday between 3pm - 6pm or leave us a message and we'll call you back!Address: We'd love to see you too, but we're only online! Below is an example of how you might choose to plan your Introduction and Body Paragraph. The Australian land is depicted to be harsh and unforgiving, as highlighted through the imagery of ‘dirt stab...alien stars' [pg 4] This conflict with the brutal landscape, along with the unknown leaves Thornhill apprehensive of what is to come.

- Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels – referenced by Jack Husting in relation to his adventures in the country. Asian culture has earned a place in mainstream media and western life without such gruesome and violent connotations as was previously held during the time of World War.
- There is more tragedy in Nine Days than there is joy. Let's help them by seeing different text structures side by side to analyze and understand, oh and use crayons too! The two articles "1748-1755: Community Devastated" and "The Expulsion of the Acadians" are two very different articles.

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