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sound button make when papapap is so goob. Just lots of feathers in a box!! So I have 2 preserved pairs of wings and feet from small birds (I did not kill them btw). I even do a goblin dance. I had a pet hedgehog and near the end of her life she dropped several quills, I collected them to remember her and for education purposes, 8) hatched Robbin egg! Im all, Last night I found some random shiny charms hehe :3, Walk on the beach with SO MANY LIL SHELL I WAS SO BLESSED. and theyre worried about a pretty handmirror? Apr 26, 2020 - Explore Roseanne Freese's board "Absaroke (Crow) Culture", followed by 1028 people on Pinterest. SHINY THINGS.

8 years old me went “dad I need a bear tooth necklace” and watched him pull out the teeth and drill the holes and everything! I was wondering how you guys display your wings after preserving them, or what kinda crafts/jewelry you might make with them.

I still value them nearly the same. Hi! Buying plants and feeling like a little forest god nurturing your children, saving them and protecting them, Listening to birds chatter at eachother as they go about their little lives, peep-peeping at eachother, Standing in running natural water (like a river or stream) and letting the water wash over your ankles as you wiggle your toes, a pair of keys that i lost the lock to a while ago, some finger armor that my fingers are too long for. mmm. welsh kings, magic forests, obsessive research, private schools.
My name is Sailor/Sascha/Bird and while I’m new to the official crowcore/corvidcore community, I am definitely not new to collecting rocks and shiny things. a perfect way to start off any day. I made this by layering nail polish and then gouging some areas out.

Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. Edit: also i discovered some of these are oop n im kind of excited by that! Topics include geography, language, lifestyle, lineage, scouts, government, constitution controversary, … Light highlighter and blush, earthy eyeshadow and thick lashes, Colors: white, ecru, copper, browns, beige, black, gold, silver, Patterns: flowers, leaves, moths, forest’s fruits, lace, stars. Little did he know this wasn’t just a random thing I wanted, I LOVED IT!

This betch been collecting shinies for years, go in woods, eat some moss.

would y’all be interested in seeing poetry of mine ? It just contains a few shinies and some cool looking rocks I found on my adventures.

i like to think that when i dream of having a girlfriend and buy random things that i swear im gonna use but theyre just in my possession because theyre pretty, that the ghosts of sappho and oscar wilde are proud of me, I tried all of the decorative mini keys that i have but none of them meshed. See more ideas about Crow, Crow indians, Native american art. I live in the American South- I have used y’all’d’ve unironically in conversation don’t @ me. What’s it called when you like picking up random bits and bobs you find in the street? 1920s new york city, wlw + mlm rep, ace rep, occult magic, mysterious museums, an experiment gone wrong, blackout poetry, rivals, strange powers, FAERIES, enemies to lovers, political power struggles, another magic forest, station eleven — emily st. john mandel (A), shakespeare, thespians, post-apocalyptic wasteland, witches, french backdrop, 1880s, enemies to lovers, WITCHES, Owls are cryptids that have been right in front of us but we have taken them for granted and soon they will have their revenge, “ i want a girl i can kiss and be happy with, i dont know what to do with it but i love it. Flowers are drawn from life. gives way to a brittle and unforgiving interior, a family of small mammals find their way into his ribcage, Generations of forest creatures will come to know, When I was little my dad killed a bear (legally hunted for meat + fur don’t worry) and I FUCKING LOVED THE SKULL!

 “, You cannot be a crow/gremlin/any core if you support cops, Me, listening to mildly haunting folk music in the woods as the crows watch me get in my feeling at 8am, -has researched the effects of cannibalism, occupation: collector of small and meaningful objects, is spending your entire allowance as a kid on these fucking things, Curled in the heart of the forest lie an elk.

... crow goblin core crowculture collection shiny goblin shinies forestcore crow core goblin culture cottagecore cottage core bipride gremlin core gremlincore grandma core grandmacore art community zine making traditional artist traditional art. Feels very gob core dirt core, Skull is a bear skull, surrounded by sunflowers and babys breath.

The rest are just things I’ve picked up from the ground, the community I live in is usually pretty clean so it’s hard to find anything interesting at all ónò, Thamk you fpr 200 follwoers!

I literally turned back around to grab it first. I’m very proud of it now ;; You know when your stupid little crow brain wants to go out and look for bones but your quarantine so you have to make stuff like gold coins and Teeth dice. , I used to collect rocks when I was smöl but I lost them and aahhhhh they have been found, the shiny has been found, I might take pics of like the best most shiny lads idk, HOLY SHIT A FEW DAYS AGO I HAD AN IDEA FOR AN AESTHETIC CALLED CROWCORE BASD ON THE CHARACTER THE CROW AND I FOUND OUT THAT THERE IS A AESTHETIC CALLED CROWCORE ALREADY AND IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE MOVIE AND NOW IM MAD, Here are some nice pictures I took (*´ω`*). Demon: I’ll give you the ability to transform into a crow, but you have to-, Mini hoard!

My pet snail just laid eggs and had a bunch of babies that i had no idea what to do with. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love.

This is my hoard away from hoard! then i bid him goodbye and went on my way. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. So if anybody tells you that you shouldn’t value something because it was cheap or they think “connections to objects aren’t real” just know that I’m out there, supporting you. And just lov her, Look look look my friend found this on a tree and gave it to me it’s amber and I freaking love it, Goblim cultur e . Portable, bird themed, is s h i n y and it makes a clink sound. pat button. I’m nonbinary/genderqueer/genderfluid, and use any pronouns. It's where your interests connect you with your people. Hoard of smol shiny things gives the brain some happy juice.
Looking for any ideas, I’d really appreciate it!! To collect scrapes of daily life and put them somewhere safe. and lets the cold embrace his stationary form. please dni if you are an exclusionist/terf/trumed, this is supposed to be my fun blog, also im a minor so dont send me unsolicited messages, i had a few problems with that on another sideblog, so i just started a jar of shiny things that i like and honestly, it’s such an aesthetic, the pic doesn’t look great but it looks nice irl, #i dont know what to do with it but i love it, #*daydreams about being a chaotic entity*, #thats probably not safe but its the life i want to live, Going home from a day at the beach with pockets full of pebbles, Jamming sticks into the ground to make a little stick wall (especially good when you make one around yourself so you can sit in the middle). Some of the rocks are smooth and others are pointy!

The crow has flown away:swaying in the evening sun,a leafless tree Me: *finishes a jar of something* Time to recycle this glass jar! Gummy Worms and Dirt Cake are Goblin/Crow Culture, i made these for my boyfriend and his friends, the rainbow one is for my bf obviously bc he wanted his to be special.

A really bad picture of a really cool snake, Someday I hope to find a girl who’ll truly appreciate when I bring her pebbles and broken glass as gifts, Tattoo idea I’m cooking up. I was such a goblin child. It's where your interests connect you with your people.

Sup y’all look what I found at the park today! and button. ... my son crow crowcore corvidcore corvid culture corvid crow culture goblincore naturecore dirtcore chaoscore pepperonie.txt. Crow brain: PUT LITTLE TRINKETS IN IT. When I saw there was a tumblr community about collecting and hoarding shiny things I went absolutely feral. I think I wore it for a year straight, my parents tried hiding it from me cause they were scared I’d get bullied for it but I always found it.

If any adult gave me a hard time about it (other kids didn’t really care) I’d take the teeth and SHAKE IT AT THEM. This one means a lot to me because I love Robbins and my middle name is Robbin :).

is eattinh spaggeti withe.youre handss. It's where your interests connect you with your people. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love.

For example, I found a golf tee on the sidewalk at my apartment complex on my way to the laundry room. it bring me joy. So, like anyone would do, I sat out on the sidewalk in front of my house and gave a snail to every kid on a walk with their parent.

So, like anyone would do, I sat out on the sidewalk in front of my house and gave a snail to every kid on a walk with their parent. I used an 03 micron and a normal sharpie.

Its not alot but I’m proud of it, the skull I got from a friend after her cat killed a small bat and was forced to leave it in the garden, once I got my hands on it it was all skeleton so I didn’t do much work on it. Please enjoy a photo of my alter.

i saw a crow today and when we made eyecontact he said.

That shiny new pearl was sent to me all the way from China through my step mother, and the button (I don’t actually know what it is) was found on top of a radiator in the lobby of an apartment building. this thing.

murder mystery, eccentric students, elite boarding school, 1900s. Collecting feathers and putting them in a cardboard box! There’s something about an empty box that causes us to yearn for something to fill it with.

I can’t wait to find a girl equally as (or more) interested in lizards,cryptids,crows,rats,goblins etc. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. :), a pretty moth lady.

lord of the flies retelling, all-girls boarding school, remote island. It is apart of my altar (I practice witchcraft), 6) (I think Luna) moth wings! Here’s a bunch o cool stuffs I found in my box of shells n shinies, Shark teeths, shellses, a shiney transparent rock, an a bonus frog, So in my post that showed my current shiny collection, you can see a shiny new pearl and something rusty and brown that looks like 3 buttons tied together. These pictures are of the small collection I have (excluding all the seashells and rocks).

; Crow Nation This site provides information about the Crow Nation. Or is it something entirely different.

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