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There’s peace of mind in the wide and gentle steps approaching this room, a marriage of common sense and ingenuity in the sawtooth roof that directs natural light from the north, just so. Their winning design was the polar opposite of a showpiece: the cottages slip under the hillocks that wave across the 5,000 acres of Pennsylvania grassland surrounding Fallingwater. dont worry about ‘appropriating’ his ideas. With each experiment, force is applied to materials so that new possibilities can emerge.

Their firm has received 18 Governor General’s Awards and eight Lieutenant Governor’s Awards; their work is constantly winning design competitions and filling the pages of magazines and journals. Built by Patkau Architects in Whistler, Canada with date 2013.

he said, ‘fallingwater grew and still grows.’ we feel that the winning design by patkau architects will allow fallingwater to grow by actively demonstrating the principles we espouse: good design in harmony with nature.’, one of the windows looking out into the landscape. Beginning a decade ago, the Patkaus made that passion official by devising a series of research projects that could feed their curiosity. The building’s façade is made of the same textured gangways used in marinas, but the second-floor gallery, where we meet, boasts an enormous wall of retractable windows that breaks through the cladding, inviting views of the harbour and downtown Vancouver beyond. The whole of a gallery experience is a direct result of a complex process involving multiple expertises, not just the architectural. It occurs to me, as our interview comes to a close, that we are speaking inside another Patkau experiment, a material manifestation of their curiosity. Left: Fort York National Historic Site Visitors Centre in Toronto. Presentation House has an entirely different strategy: the design of the gallery will reflect its changing exhibitions. the campsite consists of a series of unique architectural objects.
‘in its subtlety, it is provocative and it carries forward the discourse about where architecture can move,’ the jury said of the winning design. Patkau Architects has 14 projects published in our site, focused on: Cultural architecture, Residential architecture, Educational architecture. The Patkaus engage in a similarly pure research.

That conversation is propelled by a shared love of research.

von klemperer discusses the challenges of completing the supertall skyscraper and how the materiality was informed by its neighboring buildings. Of course, the Patkaus don’t need to measure their worth by the metre. now just as this tendency to be audacious has been given the kind of excessive emphasis one would more expect to come from first year architecture students, the design also suffers a bit from a lack of consideration as to its intended users, the fans and students of frank lloyd wright. The Patkaus are giants in the Canadian architectural world—their work is studied in universities around the globe—but they do not use their heft to produce 80-storey towers punctuating urban centres. now go on to the next step. Constructing an appropriate and supportive environment to display art in an engaging yet undistracting way is its own bag of cats. Photo by James Dow/Patkau Architects. Nature contextualizes their spaces, but it’s context in a broader sense. Hill and house should live together each the happier for the other.” The Patkaus took him at his word. Hadaway house in Whistler, B.C. window.mc4wp = window.mc4wp || { But embedded in the process of construction lies a promise that British Columbia’s traditional indoor culture hasn’t been forgotten; architects, curators, and warriors of the creative class are uniting to provide a home for British Columbia’s—and the world’s—wealth of creative history and talent. Though the galleries will remain white boxes, Presentation House has a rich, sawtooth-like ceiling plane that allows natural light into the galleries through north-facing skylights, bringing the art into a natural world of changing light conditions.

The sheets became organic bodies, objects of strange beauty. And one would expect no less from a firm whose primary partners are partners in life as well. And, in doing so, they’d remain true to a core idea of Wright’s: the late master wrote in his autobiography, “No house should ever be on a hill or on anything.
The continent’s current tallest CLT structure, at the University of British Columbia, stands 53 metres tall, two-thirds the height of the Patkaus’ vision. Then they took the sheets to a steelyard, where they used a crane to pull on them with 20,000 pounds of force—until the perforated steel popped, revealing startling new shapes. the western pennsylvania conservancy, which preserves and maintains fallingwater, will build the cottages on the grounds of the 5,000-acre bear run nature reserve that surrounds fallingwater, some distance from the house itself. Nor do they concoct megalithic headquarters to express some corporate ego. Art and Whistler likely aren’t often thought of simultaneously. the trick to creating architecture is to develop, to extend, to grow the idea working through the idea and giving the details the careful attention they deserve. listeners: [], } callback: cb John makes it clear that Patkau Architects is not the result of a single mind, or even two; it is, definitively, a collaboration of people with a long-standing working relationship. I’m meeting the pair at the Polygon Gallery, which they designed, on the shore in North Vancouver next to Lonsdale Quay. Their team of 19 architects is neither too small nor too large, allowing them to tackle projects of any size with less focus on management and more on what they set out to do: design. “The dilemma of all gallery design is the creation of an architectural experience that doesn’t conflict with the exhibition program,” says John.

Consequently, these galleries require the more conventional white-walled interior, but this does not mean that either gallery needs to be unexceptional. Much of the Patkaus’ work seems to live in their heads, in a landscape of experiment and philosophy rather than brick and mortar. by the creation of an intricate composition the building is to stand with and adorn the landscape. By nearly disappearing into the landscape, their cottages would make residents, quite literally, at home in the natural world. on: function(evt, cb) { Photo by James Dow/Patkau Architects. The tower will be located on the University of Toronto’s downtown campus, and will contain classrooms and academic offices in a shell of cross-laminated timber.

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