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It’s a modern marvel of cannabis invention! Personally, I think only Seth MacFarlane (Creator of Family Guy and much, much more) could pull off even the notion of a teddy bear coming to life and it somehow NOT be a children’s Christmas movie, but he does- and spectacularly well. If you haven’t seen this film, it’s still very unlikely that you have never heard of it. Thank you for coming to my TED talk *laughs hysterically*. Writer.

And luckily, there’s plenty of real meaning in each of Reggio’s carefully curated moving images. Comment below to let us know your opinion! List RulesFilms about marijuana, smoking, and pot smokers.

It’s definitely not because of the excellent relationship dynamic between the three leads, specifically Anthony Mackie at his comic best since Pain and Gain and Seth Rogen doing what he does better than ever. While simultaneously easy to watch and immensely cringeworthy, How High debuts as the guilty pleasure of stoner movies, with a bizarre but easy-to-watch stoner storyline, you can either laugh or laugh at How High- and what more perfect than a cheesy, silly movie to watch while you are stoned. Unfortunately, such classic stoner movies as “Dazed and Confused” and “Pineapple Express” aren’t on Netflix.

Maybe you want to experience a psycho head trip or watch something so silly it transcends to genius? And it takes place completely within Fonda’s trip, so don’t expect much of a narrative. If you have never watched High Maintenance then I would highly recommend that you do. This stoner movies list can be sorted by cast, year, director and more. ), for a dense two and a half hours that somehow never end up being long enough.

Stoner movies is unquestionably a subgenre of film that rarely gets the attention it deserves. The fact is there are no Dogme 95-style rules as to what constitutes a stoner film or not. While generally unknown outside of the U.S, Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle is yet another noughties stoner film where it’s not the end that counts, it’s the journey that matters.

This film and its marriage of music, cinematography, and the human condition is perfectly suited for the stoned viewer looking for meaning in everything.

Yes, they may be bizarre and wacky on the surface, but they generally take an abnormal structure (instead of, a classic three acts for example) which is probably why they are so hard to define, or even explain why they are liked so much. Your TV, your call.

Join Ted (voiced by Macfarlane) and his best friend John (Mark Wahlberg) as they engage in a legal battle of Ted’s humanity status, while the implications of their heavy drinking and pot smoking comes to life. Sure it’s got a Manifest Destiny spirit, but then what’s with the limousines and the 40oz’s? While certainly being incredibly funny, Ted defies the classic stoner genre, and actually includes a consistent storyline and high budget. Howl’s Moving Castle (2004) A love story between an 18-year-old girl named Sofî, cursed by a witch into an old woman’s body, and a … But even so, how the hell are we supposed to explain Altered States? Though it really doesn’t matter. If your favorite weed movie isn't on the list, add it so others can rank it on the greatest stoner movies list. Factor in a scene-stealing Michael Shannon as the trio’s high school weed dealer, Mr. Green (who may or may not be filthy rich or bequeathed with mystical powers), and you’ve got a winter stoner movie that hangs its warm and fuzzy heart on its sleeve.

Inherent Vice is that transcendent cinematic sojourn, a pilgrimage of 21st-century cinephilia that bends your brain to the extent that you feel like you’re riding the waves of something stronger than weed, something on author Thomas Pynchon’s plane.

I don’t know about you, but the ’80s and 90’s movies had something so uncalculated, so unnecessary and a certain je ne sais quois about them. While stoner comedies usually remain a cult classic, or a very under budget move, loved by a few- there are also large-scale and big-budget movies that utilize sociological changes to marijuana and the public’s perception, and, in short, give a very different vibe. Under the umbrella genre of comedy, stoner movies are usually golden go-to movies when you want to get high, or simply feel high by watching it and its incongruous ways. Stoner movies have made a market of their own beginning in the 1970s, when the original stoner flick hit the big screen. Cheech and Chong’s Next Movie surrounds the bizarre life of the duo as they face losing jobs, angry neighbors and romantic issues- all the while they party and get high in Hollywood. There’s no irrefutable proof that Academy Award-winning screenwriter Paddy Chayefsky ever dropped tons of acid and smoked his weight in grass over the course of his life. It’s just a fact that if someone ingests way too much cannabis, you’re going to get paranoid. If you haven’t seen it (and I highly recommend that you do) it is basically a movie filled with hilarious chaotic energy and is generally known as the defining movie (and the beginning of) stoner comedies.

Those are the breaks with weed, man.

), The look of every image is sublime. You will not be disappointed. Check out other great shows and movies like Dazed and Confused! The truly striking imagery is said to be, in part, thanks to Corman and crew tripping out on their own before the shoot. Cheech and Chong (a comedy duo consisting of Richard Marin and Tommy Chong) set the bar with stoner movies, essentially creating the first one of its kind in the ’70s.

But nevertheless they are still hilarious, and as long as the movie sits under the umbrella term of a stoner movie, you can almost always guarantee it will be hilariously entertaining. Not only is it hilarious and thought-provoking, but High Maintenance is a perfectly paced and well-scripted show, with wonderful visualizations of being high, and the empathy from this is why people respond so well to the show. Cult following isn’t the only wonderful thing about stoner movies, it’s also a great way to reminisce by watching a movie you liked as a child. Don’t Be A Menace is simple to watch and laugh with, and also laugh at the movies it spoofs. If this is what Roger Corman sees while high, it’s no wonder that he’s made a career of producing and directing some of the most daring, and wacky, films to ever come out of Hollywood.

is a 2000 American stoner comedy film directed by Danny Leiner. Follow the incredibly insightful, relaxed and laid-back documentary from the beginning to the end of Doug’s journey, with lot’s of laughs along the way.

What is the greatest stoner movie ever? It’s as madcap as stoner comedies come. I think the most difficult part of reviewing stoner movies is the inability to describe the plot in just a few sentences, due to their generally incongruous nature, but I will try anyway.

If you haven’t seen Ted (and really, who hasn’t) then you are truly missing out. If you’re looking for a stoner movie to watch during the holidays, the only option you should consider is Jonathan Levine’s The Night Before. While not necessarily a movie, Broad City fits perfectly into the stoner entertainment category.

It’s a pretty awesome movie.

So due to its increasingly legal status in the U.S, the notion of smoking pot in a movie provides less of a cult following, guilty pleasure-esq vibe than it did before. Whether alone, with a group of friends, sober or not, a stoner movie is always good fun. Great job!

Not only is it one of my favorite shows of all time, but it perfectly embodies everything wonderful and not-so-wonderful about smoking weed, and also life as a habitual smoker.

They come in many shapes, sizes, and sub-genres, meaning there is definitely going to be the perfect stoner movie out there for you. With stoner movies it is always safe to say there is not one which isn’t a comedy- so take a pick from our selection, sit back, relax and enjoy the laughs! Pulp Fiction is a 1994 American crime film directed by Quentin Tarantino. Regardless, How High is an aesthetically cheesy noughties movie (cue copious amounts of hair gel and everyone dresses like the members of Smash Mouth.)

Simply put, to embellish a quote from Jon Stewart in Half Baked, any movie can be a stoner movie…on weed.

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