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Shuffle the 64 Sylvan cards from the base game (the 24 cards from the introductory game and the 40 cards with ). 8 Betrayal cards, 8 Extraordinary Feat cards. The battlefield will thus be identical to the one shown on page 7, with the exception that all 12 Edge cards are Bloom side up, instead of 6. Phase 2 - Battle: During step 1 "Reveal Ravage cards", if you reveal an Elemental card with the & icon, put the Ravage pawn onto that card. Battle: Draw two cards instead of three during the "Reinforcements" step. Then, the Betrayal card is returned to the discard pile (or, depending on the situation, reshuffled into the deck). These cards represent the Blazing entities the Ravage has sent to raze the forest. Summoning/Recruitment (player A chooses)/Summoning/Desertion, Summoning/Recruitment (player B chooses)/Summoning/Desertion. If all Edge cards are already on their Desolated side, you immediately lose the game. There is much to discover in the dreamscape, but beware the Nightmares that haunt its halls... About / Two new Ravage cards (Demobilization and Desiccation) are added to the stacks.

Return all Fountain and Tree cards in this row to your hand. Each turn, these cards continue their relentless march towards the forest (the fifth space of a row on the battlefield). 12 Edge cards along the other three sides of the battlefield (Bloom side up). Reshuffle your Defender deck. This is the Defender deck you will use during the Battle phase, and as such, the deck you assemble each game will be different. It is during this phase that you will need to assemble, as best you can, your Defender deck from the 64 Sylvan cards. Elephant, Deluge of the Elephants, Geyser: the Ravage pawn is removed instead of the card. Since the Elemental is stronger than the Fountain, the Fountain is destroyed, and the Elemental takes its place. Take the 12 Edge cards, and complete the sides of the battlefield, as shown. Put this card on the empty space (without a Tree, Fountain, Elemental, Acid Lake, or Geyser card) that is furthest away from this Ravage stack. Board Game: Sylvion » Forums » Rules. Prepare your Defender deck by selecting Sylvan cards that help you withstand these evil forces. The cost of a card is shown on its top left corner. The players assemble a single Defender deck, and they choose one after the other. Four new Sylvan cards are also added to your options (Stag, Squirrels, Doves, and Fish). Players learn the various game concepts over the course of several games. If you have 16 cards in hand, you immediately win the game. Shuffled the remaining 48 Ravage cards, divide them into 4 stacks of 12 cards each, and place them to the right of the battlefield. Prepare your defenders and save the forest! Put the Ravage pawn near the battlefield. discarded; there will be a Sylvan card discard pile and a Ravage card discard pile). Then, once all Ravage cards have been played (at the end of the Final Assault), you must ensure that the vitality of the forest must be at its maximum. Since this adds 16 cards to the stacks, the battle will last 4 more turns (16 instead of 12). © 2020 Ultra BoardGames. 2 Whale Card Rules Clarification. Note that when a Fountain card is destroyed, you get to draw one card. Contact, Privacy Policy / If there are no empty spaces in this row, discard the Geyser. If an effect should discard this card, remove the Ravage pawn, and leave this card on the battlefield. Before starting the introductory game, return to the box any Sylvan card featuring one of these two icons in its lower right corner: (for the advanced game) and (for expansion 1). Sylvion is a solo/cooperative game in which you must keep the forest verdant by preventing the Ravage from inflicting too much damage. These games deserve it. Call the forest’s inhabitants to your aid as the Ravage makes its way through the woods. What follows are the modifications to the Mobilization phase. The card which the Ravage pawn is on remains affected by all effects: Blazing: replace the Elemental card with a Blazing Elemental card, making sure that the Ravage pawn follows. Follow us on: You can play cards to the rows like fountains and trees or play animals for instant effects or to manipulate the enemy decks of cards.

1 , 2 Next » Subject Replies Last Post; 1 Seems impossible to win! © 2020 Z-Man Games. You may play as many cards from your hand as you wish, as long as you pay their cost. During setup for phase 2 "Battle", shuffle the 16 cards from this expansion along with the 64 Ravage cards. These cards represent the timely intervention of one or more animals. Z-Man Games is an ® of Z-Man Games.

Take advantage of the timely intervention of the hedgehog and owl, or keep the forest lush with Tree cards. The column that is lost is randomly determined with a Desolated card. If no Fountain or Tree cards exist in this row, return two cards of your choice from your hand to the top of your Defender deck, in any order. The role each player has will alternate this way: Reveal Ravage cards / Elementals movement / Reinforcements (Player A draws 2 cards) / Defense (Player A plays cards from her hand, those cards are paid for by player B). During Recruitment (step 2), if you choose a column with one or more Extraordinary Feat cards, do not add them to your Defender deck, but instead set them aside next to your Defender deck. An Acid Lake remains on that space until the end of the game, and it no longer counts as a movement space for Elementals cards. You build a deck using a unique drafting process and play cards from your hand by paying with other cards in your hand. Only the Bloom side must be visible; this means that the numbers on the Desolated side will be hidden. If no such card can be found, flip one Edge card to its Desolated side. At the end of the game, after the Final Assault (presented on page 12), count the vitality points at the bottom of each Tree card present on the battlefield. Facebook. Remove all the Sylvan cards in the matching numbered column from the game.
Draw the first three cards of your Defender deck.

The Sylvan cards are revealed one after the other, each in one of the 4 "recruitment columns". Sylvion is a solo/cooperative game for one or two players in which you must first prevent the Ravage cards from inflicting too much damage, for if the forest's vitality falls below 0, you immediately lose the game. This cost is paid by discarding a number of cards equal to the cost of the card you wish to play. Sylvion is a unique take on tower-defense games. Move each Elemental (those revealed this turn as well as those already on the battlefield) one space to the left, towards the forest. When an Elemental card reaches the forest, it inflicts an amount of damage equal to its strength. by Atreyu88 Thu Apr 26, 2018 … All rights reserved. Sylvion is a solo/cooperative game in which you must keep the forest verdant by preventing the Ravage from inflicting too much damage. Mobilization continues (even if you did not complete every recruitment column) until you reveal an Edge card whose number matches an empty column.The Mobilization phase then ends immediately (any Sylvan cards left on the table are removed from the game). During Recruitment (step 2), if you choose a column with one or more Betrayal cards, add them to your Defender deck. by silver604 Mon May 13, 2019 11:21 pm 13: Tue Jun 18, 2019 2:26 pm by canterturn. Shuffle the 64 Ravage cards and divide them into four equal stacks of 16 cards. The O-strength Elemental card is replaced by a strength-4 Blazing Elemental card! During a Demobilization, you may never choose to remove a Betrayal card from the game; and if a Betrayal card is randomly revealed, you must set it aside, and draw another random card to remove from the game. Discard the Simoon card after resolving its effect. The game area created with the Edge cards and the Ravage stacks is called the battlefield.

If no Elemental cards are in play when a Blaze card is revealed, simply ignore its effects and discard it.

Our mission is to produce engaging articles like reviews, tips and tricks, game rules, strategies, etc. Once you’ve mastered the base game, you can tackle the two expansions also included in Sylvion. Note: if you reveal several Betrayal cards one after the other, place them one on top of the other (slightly offset so that all Betrayal cards remain visible), and continue revealing cards for that column until you reveal a Sylvan card. Legal Information /

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