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The pagans believe all good things are tainted by a lack of guarantee and weakness. I will be so fun because I can help them understand it! Alfred then takes the harp back for himself and sings about his own perspective on the world. © Copyright Seton Home Study School 2013, All Rights Reserved. Although the ultimate victory belongs to Alfred and the forces of Christianity, until the time of that victory we most often see Alfred as a defeated man and a hunted fugitive. So it happens with Alfred. School Pre-K through 12 at home.

At times this may take a prideful form and lead to a reliance on self rather than submission to Church authority. Alas, there are some to whom the appeal to reason is utterly lost.

Alfred’s greatest hope is to have a Christian burial and to be remembered and prayed for.

Flat like a painted plan… As they meet the Danish army, Alfred and his chieftains are at the front of his army, and Danish earls are at the front of theirs, but Guthrum is riding at the back. Of course, it was the SS who were most directly responsible for the horrible Holocaust, the deliberate slaying of millions of innocent Jews, Poles, priests, gypsies and so many others who did not quite fit the Nazi conception of true humanity. Church history is replete with examples of mystics coming to a bad end by assuming that their direct communication with the next life excuses them from authority in this world. Thus, we see in the early Greek Fathers of the Church the “baptizing” of the pagan philosopher Plato and the rhetoricians of ancient Greece.

One grows old and the ability to “party hearty” eventually disappears. Being a complete materialist, Harold takes no thought for any afterlife. Harold is the sort of pagan most often found in the modern Western world.
An editor They realize that standing aloof in the Apocalypse is not an option. But, he is a bit reluctant to enter into it himself. Logic and reason stack up against superstition as the views between life and death collide on the battlefield.

He is not concerned with appearances; he has better things to do than to ensure that everything is absolutely shipshape at all times. At a time when Christianity still seemed strongly in control of hearts and minds in Western cultures, Chesterton began to sound the alarm to all who would listen. As his army is about to be defeated, the Virgin Mary appears to Alfred again, and just as he was newly resolved after she first appeared to him, he finds that he is resolved again. Christian civilization battles heathen lawlessness in Chesterton's epic poem, The Ballad of the White Horse. Intellectuals tend to remain in their ivory towers and not be involved in the messy details of life. From these folks, the salt of the earth, humble but very great works of charity arise. After the battle he is baptized.

Certainly an appreciation for beauty is a Christian virtue, but it is clear in New Age philosophy the beauty to be found is not in God, but rather within the seeker.

His wish was that every factory, every bridge, every farm be destroyed so that he could finish his career in a massive, Wagnerian Götterdammerung, the Twilight of the Gods in Nordic myth, an orgy of destruction leaving nothing behind but utter devastation. Alfred leads his army to London, and they confront the Danes in attack for a second time. Furthermore, the very structure of the poetry ensures a rollicking good time when read aloud and accompanied with some good Catholic refreshment! Perhaps the most extreme example in recent history would be Adolph Hitler.

Alfred sees God “like a good giant, that laboring, lifts the world."

There is a whiff of elegant decadence about Harold and Loki, a decayed personality still desperately seeking fun and ease even while it is increasingly apparent that such a pursuit is ultimately doomed to failure.

Chapters 4 and 5 of Ezekiel will impart a real sense of just how very strange the mystical life can be!

Each person wages a solo apocalyptic battle, the stakes being nothing less than the ultimate fate of an immortal soul. A helpful tip on understanding the Beatitudes: they are intended not as a statement of how things will be in the future, but as a description of how things stand in the here and now. Guthrum is fooled by Alfred's disguise, and does not realize that the peasant he has invited into his camp is Alfred of Wessex.

Yea, naught for your desire, There is no next life demanding any earthly preparation. Mary Bowen is a founding member of Of a race runs not for ever, In the more elevated levels of the SS, there were even rumors of human sacrifice and other explicitly satanic celebrations. The Christian knows that only the love of God is secure, to be fully realized only after death; final spiritual satisfaction is not available in mortal life. However, after a long period of peace, there is a change of leadership amongst the Danes and their army invades again. Colan is a mystic who views the world as a living experience of paradox. DaMama was very honored when she was asked by to share our family's GAPS story. Such short-cuts are fraught with dangers. And yet, this is precisely the call of Christ to His followers. At various times and places in apocalyptic history any of these (or, perhaps, in this present age, all of them!)

He therefore asks the gathered soldiers to pray for his soul. Even as we hunger, or hear curses, or endure insults in our temporal earthly lives, in the eternal sphere exactly the opposite takes place. He is concerned that they will take over the lands. Man shall not taste of victory Again his speech reinvigorates the troops and despite being beaten down by the battle they charge once again. One can only think here of those scenes in Revelation which show the tiny remnant of the Church fiercely persecuted by an entirely demonic world order, harried to the point of total collapse. Moses tried the excuse that he was not a good speaker, to no avail. our sponsors and those who advertise on our site. His world is totally inaccessible to people not possessed of spiritual insight; the mystics see clearly the “flip side” of existence, the eternal part of the equation.

Swine, and slow moons like silver rings, Bob earned a B.A. The claim that “God is on my side” in an argument might be one form of this problem; the mystic must always remember that the mind of God is expressed on earth though the hierarchy and magisterium of the Church; to deviate from their norms is a chancy proposition. Eldred is a valliant soldier in battle, killing dozens of Danes, but his sword breaks unexpectedly and without it to defend himself is stabbed with seven spears. Yes, Math! That is what makes these stories timeless and ever appealing. Upon his making the decision to take the battle once more to the Danes, with his determination that it is better to die gloriously in the freedom of Christ than to live enslaved by a pagan order, the miracle arrives. Hitler’s plan, though, was the sort of end an Ogier would relish! And the sea rises higher. One of the early manifestations of this interest is seen in the career and works of Richard Wagner, the great musician of the late 1800’s. My Son Won't Pay Attention to His Studies: How Do I Keep Him on Track?

We are thankful for their contributions and encourage you to make your own. There is simply no reasoning with them.

This poem need not be limited in readership to those enrolled in English 11.

The Ballad of the White Horse essays are academic essays for citation. Alfred himself overcomes the unthinking rage of Ogier: “Even the demons are subject to us in Your name!” The tattered men of Colan’s band come to strike anew at the flank, and the battle is won. Mystics such as Colan have more than one foot in the next world while yet living in this one; their grasp of temporal reality may be a bit loose, but only because their grip on spiritual reality is that much stronger.

A clash of theologies is the basis for the Ballad and it only remains to look at the interaction between the chiefs to have the key for poetic understanding. Home|Blog|Newsletter|Link To Us|Donate|Contact Us|Privacy Policy|Mission Statement|Disclaimer|Ad Disclosure. The Saxon people have great respect for the White Horse and take great care of it, making sure that is is weed-free and always visible. A quality, Catholic education. He ponders his own life and his character; he is basically a good man but has transgressed several times. Tolkien looked upon Chesterton as one of his more important literary forebears; certainly Tolkien was familiar with The Ballad of the White Horse and it seems likely that the poem was somewhat influential in recasting Nordic mythology as a Christian literary Ring cycle. Everyone is at times tempted to avarice, gluttony, or lust, or any number of lesser pursuits. The devil indeed rages through the world, seeking whom he may devour, and he comes perilously close to devouring the last weakened, demoralized and almost leaderless members of Christ’s flock. Turning to the next of the pagan chiefs, Ogier is perhaps the most terrifying of them all. Among these periods was the fall of the Roman Empire and the barbarian invasions that followed. There are as well certain broad categories of goodness which might be identified as weapons in these battles, each one divinely crafted for effectiveness against the evil to be faced. The stanzas go on … Thus, a link is herewith provided to the essay for any interested party. Elf cannot cease pursuing the “forgotten thing,” never realizing that he is really seeking something not to be found in this world. There was a revolt by the Protestants, but the Church survived. In short, Harold is a thoroughgoing materialist. The pagans, on the other hand, sing of a ruling spirit behind the gods, namely pure hate. With his humiliation at Ethandune and capture by the humblest Christian soldier, Guthrum finds his soul and his world-weariness is transformed into the joy of new purpose. For all their wars are merry, And love is not secure. Elf’s song reveals him as a superstitious pagan mystic. In short, The Ballad of the White Horse is an apocalyptic history, a history not of any particular battle between good and evil, but in fact the tale of all such warfare. There seems to be little hope at this point of any immediate reversal of the trend, making all the more poignant Our Lady’s promise to Alfred of a darker sky and a rising sea. beliefs, opinions and experiences and are in no way influenced

No one type of Christian suffices to fill all the needs of the Church; each member contributes to the proper working of the whole body. The characters involved are actually larger than they appear insofar as they represent certain Christian and pagan types. The lives of the mystics are all a sort of ongoing street theater, a constant visible reminder that earthly life consists largely of vain pursuits: “Vanity of vanities, all is vanity” indeed!

She has walked the Chartes pilgrimages twice and hopes to go as often as is realistic. Copyright © 1999 - 2020 GradeSaver LLC. A vital part of anyone’s spiritual growth is to recognize the workings of Christian paradox and to realize that the wisdom of this world is foolishness indeed and the wisdom of God looks very foolish to worldly people. These notes were contributed by members of the GradeSaver community. Reading Chesterton today is a rewarding enterprise; his analyses of social trends still ring true and his proposals for solution remain valid and largely untried. Kirby! And heaven an iron cope. Till he throws his sword away.

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