the fear frequency

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Until we are willing to look at these hidden fears, we can also easily project or transfer these fears onto other people. The world hasn’t been the same since the United States dropped atomic bombs on the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Regardless, some films have already made conscious use of these frequencies, and have had great success — especially in theaters — at disturbing people. But it turns out there may be a lot more going on. may not have quite the range of whales, but for land animals, they can still carry their infrasonic communications for miles to communicate with the rest of the herd, and warn them if necessary.

On the campus of Coventry University in England, there's a 14th-century cellar home to a ghost, or so people thought. Infrasound Has Been Linked By Researchers To People’s Claims Of Hauntings, Infrasound has recently been referred to as the fear frequency, and with good reason. While serving, he made one of the most important discoveries anyone has ever made while sitting on a toilet. This also means that if we feel unsafe, it is our spiritual duty to build safety within ourselves by developing inner strength, based in the higher qualities that make us a safe person to be around. While these theories are fascinating, our understanding of infrasound is very young, so there is much still to learn.

If you don't understand a term, you may find it in our Ascension Glossary, We have 3005 guests and 64 members online. on humans; it would be hard to account for all of the variables. Most people blamed the Russian government and suggested they had used some kind of new weapon. Have you ever wondered what a ghost sounds like? Some use it as a warning system, and others use it to communicate over long distances. Many reported feeling dizzy, or having strange sensations, but the oddest were those who claimed to have felt a feeling of sheer terror while in the room. Take a second to support on Patreon! Two of the most notable examples are the films Irreversible and Paranormal Activity. Infrasound is really just sound below human hearing — although how close to human hearing the sound is seems to have more of an effect on us psychologically.
Most people would not have noticed anything amiss, but as a Nobel Prize winning scientist, it got him thinking. From the University of Menlo Park in California, he put together data from pigeon releases and started analyzing sound data in the area, testing temperatures and other things that could affect sound, and studied lost birds. releases and started analyzing sound data in the area, testing temperatures and other things that could affect sound, and studied lost birds. When we cannot be authentic and truthful in the presence of another because we fear they will judge, persecute or attack us for revealing ourselves, we feel deeply uncomfortable, drained and unsafe when we are in their presence. Among them are hundreds of stations with micro-barometers, meant to detect. The United States, in both cases, wanted to make sure that Russia did their part and put together a comprehensive system to test for any worldwide nuclear detonations.

If animals can detect infrasound, especially from extremely long distances away, they could theoretically predict things like volcano eruptions well before they happened and make their escape ahead of time. Perhaps the resonance of earthquakes, volcanoes, or other natural infrasound just happen to be amplified well at that particular spot, and thus convince people that something supernatural is going on. Not long ago, the world was mystified by the strange attacks going on at the United States Embassy in Cuba. Email.

From the University of Menlo Park in California, he put together data from. 8.

Back in the day, when beliefs in many spirits was even more prominent and there were less scientific explanations (and frequency below hearing was not something anyone would likely even consider as an explanation for hauntings), they would have had no idea what was going on. We can look to GSF Behavior or simply adhere to the Golden Rule. Many unsafe people have developed walls to distance themselves from others because of their hidden fears, that stem from unhealed personal Trauma. In May 2003 a concert called Infrasonic was held in the UK as part of a large experiment on infrasound. ". Alligators are another animal that can create infrasound, using special sacs in their mouths that create sounds below our hearing, meant to attract mates. Thus, fear is the main manipulation tool of the controller archetype that is designed to generate perceptions of being threatened and feeling unsafe in the company of others and in any kind of social setting. When fear rules us, darkness rules us. Engineer Vic Tandy may already know. Let’s bring to mind some fear based Negative Ego qualities that create relationally unsafe people, people we cannot be completely truthful around without fearing we will suffer some kind of repercussion, attack or punishment. Infrasound — sounds below audible human hearing, especially those close enough to still affect us on some level due to the vibrations — have recently started to become of great interest to researchers. There Has Been A Theorized Link Between Wind Turbines And Infrasound Disturbances. Biographics – History, One Life at a Time. This helped add to the generally shocking and surreal nature of the film, and helped make it truly disturbing. When in the company of people that demonstrate these fear based negative ego qualities, we may need to create strong boundaries and set the terms of our interaction with them.

At some point it is helpful to realize that the current accepted reality of Negative Ego behaviors and the Frequency of Fear, has been used against people of the earth as a psychological weapon to weaken them. Perhaps those who think wind turbines are affecting them negatively should test the area around their local turbines to see if it’s a hotspot for infrasound. But just because we don’t consciously hear it, that doesn’t mean we don’t respond to it; in certain individuals, low-frequency sound can induce feelings of fear or dread or even depression. It turns out that the audible noise as well as the unpleasant effects were probably unintentional, and a side effect of spying. Some wind turbines could put out vibrations that are not just audible hums, but also some frequencies that are below audible human hearing —. It is possible that two listening devices, placed in the wrong places, could have caused this effect. And, despite infrasound being below audible human hearing, many people started suggesting that it was to blame, and that at the very least, there was an infrasonic component that was being used to slowly drive the ambassadors and other employees mad so they would leave. Regardless, infrasound can be produced by all kinds of weather effects or natural systems. It also produces Relationally Unsafe People, who are generally unethical, disrespectful people that lack empathy for others. Along with satellites, there are hundreds of monitoring stations set up all over the world to measure every possible kind of sound, vibration, or energy you can imagine. Privacy Policy | TopTenz T-Shirts | Sponsors. Another experiment in the UK involved a room rigged up to make infrasound where 79 people volunteered to test it out. The Law of One is practiced by the Advanced Races that promote Self-Responsibility and accountability in our Universal Time Matrix through the comprehension of the energetic interconnection that exists between all living things.
makes slightly before pouncing is actually 18hz, which is right around the level that humans can sort of detect a sound on a certain level, but cannot consciously hear it.

Some people believe it could give them negative effects of various kinds, although this could be the, 10. By Gregory Myers on October 6, 2018 Misc. One Controller type person that uses fear to manipulate others for power can easily destroy the accumulated Unity, positivity and trust earned in an entire organization or community, in one fell swoop. Sounds like a lot of darkness is present in those behaviors, doesn’t it? Regardless, some films have already made conscious use of these frequencies, and have had great success — especially in theaters — at disturbing people.

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