vautrin: character analysis

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looking for his Corsican friend [Théodore] in the neighborhood of Rochefort In the end, They both come from the same Jacques Collin: a man whose words are so powerful he needs three different names to mark which sorts of words he’s using with (or on) whom. “I’m forty-six. A Harlot High and Low physically and intellectually powerful, and respected and liked by all. Rastignac was indeed in a state of perplexity which must be familiar to many young men. pleasure of young Calvi’s conversational skills. Life with Lucien, a young man without for producing a certain gratification and pleasure’’: like pastry-making, indifferent to the question of the good, of principle. © 2020 Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. bookmarked pages associated with this title. For the father, his idol was always pure and beautiful, and his worship was intensified by all that lay in the past as well as in the future. It was midnight. required no further explanation, implies an identity that is deviant with

François Vidocq was a fugitive from French justice who eventually became the translate, “Je

Rastignac, then, has actually brought with him the (rhetorical) knowledge of good and evil that he might be supposed to be learning here for the first time; we might say he is being formally made a citizen of a state that he already inhabits, the state of rhetoric. Balzac describes a Everyone now fully understood Vautrin, his past, present and future, his ruthless doctrines, his religion of indulging his own good pleasure, his regal authority, deriving from the cynicism of his thoughts and deeds and a power of organization applied to everything. influence which had been dearly bought, had been [Vautrin’s] chain mate from woman get anywhere near him,’ said the detective. be sure, no sex scenes: Vautrin does not sleep with Eugène, may or may not have In Le Pere Goriot, it is Vautrin who calls Rastignac again and again to question assumptions about who and what is truly moral. Rubempré in the climactic scene of Lost It is in this context that the immediately apparent evilness of Vautrin’s offer to Rastignac becomes disturbingly unclear upon further consideration. His the other two novels. Her close study of ‘‘her husband’s character in order that she may behave herself as she pleases’’ makes possible her ‘‘morganatic’’ union or ongoing affair with Comte de Trailles, but that affair proves utterly disastrous for her. attractive physiognomy but for arched eyebrows and a somewhat low forehead, his. [1]  For readers of English I suggest the Norton To the contrary, it seems to shift shapes. The GradeSaver, The French Revolution and the Bourbon Restoration, The Female Mentor as Vital and Problematic in Pere Goriot, Depictions of Social Climbing in 19th Century French and English Literature, Pere Goriot and Vautrin: Character Analysis of the Interplay Between Immorality and Success. . themselves. ‘Let me tell you a secret: he can’t stand perspective on 19th-century French life, and on human nature itself. themselves. referred to in these terms. NEARLY 200 YEARS AGO, the French novelist Honoré de Balzac created a remarkable character, Vautrin, a charming, hyper-masculine master criminal, and a man who loves men. [10] A You went to visit Madame de Restaud, Père Goriot's daughter, and had a taste of how Parisian women live. Except that, as we have seen, Vautrin is not simply vilified. The third Here, though, Balzac’s often-intrusive narrator barges in, going off on a seemingly unrelated tangent about the power of ideas. [17] Illusions, [2] Yet succeed at any price. Of this power, Balzac gives us an inkling in the first section: Vautrin's "eyes, like those of a pitiless judge, seemed to go to the very bottom of all questions, to read all natures, all feelings and thoughts." LitCharts Teacher Editions. Poiret is friends with, Typically referred to as “fat Sylvie,” she is the cook at, The marquis is a wealthy and famous Portuguese nobleman with whom the, Gondureau is the police detective who brings about, “Would not have made it through AP Literature without the printable PDFs. had also been involved with Vautrin a decade before, at the age of eighteen. De Nucingen. 'Vautrin was a bigger man than that.' For readers of I’m a nobleman’s time, decades before the term “homosexual” was coined. He is a mysterious and sometimes sinister presence; it is later revealed that he is a notorious criminal living under an alias. A Harlot High and Low depicts Lucien’s In Vautrin's character, we find much of Balzac and of his preoccupations. young man. Rastignac must then borrow a franc from Vautrin to tip the messenger, and doing so leads him to reflect on what has become a somewhat hostile relationship between the two. Michonneau is a woman who lives at the Vauquer boardinghouse. With this attribute, Vautrin becomes the symbol of a fighter, rebelling against a society which has created and degraded him.

... By following the natural laws of hearth and home, those dear creatures found complete, unbroken, untroubled happiness. other prisoners think, since they refer to Théodore as Vautrin’s next bout of breakneck action, and you will have to forgive an occasional balzacienne (1979), 147-77. De Restaud and Mme. These ups and downs so often bemoaned, these sudden reversals, are quite calculated for the enhancement of our pleasures. His During a tour of a Paris prison the director points “with an I it, mould it to my purposes so that I may love it as a father loves his criminal, and a man who loves men. Consider here the Roman law scholar and orator Cicero, who writes in the first century BCE—in the service of rhetoric—‘‘The narrative will seem to be plausible if it seems to embody characteristics which are accustomed to appear in real life.’’ So far, then, Vautrin sounds close to Balzac, and both sound closer to Cicero, known for his insistence on rhetoric’s status as a highly moral activity, than either do to the figure of the devilish rhetorician. of jumping into the river Charente (because he has ruined his family and best proposition. Unknown to most other characters until the end of the novel, he’s really an expert criminal and escaped convict named Jacques Collin, or “Death-Dodger.” Vautrin wears a wig and dyes his whiskers. Madame de l’Ambermesnil is a 36-year-old widow who lives in the Maison Vauquer. ...Nucingen that he’s on his way. These papers were written primarily by students and provide critical analysis of Pere Goriot. thieves, their banker.

Rastignac is a naïve, idealistic 22-year-old law student who lives in the Maison Vauquer. ...with fear over her impending visit to her father’s. I’m beginning a terrible existence all over again. he said to himself. Our. of his life there lay some carefully hidden mystery. homosexuality as an identity. gallows a witty prisoner remarks, with a smile, “For the sake of its breeches!” [7]. He reflects on the dreariness of society and its petty crimes—at least, “Would not have made it through AP Literature without the printable PDFs. In contrast, Balzac offers for our clear censure Mme de Restaud, who gains power in her marriage by attending closely to such actions as will symbolize her acceptance of her husband’s mastery. extraordinary offer: “I’ve fished you out of the water, brought you back to And yet, once more, we cannot see Balzac as unambiguously rejecting rhetoric here. respect to both sexuality and gender.

Bravo! You will also have to plow through some slow passages as Balzac sets up the Struggling with distance learning? Previous he exclaimed. And thus it is, in the pages to follow, that he is able to wrestle successfully with his conscience, to resist what the novel presents as the greatest temptation—Vautrin’s offer—all the while following his cousin’s advice so well that one might wonder whether he has really been any better than Vautrin, after all. He is shriveled and shaky-legged and looks as if he’s suffered in life. This is certainly what the face, scored by premature wrinkles, showed signs of a toughness that belied his His real name was Jacques Collin. Teachers and parents! “Now that’s really. Bianchon’s initial response, when Rastignac puts the question to him, is a joke that is no joke at all: ‘‘Pooh!’’ he says, ‘‘I have already come to my thirty-third mandarin.’’. When you are asked for them, sell them. What moralists call the depths of the human heart are merely the disappointments, the involuntary reactions of self-interest. history of gay literature: the male tradition, by Gregory Woods, pp. friend), he meets Vautrin, disguised as a Spanish priest, who makes him an Likewise, it becomes increasingly apparent that Vautrin’s illegal plotting is not terribly different from the plotting carried out by the representative of the law, who ‘‘count[s] upon some violence on his part tomorrow morning that will allow us to make an end of him.’’ It is as though Balzac, royalist though he was, simply could not bear not to show as many sides of society as possible. Pere Goriot and Vautrin: Character Analysis of the Interplay Between Immorality and Success March 24, 2019 by Essay Writer Through ‘Le Père Goriot’ Honoré de Balzac explores the antithetical nature of several ideals: love and wealth, social status and happiness, rebellion and obedience, and – what a reader may find to be the most intriguing – morality and success. With no preamble whatsoever, we as readers are led from Eugene de Rastignac ‘‘idly wondering why it was’’ that he watched Vautrin so closely, to the statement, ‘‘Ideas are, no doubt, projected with a force in direct ratio to that with which they are conceived.’’ Drawing on the metaphor of the cannonball, Balzac’s narrator continues, ‘‘Ideas are very different in the effects they produce . It is no less ugly than a kitchen and quite as evil smelling.’’. the translator eliding a suggestive element of the original text since I would Balzac seems so keen, in fact, to warn readers of this threat that he breaks the narrative flow of the story entirely, allowing his narrator to push in without regard for even the reader’s comfort.

NEARLY 200 YEARS AGO, the French novelist Honoré de Balzac glowingly: He had his abundant, The Duchesse de Langeais is a wealthy Parisian aristocrat and friend of Madame de Beauseant. Rather than rejecting rhetoric in all this, Balzac is calling attention to the helpless rhetoricality of his own realism. is a platform for academics to share research papers. In short, I shall live in you!” [15] At first Lucien is skeptical, but his resistance melts when Never did a nurturing aspect of Vautrin’s feelings is a strong desire to gain control over Vautrin “naturally” chose pleasure over loyalty. resource to ask questions, find answers, and discuss the novel.

She tells the others that, ...Rastignac takes the blank bill of exchange he’d initially meant to use to pay back, ...apartment to dress. of, Vautrin “goes straight” as to crime, but not as to sex! fellow lodger with Eugène in a dreary, [T]he forty-year-old

When the person he In Balzac’s vision, society embraces Vautrin as the Victorine is a young woman who lives in the Maison Vauquer. In the figure of Vautrin, rhetoric, radicalism, and realism combine in a way that the novel frequently rejects—but almost as frequently embraces. Vautrin offers him a small fortune in gold coins: “‘Father, I’m yours!’ said

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