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Q. Lemontart:  Hello. A. Michael Morpurgo: Yes, the book was inspired by the white horse you can see from the train as you come into Westbury in Wiltshire. I don't think of my reader when I'm writing. He became our first president, came to read to the children sometimes, helped hugely with fundraising. Q. DisasterArea: I want to know why the albatros in Alone on a Wide Wide Sea has to die? His Poetry in the Making had been a programme I'd gone back and back to, to inspire me and the children I was teaching.

Have a great time, and give the goose a special clap from me! He is a big believer in writing things down so that you won’t forget them. Q. Q. Snigger: Would you do the same as Charlie in Private Peaceful? Do you have any more stories about cats.

Pagkakaiba ng pagsulat ng ulat at sulating pananaliksik? I loved writing them too. The phone rang during breakfast. Every week the children came we had one very clear aim in our heads – to make it as intense an experience as possible, to make it a week that would build their self-confidence and self-worth as they worked out on the farm, a week full of fun, too, the most memorable week of their young lives.

Also do you take your inspiration from true stories/facts?". Working with these children was giving me new insights into the lives of children, insights that were meat and drink to me as a writer. We are going to go to the Isles of Scilly one day. Neither can be rushed. He would come and see us later. At the moment I love War Horse a lot, but maybe that's because of the fantastic play on at the moment in London. But that happened quite late I suppose. Q. overthemill: How do you manage to write so many great books that completely appeal to children of all ages (and adults too). ", I'm not sure I ever have, but without the lift those words gave me, I do wonder if I'd have gone on writing at all. It was through the intervention and support of good friends that we found a way to stay positive, to move out of the doldrums. Q. Fennel: And my eight-year -old daughter wants to say something too.

We think you are a fantastic author, but we all have different favourites. It was the only way I could get every child in my class to really listen. Here's what he wrote for us when, 10 years on, we opened our second farm for city children at Treginnis Isaf, on the coast near St David's in Wales: Hushed by the sea and the skyCan hear a high gull cryGod rides in the windAbove Treginnis. A. Michael Morpurgo: I hated reading when I was your age, and I hated writing too. Our teacher Mrs Lock is your biggest fan! But I also do literacy intervention with those who are still struggling, and I ache for those children who have already been turned off reading and writing by our current education system. They were happy times for all of us. I taught subsequently in various schools, state and private, never really settling. wich shoud i get for christmas. Q. Weblette: My eight-year-old daughter adores your books. A. Michael Morpurgo: Say hello to Mrs Lock, and to all your class.

A. Michael Morpurgo: I was 30 when my first book came out. It was very sad. Read Singing for Mrs Pettigrew (Walker Books) and you'll see what makes me write. We were ready and willing to have a go, and family circumstances meant we were also able to make a leap into the unknown. Promise. It was Ted saying he thought we should go fishing together, and perhaps go on to Bideford for tea. I'm glad it's over though 'cos now I can get back to writing my stories. He is married to Claire Morpurgo MBE. Other inspirations were the poem of the Ancient Mariner and a friend of mine who sailed around the world from Australia on a 31 foot yacht, updating his website every day as he went. A. Michael Morpurgo: I was born in 1943, so all my growing up was done with the evidence of the effects of war all around me. Almost all my stories have some reality as their inspiration, either my own experience or someone else's, or historical fact. Michael Morpurgo was born in St Albans, Hertfordhire on October 5th, 1943. But the books did not do well: very few reviews, disappointing sales. I keep finding them like buried treasure! I'd call it War Horse. Life ain't simple, that's for sure. A. Michael Morpurgo: Enjoy War Horse which you will! Do stuff, go places, meet people, and maybe write a couple of lines each about the best or worst, or funniest or saddest thing that happened each day. I still think it is one of the great books. I had discovered that in the First World War a million horses had been killed – and that was only on our side. At the moment he would like to be an author when he grows up and really loves writing. We stood there marvelling at this small miracle. Q. overthemill: How do you make your books seem so real? All this was in stark contrast to the home my wife Clare and I had been making for the last 10 years. WHY couldn't he go back to the boy?

You will be truly amazed. I've already got plans for a whole series! I know sadness is a universal human experience, whether we are young or old, so I see no point in avoiding it. Only after that should they be confronted with the practicalities of literacy as such. A. Michael Morpurgo: Hope the marble craze is still going. The idea chimed perfectly for us. Clare's father Sir Allen Lane, the founder of Penguin Books, had died, and Clare now had the perfect opportunity of putting her inheritance to the best use. I enjoyed the book - it was a great read.". I have two boys, 15 and 13. I was 30. We had married far too young, had children far too young, but we were somehow deeply contented. Ano ang Imahinasyong guhit na naghahati sa daigdig sa magkaibang araw? What is the hink-pink for blue green moray? Every time I see the play, and every time I see the children coming down the lane in the tractor to feed the calves, I know how lucky I have been to have known the friends we have known, how without them there would have been no move to Devon, 75,000 children would never have had their week on the farms, and War Horse would never have happened. Q. WillburyNibbleQC: DS1 (12) says: "Could you please tell me what inspired you to end The Butterfly Lion the way you did - was it one of those large chalk drawings that you get on hillsides eg: The White Horse? I was an enthusiastic teacher who relished the challenge, and found early on that I had a way of communicating with children that seemed to work, particularly when I was telling stories to them. So we feel we know and love the place, certainly I know of nowhere where there are more hidden stories. Oh, lucky man. He tries to live a full and varied life, and he’s always looking out for the next interesting idea. It's going to go on until September 09 now, so see if you can persuade Mrs Lock to do a school trip to see it.

However, I think everyone loves being read to, whatever age, providing the reader really loves the story and it sounds like it.

I wanted to write the story of the universal suffering of that dreadful war, seen through the eyes of a horse.

I came home each day my head full of all I'd seen and heard and felt.

Don't worry if they say no at first, just keep trying. And now, shortly after we moved down to Devon, we discovered Ted Hughes was a near neighbour and met him by chance one summer's evening down by the River Torridge, which borders the farm. I knew in my heart of hearts that the stories lacked depth, that I had not yet found my voice as a writer. I had begun to write stories, although tentatively, and by great good fortune was published quite quickly. He is being quite high maintenance about the whole thing, but I told him I would post the question here. I had been so moved by this. Q. HAPPYHEL: Hi Michael,I have pretty much finished writing a children's book, with illustrations, but I'm not sure where to go now? I write to make me think, and I hope to make others think too. I do too. A. Michael Morpurgo: All I can say is something you know already, which is that we mustn't fake it. As parents and/or professionals, what do you think we could be doing to bring about changes in (primary) education? All four of us, too, had a love of the countryside which was central to our own lives. Some writers – most, I suspect – write in isolation. Q. DisasterArea: DD1 wants to know what inspires you to keep writing. It's all a lot of nonsense anyway. Disillusion and disappointment set in. Q. Katw3kitts: Has writing made you rich and do you drive a sports car? The Whitbread prize was not mentioned all day. The pupils at her small primary school produce a little student magazine. So, no questions, just a HUGE well done and thank you. My granny gave me the Wreck of the Zanzibar and Kensuke's Kingdom. Does Jerry Seinfeld have Parkinson's disease? Sadly, war does seem to be almost endemic to the human condition, so it has continued to interest and upset me all my life. The last disruption, we hoped. I've often felt as I've been watching the play of War Horse in London recently that Ted and Sean are there in spirit. A. Michael Morpurgo: You need an agent who will put you on the right kind of publisher. Michael Morpurgo is a UK native who knows how to interact with Youngsters through writing. Q. MrsWeasleyStrokesSantasSack: I would like to add that the teacher read The Marble Crusher to our class of year 3 children (age seven and eight) last summer and they enjoyed it so much it started a new facsination for playing marbles. I suppose part of the reason I wrote the story was because I do wonder how I would have coped if I'd had to fight in that war, or Yes, people fall off boats, yes orangutans are hunted for their babies, yes little turtles have to make a run for the sea when they hatch out.

If none of these work try another author but keep trying, but because you'll find it's just great when you do find a book. He had said not a word all week on the farm, had kept himself to himself, but clearly loved being with the animals, stroking the calves, feeding the hens. One of my children had his hand up, he wanted to ask you this: 'I think the ending of Born to Run was too sad. Perhaps he is over-sensitive or too young, but it does seem to contain a lot of upsetting material in one book.

A. Michael Morpurgo: Perhaps my answer at the Bath event was a bit flippant. Q. janinlondon: Hello, My name is Isobel and I am nine.

I would like to know out of all of your books, which is your favourite?

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