hot rod frames and bodies

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Chassis can be purchased as rollers with the body or as bare a frame (add your own front/rear suspension) Outlaw also manufactures REPLACEMENT body parts for all our bodies. Pioneers like Dee Wescott from Wescott Automotive and Dick Williams from Poli-Form at the time introduced quality fiberglass reproduction bodies for many of the popular early Ford models.

I'd suggest setting them up with a 3/16-inch gap. Their description of this process is as follows., (You must log in or sign up to reply here. The doors have been stretched 3" rearward to meet the new top.

They produce what is known as a “body in white”.
In celebration of its 30th Anniversary, Cromwell Molding is proud and excited to introduce its finest T-Bucket fiberglass body with the sharpest lines and details yet. Mounting a Channeled Coupe Body to the Frame.

© 2020 Cromwell Molding Company / 27546 State Highway 23 / Paynesville, MN 56362-9780. And if your interests go beyond T-Buckets you’ll want to check out Cromwell’s Tot Rods, Muscle Car and Motorcycle fiberglass creations. This tech article is meant to inspire and give you a jumping point for building your own hot rod chassis. Mustangs, Camaros, SUVs & Pickups

Good North Dakota Title and delivery available. Every car is going to be a little different in measurements and execution, so be sure to think it all through before you start. CHASSIS/PERIMETER FRAMES 32 Ford, 33-34 Ford, 34-35 Chevy, Willys, BODY PACKAGES Willys cpe Chevy cpe sedan/sedan delivery & Ford cpe roadster, BODY PACKAGES 1932 Ford cpe,34-35 Chevy cpe, sedan, sdn delivery, 33-34 Ford cpe/rdster, 40-41Willys, FENDERS 32 Ford 33/34 Ford 34-35 Chevy 40-41 Willys 28-29 Ford 30-31 Ford Modal A, GRILLE SHELLS grilles 32 Ford 33 and 34 Ford 34-35 Chevy 40 and 41 Willys, RUNNING BOARDS and brackets 32 Ford 33-34 Ford 34-35 Chevy, Misc body parts wheel tubs, transmission tunnels, enclosure panels Ford Chevy Willys, DECK lid latch, deck lids, hinges, props & hardware Ford Chevy Willys Universal, GAS TANK COVERS and roll pans 32 Ford 33-34 Ford 34-35 Chevy, HEAD LIGHTS 32 Ford 33-34 Ford 40-41 Willys King Bee Dietz, Headlight hardware Adapters Pads Stands Stanchions, DOOR props Door latches Suicide Safety latch Door hinges Keyless Entry, Fender braces, body & fender mounting kits, body tags, WEATHER Stripping rubber kits rubber stops, Door handles inside/outside, pads and hardware, Dashboards 32 Ford 33-34 Ford 34-35 Chevy 40-41 Willys, Interior Trim, door handles, window cranks, escutcheons, stainless door sills Ford Willys Billet, CHASSIS Components body mounts,Ford, Willys, Chevy core supports, brake pedals, motor mts, trans mts, Coilovers shocks and replacement hardware, REAR SUSPENSION coilover brackets triangular 4-bar kits, rear crossmembers, adjuster ends, Suspension Front parts (IFS Mustang 11 1974-78) bushings sleeves, Adjuster ends, urethane bushings, adjuster sleeves, Wiring Systems Ground kit Under carpet wiring channel, Exterior Accessories scripts door handles bowtie Ford Chevy Willys, Willys fiberglass body parts roof bows and wood kit, Window glass replacement Outlaw bodies ONLY. Since my roadster is a '31 on a '32 frame, I used oak blocks for the front body mounts like an A would have and webbing between the rear curved subrails and the frame kickups over the rear wheels like an early V8 car would use. Wooden bodies with thin metal sheets on the outside were then bolted to the frame and then painted with a white primer. In the '70s the rebirth of street rodding was in full swing and much of it was based on the reproduction fiberglass T-bucket body and associated box tubing chassis. Their success has led to the explosion of steel bodies now available. Back in the "old days," many channeled bodies were joined to the frame by welding.

Your best value in T-Bucket and Hot Rod fiberglass. Dynacorn has been supplying replacement sheetmetal for classic vehicles for a long time. We will do our absolute best to process orders in a timely manner but due to our 6 week closure our manufacturing and shipping are running behind. You can certainly build in larger gaps, which can help mask a less-than-perfect fit, but in my opinion, a 1/4-inch gap looks a little large on a car like a '30s coupe.
Jeremy and Phil on the C10 Talk podcast! Think about the full length you wish to have your chassis, everyone wants a chassis of varying length so this is important. I'm about to put my coupe body back on the frame for the last time (about bloody time! Has some lower panel rust but not bad. Check these out at, along with his ongoing series of workshops held across the nation, or call for a current schedule of workshops and a free catalog of DVDs. The entire body is coated inside and out with a weld-thru silver primer that protects the sheet metal from corrosion.

The list includes: early Fords, Tri-five Chevys, Chevelles, Firebirds, ’47 to ’54 and ’55 to ’57 Chevy pickups, a new Mopar Challenger coupe plus the whole spectrum of Mustang and Camaro Pony-cars. Address: 28775 N. Rte 83 Mundelein, IL 60060; Phone: 847-949-RODS (7637) Fax: 847-949-5495 Email: Web development by: ForYouDesign

Much like a house, a good hot rod build starts with a good foundation. Real Deal Steel is a source producer of a number of the steel reproduction bodies on the market. Smooth cowl top, hidden door hinges, and stock trunk lid are standard, but bodies can be built with cowl vent, stock style door hinges, and rumble lid. Our custom builds come with multiple options like modern suspension systems, modern brake systems, custom fram finish, and much more. We will build a complete Rolling Chassis ready for your Body & Drive Train using the Code504 S10 Frame Kits.

They kept them as subtle as possible, to preserve the original look of the standard vintage '32 roadster body. It’s a great alternative to the stock roadster for anyone needing the weather-tight comfort of a convertible while maintaining the traditional roadster look.

Phone (831) 768-0705. They are reshaped at their front edge to bring the side glass forward. Several body design changes were necessary in order to package this top mechanism in a '32 roadster. Since my roadster is a '31 on a '32 frame, I used oak blocks for the front body mounts like an A would have and webbing between the rear curved subrails and the frame kickups over. Your best value in T-Bucket and Hot Rod fiberglass. This stopped squeaks and helped stop vibrations getting into the body. Model-As & Deuces

To date they have created ’55 and ’57 Chevy convertibles, ’32 and ’34 Ford coupes, their first hot rod type venture a ’32 Chevy roadster plus some late-model bodies. Cost of shipping will be paid to the shipper directly when you receive the frame. Tom McMullen resisted our efforts to introduce the magazine because he felt that the old car supply would soon be exhausted and limit the potential readership.

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