how to make a longhouse out of a shoebox

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2. Paper grocery sack or the brown mailing wrap. Weave the green paper strips in and out through the slits in the brown paper. Posted by saltfleetbyblog on September 24, 2011. Weave small twigs and grasses into the woven paper along with the … She has a Master of Science in applied developmental psychology from the University of Pittsburgh's School of Education. If your shoebox does not have openings on the side, cut a small rectangle on one side of the box for viewing. We ended up stuffing crumpled up paper inside the roof too.

4 0 obj Choose the type of American Indian nation that you wish to illustrate, such as the Comanche or Cherokee. Longhouses were usually made of wood – or stone, earth and turf, which kept out the cold better. The rectangle should be at least 4-by-6 inches in size. Afterwards I wrapped the boxes in the paper.

Create an American Indian long house using a shoebox. This will hold the pitch on the roof up. ��^h��H:5��L�B�H�l. Other features included heather bedding, wall hangings and rugs for warmth. They were made from bark, sticks and wood poles.

Look through the hole in the side of the box to view your landscape. Glue them to drawing paper backings for support to stand upward. Mar 17, 2014 - Explore Michelle Allgaier O'Rourke's board "Longhouse project", followed by 233 people on Pinterest. This part would have been to much for my kids. n��Eq=�.�*'�Ld2�%ߓp��fB\0WeX\ Glue and green painted moss was not a good mix. Draw the furniture item onto the larger (non-tab) part. Determine how large you want your model to be. Glue crepe paper to longhouse model. <> Classroom teachers can help their students design and create their own unique house constructions using a simple shoebox and everyday art materials. Repeat this procedure to make another wall and door to be used on the backside of the longhouse. I have put the Lapbook on my 4share for others to use.

They had no chimney or windows, so smoke from the open fire drifted out through the roof, and lamps were used for light. *Update 1/2019 my kids still remember this craft and they also recall a lot about the Vikings because it was hands on learning. The kids did the rest of the craft by themselves. Toilet paper or paper towel roll. Classroom is the educational resource for people of all ages.

Place the fires evenly spaced lengthwise on the floor. Re-create the rooms from the blueprint in the interior of the box by drawing lines on the bottom or floor.

Education. Mold the clay into tables, chairs or a bed and glue to the bottom of the box. Sign in. Paint the house with acrylic paint to look like the color of bark from a tree. I am really looking forward to moving in and getting my dog this afternoon. Great view. Loving our topic. Cut slits lengthwise in the brown paper 1 1/2" apart, leaving a 1" section uncut at each end. The most recent is Vocabulary Virtuoso... We are learning about the Viking in our history studies. endobj Hard work! Add pieces of torn green paper and brown sticks to the brown construction paper. Draw the room divisions with markers and a ruler. 4. Supervise students during all aspects of the house-making process. From two-story colonials to level ranches, our homes are easy-to-spot everyday reminders of architectural engineering. I would recommend the unpainted moss. Science. They could draw, paint, crayon, stick…anything really but they had to BE CREATIVE! %PDF-1.5 Use felt to create homes, tepees for instance. The kids took a few washes.

Cut the paper to fit each side (excluding the bottom). 3.

Gather supplies needed to create a miniature village in the shoebox. Paper grocery sack or the brown mailing wrap.

Regardless of how old we are, we never stop learning. Explore.

Longhouses were commonly as long as 200 feet and about 20 feet wide. Looks like a fun craft.

Cut it a little bigger than the size of your shoe box lid.

Beds and benches lined the walls. If the shoebox does not fit over the box to reach the ground, cut the house part to allow the roof to reach the ground. Place a thin line of glue along the two long edges of the box.

Lay the shoebox with the cover off on a flat work surface with the opening facing up toward you. There are several American Indian projects that a student can participate in using a shoebox. I used a small hand pruner. How to make a Longhouse ... 2. how to make a longhouse for school project - Google Search, After a lot of soul searching I finally worked out how I was going to make the first two of my Indian Longhouses, you'll not believe how easy they were to make. Always use non-toxic, child-friendly art materials that are appropriate-age graded.

Thank you Mr Watson for choosing this project for us. ( Log Out /  We're moving today. Use the lid of the shoebox for the roof.

It's a replica of an Iroquois longhouse. A quick trip down my local timber merchant, £3 bought me an odd length of 3"x2" soft wood. Choose a color that matches your house style. Her articles have appeared in "Pittsburgh Parent Magazine" and the website PBS Parents. You can make a model of this house by unfolding the edges of a shoebox. Longhouses were usually made of wood – or stone, earth and turf, which kept out the cold better. Fold approximately 1/4 inch of the paper underneath itself to create a tab. 8F_�0�p[Sef�=^w�Mp�����za��_�Q��펓^a����7ұ&�-P�#J�k�$g��qJ��57Ny^��h{Kyy�re��w��������r ;��L��­I�ϼyHx�!H�+�"-I�7[$����Ρ4�]��%y����*{)�L'Q�*���E\�}r�L�]DZ�D��/K+�l�ӓ�?G]O�]$���$a�'�8;��8����0�o*�+�O�X�?�[7,����IC�b��C�u��p'�tZ) h�Hn���}��m�>+��"d��@T�!����b~"�t@� `2�B��6M-N�L�p����Y��D�EBȚ�@�f��g��va"�XN�i!�^��{$T6_�g��S���F��t4ê��]&pĻ~���"{�>��l:f=j�L �}�k�r�X��g. The Viking longhouse craft has been no exception. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. Create a skylight for a view into the box without lifting the lid. Use the paintbrush to spread glue all over the longhouse. Shape the bottom part to create a long barn-like shaped house. Bend the cardboard in the middle. They went glue happy. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account.

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Lots of my friend came to my house and we had lots of fun! This was a fun project. stream Decorate the inside of the box with a background using construction paper and paint. Don't forget to cut the lid also so the door will open.

You can make a model of this house by unfolding the edges of a shoebox.

The children will need to think about what materials they could use to complete their model.

Saved by eHow. The Viking longhouse craft has been no exception. Shoe box. Use the lid of the shoebox for the roof. Schafer has written for Grace Unlimited Corporation and Youth Have Vision. Clear tape, Elmer glue, and scissors. Include a short narrative explaining your American Indian shoebox diorama. If you do not wish to draw anything, you can paste on printouts from the computer.

However it did clean up nicely on the tables.

Everyone is rea... We have used several products from The Critical Thinking Co .

The size will be based on the specific shoebox that you are using. We had green hands, faces, table, and just about everywhere we touched. Furnish the longhouse by making model fires out of construction paper or painted cotton balls and cots from short sticks and faux fur or construction paper. Add more sticks around the base of the house.
1.1k. Use modeling clay or dough to form Indian figures. I used a child size one.

It’s great.

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