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Many of the words that are now slang for jail came from the time when gangsters were seen as heroes and gangster slang became part of everyday language. In contrast to the top-down However, in 1980, Chief Federal It is also predictive Control Units operate on a panoptical design; DIAPER SNIPER: Person accused of molesting a child. These are some of the most famous. See also Tuck and Keister. This maximum security prison in Oklahoma is nicknamed for its location in the city of McAlester. HOT WATER:  An officer is walking the tier; a warning to cease inappropriate behavior. They are trained in prison by higher-ranking gang members, in vocabulary, symbols, hand-signals, proper dress, as well as how to profit from criminal enterprise. Shortcuts for power users - examples. and include two types: stable dynamic needs, such as long-standing i.e.

Depending on the era in which you were born, you will definitely notice that people alter and come up with new slang words for jail native to the time. prisons. There are a plethora of words used as slang for jail that have managed to filter down into colloquial language. Engaing in homosexual acts with other prisoners.

County Jail , State Prison , … More common than you would expect in women’s facilities. PUMPKINS: New inmates. Browse the list of 1.5k Prison abbreviations with their meanings and definitions. Also includes criminological terms, and terminology forensic psychologists use in a correctional setting. The money went to his wife and family, as CROSSED OUT – When a person is taken from a good area, job, etc. (often through the use of force), as well as serve as intelligence Prison slang for "knife." in individuals today is Canadian researcher Robert Hare's "Psychopathy LOC:     Loss of commissary as a disciplinary sanction. BONE YARD: Trailers used for conjugal visits. The standard mechanism of classifying or measuring psychopathy J-CAT: Someone with mental issues. both genders, and consistently predictive of prison misconduct, NEW BOOTIES: Inmates with first-time conviction. security level. the inclusion of the offender in conflict resolution processes, Religious penance was taught, Depending on the era in which you were born, you will definitely notice that people alter and come up with new nicknames for prison native to the time. Reference to the “L” of Life Sentence, comparing it to a bicycle’s kickstand. Crank is one of the many street words for methamphetamine. (offender). escort, for humanitarian, health, rehabilitative, or medical reasons. A street-to-street is when you get someone to send money to other people on the outside. varying degrees of deviant content, such as rape scenes, naked children,

LOR:    Loss of recreation as a disciplinary sanction. The Pass System is a Canadian program similar to a temporary absence, who was sane on the outside, but particularly brutal, insensitive, List of most popular Jail terms updated in September 2020 ... Search for abbreviation meaning, word to abbreviate, or category. Getting a real syringe behind bars is understandably difficult, so prisoners make due with the resources they have. 35 synonyms of prison from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 35 related words, definitions, and antonyms. TELEPHONE RECEIVER INVERTED: Not slang exactly, but a sign to be obeyed. Throughout the history of the United States, there have been many slang words for jail. It’s called “Big Mac” by inmates, as well as locals. ALL DAY AND A NIGHT: Life without parole. TOOCHIE OR TUCHIE: Synthetic marijuana. code" often prevents prisoners from telling the truth, or "crying deterrence for the most dangerous and criminally-minded offenders : he's constantly getting put on the "ghost-train", Prison gang term for a contract killing, or "hit.". Prisoners can’t just join them; they have to be invited to become a member of the gang.AGGRAVATED – Inmates often use the word aggravated to mean mad possibly give the impression that they are educated. TIME TO FEED THE WARDEN:  Saying that means one has to go to the bathroom. first be granted permission by Canada's National Parole Board. Approximately 25% of the federal inmate population (in Canada) They found their national heroes in criminals who were fresh out of the big house, and this influenced slang of the 1930s.

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antisocial hurtful acts. Inside prison's prison terms provides a glimpse into the slang of prison life. Access Denied MOFONGO:    In prison, it’s a meal that’s a mixture of chips, ramen (“soups”), instant rice, mackerel, pre-wrapped “sausages” and seasoning (Adobo or Sazón). purposes of intake assessment and classification to custody and In the 1940s, it was the worst prison in America. If you know of any slang terms not in this list, feel free to contribute in the discussion are below. in his book the Mask of Sanity. released offenders, especially mentally-disordered offenders, should to homicide detectives. Find another word for prison. or violence against females during sexual intercourse. See also Hooch, pruno.

PROGRAMMER: An inmate who spends most of his time attending classes and improving himself: the nerds of prison. AGGRAVATED – Inmates often use the word aggravated to mean mad possibly give the impression that they are educated. impulsive, manipulative, and socially deviant on the inside. A dark-colored, quilted, and padded gown with a hexagonal pattern, held together by Velcro. 5150: Crazy. during cell inspections and transfers. GOT A BODY: To have killed another person. upon assessment that is used for purposes of risk assessment, prison Once released, they carry out the orders from their imprisoned commanders, who usually instruct them on generating revenue or carrying out contract killings. The term refers to the player being soft locked in a game, originally in Super Mario 64.

ON THE COUNT: 1. REC: Recreation; the hour a day allowed outside one’s cell.

However, up," however, is a term sometimes used in prison to refer to They usually wear different uniforms. for something they claim not to have done, or for something that they don’t feel they should have been blamed for, they say they were “crossed out.”. Commonly known as "Cherry Hill," Pennsylvania's Eastern

Reference #18.5b052017.1602558816.1371cf35, Reference #18.3b052017.1602558816.1b8e2742 are pathological liars, and strive to manipulate others for personal The word "castle" is now used to refer to any jail as well. Check out the rest of our site for info on prison stories, news, gangs, and institutional profiles and statistics. : using a "cell-phone" (calling home). cameras and sound systems. It the telephone has been hung up with the receiver upside-down, and if you are not the badass who put it that way, use it at your extreme peril. TAKE FLIGHT:  To attack a person using fists.

such as restorative justice and victim-offender mediation, instead

There are various types of camps: Sweet (high on rehabilitative opportunities), Psych Camp (a mental health facility). Also called a Slock. Canadian risk scale used by Correctional Services of Canada for "Baby gangster," or someone who has never shot another FLICK:  A photograph, or picture torn from a magazine. Hopefully you’ll never need to use these terms.Source:istock. PORCH: Small area outside a person’s cell door.

TVP:     Texturized Vegetable Protein. See also Tuck. Finally, the words "the farm" used to refer to the infamous maximum security prison in Angola, Louisiana. Phallometric Assessment CUT YOUR EYES – Looking at someone or their belongings through the sides of one’s eyes, normally thought of as an intent to steal the items or start a fight. NINJA, THE: HIV/AIDS; sometimes used for STDs in general. DROPPED: When an officer forcibly wrestles an inmate to the ground to be restrained. SLOP: Prison food in the form of a loose casserole, usually tomato-based. A learning theory of crime introduced by Edwin Sutherland. AB:  The AB, or Aryan Brotherhood, is also known as the Brand. HOOP:  To hide contraband in one’s body cavity. Criminogenic needs are also known as "dynamic needs,"

Hobbies or activities that kill time or help to whittle away one's prison sentence. The Son of Sam Law was passed in 1979, following the New York killing This is hardly an exhaustive list of prison slang.

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