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On the whole, The Human Beast is a quality dark drama and I highly recommend it to fans of French cinema. People are aware that he has an illness which he describes as the result of being the lineage of a host of alcoholics. The following year, Renoir produced 'The Rules of the Game (1939)' as a "pleasant" film about a society that he believed had become rotten. A solid interpretation of a desperate story of obsession... "The path that bore into your head,behind your ears,the sudden attacks of fever,those bouts of sadness,that made you hide like a beast in a hole.

The point that you really could do with reading at least some of Zola's mammoth saga is well taken - I've only read Germinal so I'm afraid that lets me out. Previous Next Hide Grid. I have yet to read any of the works of Zola, but I am familiar with what he wrote about in his time in a modern drama class I took - he was part of a naturalistic movement in literature and theater that tried to take relationship stories to another area, or at least to one that might have been frowned upon with some of the overt sensuality and questioning of the roles of men and women. Lantier witnesses this. Genuinely beautiful shots, fast moving camera work in post-impressionist French fashion. Jean Renoir's "La Bête Humaine" is an excellent screen adaptation of Émile Zola's novel, which also contains some excellent photography and a fine performance by lead actor Jean Gabin. Image . This complicates everything and ruins Lantier's life. With Jean Gabin, Julien Carette, Simone Simon, Fernand Ledoux. Jacques Lantier is the main character, but the novel is not at all centered around him or his urge to kill women; only as late as chapter eight he attempts to commit a violent act and it is as late as chapter eleven that he does commit a violent act. I love him; "La Grande Ilusion" and "La Regle du Jeu" are two of my favorite films; a masterful storyteller and a curious observer of the human soul. Nearing the end of my French viewing marathon,I realised that I have never seen a film from one of the most legendary French directors: Jean Renoir. my favorite moments in this movie are the ones in which Gabin conveys - oh so well - the inner conflict and torment of his character - his compulsion and drive towards violence. This story reads more like a bad Hollywood script.

They are the use of the train as "one of the film's main characters," as Renoir himself describes, and the characterization of Simone Simon's "femme fatale." Psychological incorrect would be the best way to make a summary of this movie. He is not a conscious killer and can't do the job. |

Lantier is a railroad engineer and a very competent one. I guess I expected greater depth, more character study, more of an understanding of motivation. It's a rather melodramatic interpretation of Zola's novel - and though it is broadly faithful to the book; it lacks much of the nuance and by allowing us to see full on; rather than allow our imagination to drive our feelings about the complex relationships and demons that each of the three principal charters face, it delivers us with some stark characterisations that I didn't appreciate so much; I just didn't really empathise with them in anything like the same way as I did when I read the book.

Based on a book by Émile Zola, The Human Beast tells of the horrible things that humans can do, and follows the story of Severine and her husband Rouband, who kill a man on a train. | Fast, FREE delivery, video streaming, music, and much more. Cependant un très bon livre, peut être légerement trop prolixe à mon avis. Though there are doubtless some enthralling scenes - particularly as he and his femme fatale; a rather insipid looking Simone Simon find their relationship become truly toxic; the story just doesn't quite catch fire for me. And Fernand Ledoux is a fine antagonist Roubaud, husband to Simone and with some problems of his own. A humanist. You can still see all customer reviews for the product. In my case an aversion to the Simone Simons of this world probably didn't help; the wide-eyed little-girl who expects hot-blooded men to roll over and play dead every time she looks cute will, I suppose, always be with us, witness Simon's natural successors Goldie Hawn and Vanessa Paradis but I was unable to detect even a tissue of sexual chemistry between Gabin and Simon though other viewers may disagree. A train engineer by the name of Jacques spies upon them, and not only does this man not turn the couple in; he falls in love with Severine. Get the freshest reviews, news, and more delivered right to your inbox! He's given to violent outbursts. A good but not great film. Some modern readers may have difficulty empathising with Zola's ideological beliefs, but in the end the novel carries all before it. There is a major, very serious editing flaw in the version shown on Sundance that i wanted people to be aware of as i think it makes a significant impact on the total effect of the film. Jean Renoir's work has been the best of all possible cinemas in the French thirties:a ruthless bourgeois wholesale massacre (la chienne,1931,Boudu sauvé des eaux,1932),Italian neorealism ten years before Rossellini,DeSica et al(Toni,1934),cinema verité before Godard (la vie est à nous ,1936)romantic and tragic pastoral,(une partie de campagne,probably his masterpiece,1936),pacifism(la grande illusion,1937,his most overrated,thus the most popular),history (la revolution française,1938)then "la bête humaine".

Disabling it will result in some disabled or missing features. Renoir's novel is part of a series following a family. She finds herself a new lover. The second is Sevarin, played by Simone Simon. Simone Simon is a good choice for Simone Simon, a woman with a troubled past, and with love almost improbable at times. When he discovers that she has had an affair with her godfather, he forces her to arrange a meeting on his (moving) train and kills him. The great Julien Carette on the other hand, who scores heavily here as Pecqueux, had nine films released that year and managed a better batting average than Gabin. The romance is very passionate, but she needs him to kill her husband. Don’t miss it. We can see the convergence of the twain as these two make their respective ways toward each other. With the roaring steam engines functioning as metaphors for the characters' unstoppable desires, can anyone control "the human beast"? Helpful. Jean Renoir will always be best remembered for his prisoner of war film, La Grande Illusion, but if you ask me; this film is better. Sort by: Filter by Rating: Renoir & Zola Make a Good Combination Snow Leopard 24 May 2001. There are many great French authors.

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on November 17, 2016. This famous film version, directed by Jean Renoir in 1938, is a clever adaption of the main characters in the book, the unfortunate Lantier (Jean Gabin), the kittenish and deadly Severin (Simone Simon) and her dour husband Roubaud (Fernand Ledoux). Snow Leopard 24 May 2001. Simone Simon is back home in France after her mediocre career in Hollywood. But for Jean Renoir, he takes the basic elements that were in Zola's work and gives the film a great spirit, a tale of falling in love, murder, heartbreak, among the working class. Renoir does some wonderful things with the camera and sets it all up very well. © 2008-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates, See all details for La bête humaine (French Edition). "La Bete Humaine" is one of my favourites of all Emile Zola's novels.

He is lonely, however, and when he falls for Sevarin he falls for good.

Is that fair to Renoir? It also analyzes reviews to verify trustworthiness.

Her husband, who also is a railroad man, feels he needs to kill him in order to restore his own honor. Written by Caleb Sivyer. Jean Gabin is one of my personal favorite actors. It's evident that this film was made only shortly after the silent film era, as the music is overdone and, at times, undermines the dialogue in certain scenes. We can see the convergence of the twain as these two make their respective ways toward each other. Simone Simon is back home in France after her mediocre career in Hollywood. Why? She is married and is complicit with her husband in killing a man for whom she was a mistress. The psychological and deep meaning beneath the coolness of the main character (Jacques Lantier, in a Gabin memorable performance) is handled superbly; so is his troubled relation with Simone´s character. Simone Simon is a good choice for Simone Simon, a woman with a troubled past, and with love almost improbable at times. Albert Camus, Alexander Dumas to name a few ... and perhaps even Emile Zola, though you could not tell from reading La Bete Humaine. Sex and death are intermingled when Jacques becomes the alibi for a murder and then falls in love with a killer - the beautiful Severine (Simon). In this classic adaptation of Emile Zola's novel, a tortured train engineer falls in love with a troubled married woman who has helped her husband commit a murder. Format: Paperback.

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