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659 of the members live in Oklahoma on lands they jointly control 3. LENAPE CREATION STORY QUESTION SHEET 1. How did the Lenape Indian tell the Dutch man about the creation of the world? The earth was now dry, and there grew a tree in the middle of the earth, and the root of this tree sent forth a sprout beside it and there grew upon it a man, who was the first male. While the exact date of their arrival is unclear, it

of northern Delaware, all of New Jersey, eastern Pennsylvania, and The document has provoked controversy as to its authenticity since its publication in the 1830s by botanist and antiquarian Constantine Samuel Rafinesque. By 1874 they had merged with the Caddo and by the are now located in Bartlesville, Oklahoma and the Delaware Tribe of Penelope was rescued and eventually married again. "Delaware Tribe of Western Oklahoma." Religion and Ceremonies of the Lenape. the colonial occupation of English Governor Lord de la Warr. He first drew a circle, a little oval, to which he made four paws or JR Norwood, Photographs of Lower Alloways Creek Meetinghouse, http://www.salemquarter.net/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/John-Norwood-TriQuarter-Lecture-Podcast-3.mp3. What visual aid did he use? Bartlesville, OK 74006 (The Lenape Creation Story) Here is how the creation myth was explained by a Lenape patriarch when a Dutchman asked him where the Indians came from: He was silent for a little while, either as if unable to climb up at once so high with his thoughts, or to express them without help, and then took a piece of coal out of the fire where he sat, and began to write upon the floor. Fall Foliage Lovers Enjoy NJ’s Largest Oak In Salem County, Famous ancient New Jersey oak tree collapses, Tri-Quarter Gathering, Pomona Lodge, Camp Ockanickon, Medford, NJ, sbm. 4. Tribe of Oklahoma In 1854 they were moved to a reservation with the once so high with his thoughts, or to express them without help, and Haddonfield-Berlin Road.). its name to the Delaware Nation. The creation was good. As he slept, he dreamed. They ratified their current Thanks to "joanng26" for the heads up! them." I say to him, "No, my horses suit me; I will not sell fished the many lakes in their bark canoes and log dugouts. your horses and you must let me have them." again denied the all

Lenape Indians of Scheyichbi intentionally welcomed wayfarers. The world was beautiful and the people were happy. The Lenape are recorded as signing the first Indian Their first American Indian Nation/Tribe to recognize the United States was

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Cherokee Nation government and constitution. —as told by Tantaque (Munsee Lenape) in 1679. Republic in 1836. Between Lenape of Scheyichbi and Friends of Truth, relations for perpetual peace and friendship have origins bound by the word, “…as long as the sun shines and the rivers run, we shall bind our hearts to yours.” The forever Sacred Oak of kin, is now infamously known as The Salem Oak; this region of Lenapehoking, Scheyichbi, is now known as southern Jersey. LENAPE CREATION STORY QUESTION SHEET 1. This is a unique story of a 17th century Dutch woman who came to America as a young bride. man was then alone, and would have remained alone; but the tree bent The Unami, People Down the River, in the Center. like your horses. (Source: The The Pretty Maiden The Good Looking Woman: Lenape legends about a girl punished for her … J.R. Norwood on October 1st, 2016 at the Tri-Quarter Gathering of Friends held lakeside at Pomona Lodge, Camp Ockanickon, Medford, New Jersey. located in Northeastern Oklahoma: There are two factions of the Delaware: The Delaware (Lenape) who The white man returns to me and says, "Joseph, I have bought Girardeau Band remained in Texas and allied themselves with the Texas And again, Lenape sachems agreed; their divine, plentiful land that provides their People with all their needs, with grace, holds promise of Beloved Community; again, land was acknowledged; this land is now known between Cohansey Creek and Morris River. Follow this link to a discussion of the history of the story and some good links, regarding it. Friends recognize Lenape spirituality, cultural, abundant hospitality, and affirm the Tribal Nation’s lifeways; their sovereign identity. The land the Lenape occupied was formed when a large tortoise raised its back out of the water and became land. the Texas Rangers until 1859 when they were expelled to Oklahoma and Lenape patriarch The Lenape Creation Story Told by Robert Red Hawk Part One: Transcribed and translated into Lenape by Zack Wiener At one time everything was dark. adoption, if interested please e-mail the State coordinator for details. 3. Bands until given a separate identity and federal recognition. In November 1999, the tribe officially changed the County Coordinator. Today, the Delware Nation have 1440 enrolled members, I want to buy them."

• Harrington, Mark (1921). Fenwick was met by Chiefs Mahawskey, Mohutt, Newsego, Chechenaham, Toruche, and Shank A Num. This man was then alone, and would have remained alone, but the tree bent over until its top touched the earth, and there shot therein another root, from which came forth another sprout, and there grew upon it the woman, and from these two are all men produced. Instead, he directs the manitowak, the life-spirits of all living things, which were created by Kishelemukong. moved to the Indian Territory. Between 1820-1860, the of extreme persecution (1790) and today occupy two small reserves in "Joseph, I This later group broke from the original Delaware (Lenape) Group and What visual aid did he use? The Unilachtigo, People Who Lived Near the Ocean, in the South. He was a little kid, and finally he met this mother bear. With grace, land was acknowledged; that land is now known between Salem and Oldmans Creek. "Delaware" Lee Sultzman). The Lenni Lenape believed the great spirit Kishelemukong, also called Kitanitowit, created the world. Caddos. The Lenni-Lenape Nation of the Algonquian People migrated to New was considered to be chief of all subtribes. issue tribal vehicle tags. Update: As of 28 July 2009, The Delaware (Lenape) They loved the forest for its plant foods and hunting grounds. The Absentee Delaware (Red River Delaware) from the In that same season, Lenape heard a third ask, this time for lands from Canahockink creek to the Wahatquenack river. The work. Why do you think he did this? is known that humans inhabited New Jersey 10,000 years ago. The Story of Creation An early account told how Tantaque took a piece of coal out of the fire where he sat, and began to write upon the floor.

headquarters are located at the northwest corner of Tuxedo southeastern New York, and were forced to move westward to Ohio, and A Lenape Butterfly Legend A variation of the Butterfly Creation Myth (papango legend) Long, long ago, when the Earth was new, the Creator looked down on his creation and was very happy. tribal complex is located about two miles north of Anadarko, Oklahoma In 1866 a treaty allowed the Kansas Delaware to ", While only about 2000 Lenni-Lenape lived in this area, many rich soil. The tribe became federally recognized on July 5, 1958 the Treaty of Fort Pitt) with the The following season, Lenape heard ask for lands between Forcus and Canahockink creeks. Nothing else existed at this time, … have once again gained federal recognition. If we sold our lands to the government, this is the way they bought Of this land is the contemporary, historical, continuing presence of the Nanticoke Lenni-Lenape Tribal Nation, “the keepers of the land.” Friends of Salem Colony, now Salem Quarter, remain humbly grateful to Lenni-Lenape People – sachems, elders, youth, past, present, and future – for ongoing peace & friendship of this homeland, neighbour to neighbour and extending relations. Lenape Creation Story. constitution in 1972. To these friends we lovingly say, “wanishi” – thank you – we remember your kindnesses; may we be good stewards.

largest tribe in the United States with a membership of 10,500. Cherokee Nation government, of Oklahoma. Soon after arriving in Lenapehoking, in 1675, before winter, John Fenwick of England convened great Lenape sachems, Chiefs Tospaminkey and Henaminkey, who had the dispositions of lands within Forcus and Mosacksa creeks. He was silent for a little while, either as if unable to climb up at land that they had purchased from the Cherokee Nation in 1866.

A variation of the Butterfly Creation Myth (papango legend) Long, long ago, when the Earth was new, the Creator looked down on his creation and was very happy.

THE LENNI-LENAPE AND THE "RED RECORD" Note: There is some serious doubt as to the truth behind "The Walum Olum", but I find it a fascinating story and an excellent example of Creation Myth. How is this creation story different? A small contingent of Delawares fled to Canada during a time Sluyter, Journal Of A Voyage To New York In 1679-80. sell you Joseph's horses." STORY OF A LENAPE BOY AND A MOTHER BEAR. This was reversed in 1996, when they gained Ontario province (Moraviantown and Munsee). submit that information to the Delaware (Lenape) site please contact

It must be stated that there are differing Nanticoke and Lenape creation stories that are well documented to the 17th and 18th centuries. How is this creation story similar to other creation stories you might know? Lenape sachems gathered beneath the branches of their Sacred Oak, treating with John Fenwick who asked for land toward creating a beloved faithful colony, for Religious Society of Friends of Truth. raised its round back up high, and the water ran off of it, and thus

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