modest mouse albums ranked

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It doesn't feel sad, really- more observational and brainy. I have a hard time believing these lyrics aren’t autobiographical (like a lot of MM lyrics are).

I guess it’s another one of those cases of the record being more than the sum of its parts, since I still feel good about all the placements I’ve made off this album so far, and all the remaining songs from it are really, really good. The band has released five consecutive chart-topping studio albums: Hot Fuss (2004), Sam’s Town (2006), Day & Age (2008), Battle Born (2012) and Wonderful Wonderful (2017). I've heard some people list this song among their favorites, but I just don't get it. All of the songs off this album after this one are considerably better to me, and there's a pretty wide gap between this song and the next tune from WWD that will get knocked off.

This song, more than most others on this entire list, embodies that idea. From where I stand, that person looks a lot like Isaac Brock.

You know. This is the kind of song that gets caught in your head and just stays there and won’t get out until you press your ear to a radio for an hour. For the longest time I found a lot (not all) of them rather boring and sluggish, and for the most part just too long. What does that have to do with this song? I know we're kind of off to an anticlimactic start here, but just bear with me. I find them kind of trivial.

It is certainly the band’s most important song, and the smart money says that while they will continue to (and certainly have, as evidenced by this ranking) write many better songs than this one, they will never again write one that has such a large impact on the culture. They’re more or less a stream of all the ideas that ran around in Isaac Brock’s mind in those days- urban sprawl, traveling, experiencing things through the senses, fear of change- it’s all here.

The lyrics are just the same verse repeated twice, with the very repetitive but oddly catchy chorus being the focal point of the song. Its gloomy, plodding atmosphere does no harm, and only adds to the album’s flow. This song in particular contains one of my favorite lines on the whole album, to be discussed later. This song changed the way the band called Modest Mouse do business, and it, for better or worse, endeared them to a new crowd of people. The best Modest Mouse song has to come from Good News For People Who Love Bad News, the album that rocketed the band into the stratosphere of popular music. The Moon & Antarctica 2000.

Seriously, this is Isaac Brock at his nutjob best. Novocain Stain does a great job of summarizing, lyrically and musically, what Modest Mouse were all about in the old days. Well, this one was not far behind Wild Packs of Family Dogs on the "worst of TM&A" list. Or at least that’s how I see it. You knew it would have to come sooner or later. How the hell is Spitting Venom even close to bland?

This song evokes images of standing in a blizzard somewhere way up north, with nothing but ice around you. It’s like looking through a really fuzzy glass onto a very disturbing scene, but a scene that you can’t fully make out.

Comments. I agree. 5.

Yes, if you hate repetition in music, this song will send you into an uncontrollable rage. When i saw we were dead at 2nd worst i knew it wasnt worth reading.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 96 Modest Mouse Songs Ranked & Reviewed (in progress). Click to experience the charisma of Brandon Flowers! music video featuring professional footbagger lon smith. I can see why- not many bands would have the…something…to write a “song” like this. I've said this before, but I really enjoyed that a lot more than Good News. A geek love song if I ever heard one. He has all good things to say about all of them except Sad Sappy Sucker. Isaac also brings in a great spitting, shouting vocal performance to drive it along. The Tom Waits influence is clear here. All their early 90s stuff is just fantastic in my opinion.

I have nothing negative to say about any of their albums. It's difficult to rank things from worst to best when you don't consider any of them to be inherently bad. He probably wanted to see how many people would notice it. Where Closing Time is electric, loud and commanding, this Lounge opts for a sound that would…well, it would sound better in a lounge!
I'm pretty sure he means Broke based on the way he was talking about it. This might be the only Modest Mouse song you can get away with calling “experimental” and not get laughed at.

The Lonesome Crowded West 1997. Isaac Brock's genius needs some place to shine through bright and clear, and it just doesn't do that here. So it kind of gets lost in the shuffle, and while it’s not as good as the aforementioned songs, Convenient Parking has plenty going for it that allows it to feel right at home on the album. Find Modest Mouse discography, albums and singles on AllMusic. This is another one of the less memorable songs on The Lonesome Crowded West, but it still has something to add to the theme of the album. Education, Little Motel, Spitting Venom, and People As Places As People are all in the second half of the album. 03-29 New Modest Mouse single03-12 Modest Mouse 7th LP03-05 Modest Mouse release another s02-17 Another new Modest Mouse song02-03 3rd new Modest Mouse song rele, » Edit Band Information» Edit Albums» Add a Review» Add an Album» Add News, Similar Bands: Pavement, Ugly Casanova, Local Natives, Brand New, Built to Spill. The bassline is pretty fantastic, and the overall production lends itself to a nice, relaxed, spaced-out atmosphere.
It's just that it has a bunch of these intro/interlude/filler songs that kind of have to rank low by default.

This, however, was one of the ideas that didn't pan out so well. Speaking of that, it took me a long time to really warm up to the slower songs on Building Nothing. Yep, like the topic says here, I'm getting ready to jump in and rank 96 songs by none other than Modest Mouse, that crazy group of lads from Washington State, led by one very talented (and sometimes a little weird) Isaac Brock. They even said something about how their ep's are as important as their albums, but left out building nothing out of something(possibly my favorite of all their "albums"), everywhere and his nasty parlor tricks(also fantastic), fruit that ate itself, Baron von bullshit, no one's first and you're next, etc. >_> Alright! In fact, I can’t believe I’m doing it. If I am in just the right mood, listening to this song late at night in the dark can really do a number on me.

If you couldn’t tell yet, this stretch of the list is filled with some very difficult decisions for me. One of Isaac's little weird touches, I guess. The album's title is taken from the opening scene of the 1982 film Blade Runner, where the main character reads a newspaper headlined "Farming the Oceans, the Moon and Antarctica." With your typical interlude fare, except that there's also a baby babbling through part of it. Not that Modest Mouse are a "pop band" really, but they like to play one occasionally. So, this is the third Long Drive song to go down in the last four rankings. While Broke obviously isn’t the best of them (indeed, it’s on the back end of them), it’s a great song in its own right, and what really gets me here are the lyrics.

Updated 8mo ago. He got duped into with a contract and tried to fight it but in the end there was nothing he could do.

And another one gone from Everywhere.

Those of you who hated my placement of Dance Hall probably won't like this ranking much, either. I personally can not pick a favorite, if I have to my favorite changes depending on what type of sound I …

Perhaps not, since Invisible is by no means a terrible song, but I do think this song would sound just fine closing out the record. I was so happy when Sad Sappy Sucker was released because I only had low quality mp3 versions of most of the songs. Combined with the drums, it gives the song a commanding, almost menacing marching feeling. Ugh. As a result, some of the songs from this record might be ranked a little low in comparison to the album as a whole, because several of them only really work as songs when they're taken in the context of the album. Maybe he got the song order wrong or has a version with a different order.

Isaac finds it a complete embarrassment.

It sounds more natural and less awkward than some of their other ventures into this territory. It’s chock full of imagery of Alaska, the Arctic, and a general barren, cold feeling, be it literal or just an emotion, and loose production that lends this song really mellow atmosphere.

Modest Mouse Albums Ranked (including EP's) All of these albums are awesome, but naturally some are better than others. And then…you hear Isaac Brock screaming in your ear…. I personally can not pick a favorite, if I have to my favorite changes depending on what type of sound I want to hear from them that day. That said, even the lesser songs on this album have a whole lot to like about them. It’s long, epic, and by the end of it all you feel a sense of satisfaction and closure than STIB just kind of ruins, IMO.

(I never thought of Isaac Brock as a nerd, however).

Fucking love it! I guess it's supposed to lead into Bury Me With It (or is it?'s an interlude.

I just realized that for the first time as I was making out this write-up. Also, I'm sad that he ranked We Were Dead as second-lowest. 4.

The albums are blurred now.

In high school, I'd throw that album on and sit on my roof and smoke my cigs.

The main reason for that is one thing- that damn banjo. I really like the way this song starts off. To others, this would be the most insufferably boring thing ever put to tape, and a sign of Modest Mouse’s supposed nosedive into focus-group tested pop Muzak.

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