modest mouse albums ranked

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It swings in right from the start, and grabs your attention. The guitars contain just a whiff of funk, but it's not really obvious until about halfway in. Unlike The Air, however, this one has lyrics, and it's quite an upbeat, happy little ditty. Ah, contrary to some of your predictions earlier in the topic, the song that sparred with Perfect Disguise for the bottom spot on TM&A was not What People Are Made Of, but this one. I truthfully kind of forget about this song sometimes when listening to this album- it kind of breezes right by after People as Places as People, and before I even realize it, the record is over! Yep, like the topic says here, I'm getting ready to jump in and rank 96 songs by none other than Modest Mouse, that crazy group of lads from Washington State, led by one very talented (and sometimes a little weird) Isaac Brock. Its gloomy, plodding atmosphere does no harm, and only adds to the album’s flow.

It sounds more natural and less awkward than some of their other ventures into this territory. 5. March 6, 2013 Comments. I guess it’s another one of those cases of the record being more than the sum of its parts, since I still feel good about all the placements I’ve made off this album so far, and all the remaining songs from it are really, really good. It is certainly the band’s most important song, and the smart money says that while they will continue to (and certainly have, as evidenced by this ranking) write many better songs than this one, they will never again write one that has such a large impact on the culture. As opposed to Float On’s relentlessly optimistic (or apathetic, if you want to look at it that way) attitude, Broke goes for a much more negative and self-disparaging tone. 1.

The albums are blurred now.

Oh well, that’s just how the chips fall.

Opinions of this song vary wildly, from being hailed and adored by mainstream radio rock fans and the MTV/VH1 crowd to being hated passionately by many MM diehards. I like this song a lot, and it pains me to put it this low, considering how different it is. to varying results.

You probably noticed that I'm not grouping this list into tiers (ranking them is hard enough as it is), but if I were, this is probably where we would start the "real legitimate songs" tier. I personally can not pick a favorite, if I have to my favorite changes depending on what type of sound I … Modest Mouse. In fact, I can’t believe I’m doing it. If you are one of those hardcore indie types that will never in a million years forgive Isaac Brock and his crew for “selling out” and becoming evil mainstream, radio-ready, money-grabbing, low-down, buttrock-playing, soulless corporate toadies, this song is probably the height of irony to you. I find it kind of odd that they included Interstate 8 and Sad Sappy Sucker, but none of the other EPs or compilations.
I didn’t plan it that way, I promise! If I am in just the right mood, listening to this song late at night in the dark can really do a number on me. In Workin’ On Leavin’ the Livin’, though, they let it all hang out. Obviously, it still ranks on the back half of TM&A for me, but I appreciate it a lot more now. It's another Modest Mouse song that suffers from too much repetition, but that "Have told'ya" part is just kind of catchy in a weird way. It's probably a good thing that that is the most memorable part of the song, because the lyric is a little...eccentric.

They’re more or less a stream of all the ideas that ran around in Isaac Brock’s mind in those days- urban sprawl, traveling, experiencing things through the senses, fear of change- it’s all here. Isaac Brock's genius needs some place to shine through bright and clear, and it just doesn't do that here. It was alright, but there was nothing special about it. The Moon & Antarctica is the third studio album by American rock band Modest Mouse, released on June 13, 2000 by Epic Records. We might have here the softest song in the entire Modest Mouse catalog. I consider it superior to Float On (though not by much) for a couple of reasons, which I will cover later. As a result, some of the songs from this record might be ranked a little low in comparison to the album as a whole, because several of them only really work as songs when they're taken in the context of the album. Novocain Stain does a great job of summarizing, lyrically and musically, what Modest Mouse were all about in the old days. This Is a Long Drive for Someone with Nothing to Think About 1996. New Releases. I still have to listen kind of hard to get into it, which is not a good thing, but I like it more now than I did at first. It's difficult to rank things from worst to best when you don't consider any of them to be inherently bad. ya i agree.

Oh man, I HATE to kick this song off this early (though I guess at this point we’re past the “early” stage, as every song at this point is pretty damn good). You know. Am I the only person alive who actually likes Sad Sappy Sucker? There is nothing wrong with being a pop band as long as you are a very good one. Now, on to the write-up. This album is really great, even by Modest Mouse standards. That said, even the lesser songs on this album have a whole lot to like about them. "From the epic "Trucker's Atlas" (which features the immortal lyric "Every time you think you're walking/ you're just moving the ground")". and Isaac rambling incoherently about digging some dude's grave and hoping he dies. Isaac lets his love for the Pixies show, repeating (and repeating, and repeating, and repeating…) a line from the Pixies’ “Lady In the Radiator Song” (“In heaven everything is fine / In heaven everything’s alright) to the point of near absurdity. I'd agree with this ranking for the most part, even though I too enjoy Sad Sappy Sucker and We Were Dead.

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