native american harvest festival

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The Santa Ana Pueblo, located north of Albuquerque, has an annual feast day, held on July 26th with a green corn dance and fiesta. Men and women drink an herbal concoction, the "Black Drink" was suppose to help cleanse and purify their bodies.

Harvest festivals were maintained in North America and probably in Mexico and the Americas in August, September, and October of every year, from around 10,000 BC or earlier.

Green Corn festivals are commonly held at this time in the present day. I am interested in your people’s way of life. I always learn so much from you. Cheers, That is so so interesting, I wonder tho how one would obtain those trees ? The game varies, from tribe to tribe.

It was fascinating and thought provoking. The holy man was a symbol of health, life, and spiritual power tends a sacred fire. The native thankfulness for crops and months later for surviving the winter, all shown in Feast Days, is thousands of years old - 12,000 to 48,000 or more years old in America and part of these traditions came from East Asian countries from where Native North Americans migrated over time. One of the most celebrated for the Eastern Woodland Culture was that of Harvest Time. However, the September-October period is the same time in which many … There have been dozens of other activities associated with the festival through the centuries. Creek, Cherokee, Seminole, Yuchi, and Iroquois Indians as well as other Native American tribes celebrate this ceremony.

Thus, there were three thanksgiving feast days (holidays) every fall before the "white men" came to the Western Hemisphere. The moon worship part dropped out in the Southern Song Dynasty in 1127, when people sent moon shaped cakes to relatives as as sign of wishing a family reunion. There are also several small celebrations throughout southern Ohio. –Georgia, Jamie, This was wonderful. This was a glorious time of harvesting and gathering such things as: And yes many of the “food stuffs” in this list are actually indigenous to the New World and only grew in the New World. Thus, groups of people are genetically related around all the polar regions of Earth. Of course these celebrations took place in Autumn but their actual time varied from place to place and was mainly dependent on the window of harvest time before the last hard killing frost.

Festivities have included a lot of dancing, dancing contests now held at pow wows, singing, drumming circles, games, and other activities. Many were taken back to Europe, Asia and Africa by the White Man after contact and over time became staples for those Continents. - jimmythejock really opened up an intriguing topic request about Thanksgiving and JD has a lot of American facts about the Southwest traditions. With the Chinese, the Harvest Festival of thanksgiving began as moon worship in the Xia and the Shang Dynasty back to 2000 BC, then the Zhou and the Tang Dynasties (through 907 AD). Win-Win situation all the way around. Their are many foods eaten at the feast with an emphasis on the corn such as, roast corn, corn tortillas, corn soup, corn bread.

Creek, Cherokee, Seminole, Yuchi, and Iroquois Indians as well as other Native American tribes celebrate this ceremony. Drumming circle cannot be forgotten. I am a White Man. China celebrates the Harvest Moon Festival between mid-September and mid-October.

This Festival of Thanksgiving and Forgiveness lasts at least three days. One thing he mentioned was gratefulness, their harvest ceremonies.

The Santa Ana Pueblo people of New Mexico, celebrate again on July 26, before August and sponsor a dance and fiesta as well.

[ad#Adsense 468] In the North East and Great Lakes the Harvest Time began in what is now late August and lasted up to October and November.

Native Americans have celebrated this festival after the first full moon in August (sometimes September), when the corn is a certain height - the young corn for a first tender harvest. Jamie K. Oxendine, of the Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina, is the Native American Liaison and Education Consultant for Ohio University in Athens. I am closely mingled with the Potawatomi nation through my wife and have become a great advocate for the Native Americans.

As a kid, I sang that same some song about picking up Pawpaws, put ’em in a pocket…etc. Today, these festivals of thanksgiving to the Great Spirit and to nature for crops and life are still celebrated in homes, at Pow Wows, and on reservations. The "Brush Feast Festival" also customarily takes place in this season. Asian cultures as well as their North American tribal descendants participate in moon and harvest festivals, based in their own cultural beliefs and customs.

At the end of harvest (held in the springtime), a grand parade was said to be held in which the Pharaoh would feature. Peruse gorgeous kachina carvings at the Chandler Indian Art Market in Chandler, Arizona, or learn about the Seminole Tribe at the Seminole Tribal Fair and Pow Wow in Hollywood, Florida.

Ohio. The various "Paint Clans" begin to gather many of the herbs and medicines for which they were historically known. I could have lived like this, in the cold country, just fine, right alongside and with the Natives of that region and been quite content. Creek, Cherokee, Seminole, Yuchi, and Iroquois Indians as well as other Native American tribes celebrate this ceremony. Am I right? In Indiana, for instance, it is celebrated at the end of September.

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They are a time to offer thanks to the food gods for a successful growing season and for the sustenance to get through the winter.

It took place at the Prairie Knights Lodge on Standing Rock, N.D. Then the first corn harvest is tasted followed by dancing, singing, playing, and feasting. Each full moon became the signal for a monthly thanksgiving festival, from Homecomings and Pow Wows to Potlatches.

The dance is held by the Creek, Cherokee, Seminole, Yuchi, and Iroquois Indians as well as other Native American tribes. In the month of August which is the Fruit Moon month or Galoni the foods of the trees and bushes are gathered. It is on the website of Indian Country… I was very moved by many things he sad. A frequent speaker on Native American topics, he serves as the director of the Black Swamp InterTribal Foundation in Ohio.

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I enjoyed reading about your culture and hope to read more, attempt to learn the ways of survival of the Great Native American Tribes, that existed with the land as one for hundreds of years.

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