plant life cycle activities

October 12th, 2020 by

Plant Life Cycle Coloring Page. Find all of the activities I’ve shared in this post, plus many more, in this complete Plant Life Cycle Unit. This Printable CVC SAY IT BUILD IT TYPE IT Phonics Word Work is great for printing and sending home for distance learning. Then we dive further into the stages of a flower’s life cycle with a colorful craftivity.

Centered around a 9-lesson teaching Power Point, and aligned to both Next Generation Science Standards, and CCSS, this plant science unit includes 12 days of detailed lesson plans, science experiments, anchor charts, posters, assessments and culminating foldable flower booklet. And finally, sorting objects that are plants and not plants on the back page! As a teacher, I love being able to create experiences for my students that capture their imaginations, nurture their curiosity, and develop their critical thinking as they make new discoveries and learn about their world. The answer of course, is by pollination. Once outdoors, students can use their hands as leaves to test their predictions and record their observations. Matching the causes and effects related to pollination, plant needs, the weather, and the process of photosynthesis is a fun way to integrate reading skills into a science unit as well as another great way to check for understanding. This challenge is a great addition to your plant life cycle activities, but definitely one you’ll want to do outside! Read more about our chlorophyll paintings.

Students will love the engaging & fun activities as they learn say and segment cvc words! Pop your personal email in below and I’ll send them your way! They make a beautiful hallway display too! Finally, it is spring! You’re welcome! Kids love science. One year I had students make watercolor paintings of sunflowers and we displayed them with the sunflower booklets at our Spring open house. Are you looking for a way for students to learn new sight words and review sight words in a fun and engaging way?

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Download all 40 pages of plant goodness in our shop or on Teachers Pay Teachers! Take your class outdoors to explore how leaves help a plant get sunlight. Ask. This Pirates Themed Dolch Primer Sight Word Pack is what you need! Find all of the activities I’ve shared in this post, plus many more, in this complete Plant Life Cycle Unit. You get to talk about growing, planting, and nature. We did this a slightly different (and even more fun!) Looking for fun ways to teach kids about the plant life cycle?! Grab your Plant Life …

After each lesson students write short responses by defining plant vocabulary, explaining a process of the life cycle, labeling a diagram, or researching interesting facts about the plant life cycle.

Click here to watch a video of exploding seed pods.
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In order to do that they must first be pollinated.

We make an interactive lapbook that’s all about flowers, gluing the labels next to the right parts…, then opening up the book to put the life cycle stages in order and identify four things flowers need…. Independent Reading -Read to Self Bags!

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