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You and the other players will shape how your world evolves: its history, its cities, even its factions and how they fight.

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After recruiting your troops, place all of them into territories that you control. Twitter

Sometimes, a combination of Scars, Missiles and special powers on Faction cards may affect which die is the highest one.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. These cards are only used in the secret mission variation, else you have to remove them.

Or should I wait for at least 4 players.

One of Die Mechaniker's starting faction powers is that their HQ is fortified.

Note that some Event cards will be related to population or other status counts.

Place that many troops in front of you. Obviously, if there is a discrepancy between the rules and this FAQ, you should go by the rules (unless we reference an official ruling by the designer that supersedes the rules). by Yvonne Hanson © 2019 Gifts for Card Players.

You must have taken a territory from an opponent in order to draw a Resource card. Territory cards turned in for Red Stars go into the discard pile on the sideboard. After 15 games, things like missile allocations are fixed. If you occupy every territory in a continent that you have named, you are awarded an additional troop bonus on top of the regular continent bonus each turn. We know that you could rip them all open right away, but you'll enjoy it more if you wait for the right moment. For more in depth knowledge I recommend looking up a guide on how to use the decal tool.

Trending. A Fortified city (or one with a partially depleted or fully depleted Fortification) can always be refortified with a new Fortification mark. You've probably already noticed that there are a number of envelopes and compartments that are sealed off. Other cards will come into play as you open the sealed components. This page contains answers to questions commonly asked in the Risk Legacy forums. In future games there will be a Major City there, worth a population of 2, and this territory is now considered a legal starting territory for you and you alone. As a reward, you get all of that player's resource cards, but not his Scar card or Red Star/Missile tokens if he has any. May I improve any of my rolls with missiles? Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. You and the other players will shape how your world evolves: its history and its cities, even its factions and how they fight. Each army comes with its own Faction card that will evolve as you play more games. Sort by. No territory can ever be left abandoned because all the troops moved into a new territory. best. You may attack more territories if you like and are able to.
A decision you make in Game 1 could come back to haunt you in Game 10. (The number of territories you control + your population) divided by 3. But we really wanna mix in a fourth person.

It is not intended to be a substitute for the official Risk Legacy rules, so if you have a rules question, you should consult the official rules (see the Section 1 intro for links) before coming here. As of now there are no cities, no wars, even the continents are unnamed.

If you control a whole continent at the start of your turn, you'll get bonus troops. The choice is yours. Slide the other three Territory cards to the right and turn over the top card from the Territory draw pile and put it into card slot 1. Connected. Whenever a sticker card no longer has any stickers, it is DESTROYED. Coin cards are returned; face up, to the Coin card pile. The second highest dice are an attacker's 4 and a defender's 3. The twists, surprises, and added features work together to constantly adjust the pacing of Risk legacy, preventing individual games from dragging on and on after everyone has mentally checked out. As soon as a player has 4 Red Stars, or if all other players are eliminated, the game is over and rewards are given out to the player who won as well as players who held on (weren't eliminated)! The defender wins ties so Enclave loses an attacker. It does not matter how many resources are on the cards, you must turn in 4 Resource cards to buy a Red Star. The defender can defend to the last man. Before selecting your Faction, it's important to note where you can start on the board. Your population is the sum of all the cities you control. And plot your revenge for next game.

Eliminated: If there are no legal starting territories, then you are eliminated from the game, even if a legal starting territory opens up later. This item will only be visible to you, admins, and anyone marked as a creator. In 2128, after years of global warfare, theoretical physicists joined together with astronomers, engineers, and particle physicists to announce a breathtaking breakthrough: the ability to create new Earths. One scar will go onto faction cards.

I wondered if it was best to try it with 5, or stick with 4. Some Scars on the board trigger at the end of your turn. Are resource cards which players have acquired open or secret information? Refer to the reference stickers on the board for more info. If you destroy a territory card, write a small "x" near that territory's name on the game board to show that it doesn't have a card anymore. Assuming yes. Discard/Destroy (a card): If a card is discarded, it is placed into its discard pile. If more than one die is the same number, only one is modified per Scar, Faction Power, or Missile.

Object of the Game .
Look at the face-up Territory cards on the sideboard to see where to draw your card from. In Risk Legacy, every game you play will change every future game. If there is no die to compare yours to, meaning you rolled 1 or 2 more dice than your opponent, then ignore that die/dice. You'll also see that many sections of the rulebook are blank. However, more Event cards may come into play mid-game. Sometimes Factions get out of control, and certain areas of the world become too strong. A decision you make in Game 1 could come back to haunt you in Game 10. You can directly control how often events are triggered in this world). Have a question and I know it sounds silly. Or can I use it on every turn? If a player has say 10 troops in a country and he conquers an opponents country how many of those troops can he move from the country he attacked from into the one he conquered? The point of Risk: Legacy is to play it fifteen times with the same people, because each game allows players to change the board in new and different ways.

However, I also have a fifth person who is only around some of the time (he's a sailor so spends significant chunks of time at sea). There are two continent marks in the game - a +1 and a -1 mark.

A player may discard multiple Missiles to change multiple dice per battle. When attacking other troops in cities and winning, do you have to lose a troop or two because of major/minor city costs or do you automatically own that territory you conquered? So as long as the attacker is rolling 3 dice, the fortification will break down a bit. You may name any unnamed continent with whatever name you see fit to give it. Event cards are shuffled together and placed on the noted card slot on the sideboard.

On this board, Awesometonia gives a bonus of 2 troops to anyone who controls it but gives you and you alone a +1 bonus for a total of 3 troops.

It was heart wrenching, he said we could continue without him, and we said "no way, the game will be on pause until you come back, however long that takes. Resources/Resource Cards: There are two types of resource cards in the game: Territory cards and Coin cards.

Territory B attacks with 3 dice. For your first game (at least) you can ignore the rules for Event and Mission Cards. So one box is filled in? The Saharan Republic exists to be mobile and hard to find. Or should I wait for at least 4 players. Name that city. Players who have not yet won a game on this board start with one Red Star token. Each territory has a shape showing you where to place marks in that territory. After you have finished with expansions and attacks, you may maneuver your troops. Come discuss games like Codenames, Arkham Horror, Terra Mystica, and all your other favorite games!

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