sentinels of the multiverse card game

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The base game comes packaged with no real good way to store the cards once they’re opened so that is one downfall. A mad scientist holds the world hostage with his terrifying inventions. Welcome to the fictional comic book universe of Sentinel Comics, where powerful heroes fight nefarious villains to protect the world, and even the galaxy! “Sentinels: The Best of Fights in Tights ”, “The best, first superhero card game ever”, “Its not what you've got it's what you do with it that counts...”, “A Wonderfully Themed, Medium Weight Cooperative Experience”, “Get your spandex on, 'cuz it's clobbering time!”, “Biff! The challenge level varies wildly, but a gaming group can get tons of mileage out of changing up what they fight against, and who they use to do it. Fixed a freeze that could occur in certain situations with Challenge Spite: Agent of Gloom. Communication is key, with teams being more effective if they strategize their turns together — since there is no single “winner,” there is no sense in playing the game in a vacuum.

Ultimately, this game may not be for everyone. If anything, her character design is an homage with tongue firmly planted in cheek. There are about 6 of the 10 heroes I won’t grimace at when I roll them if I do a random match due to the fact that on top of having far too many support cards that prevent a steady flow of damage, they also dont have a default attack. Original heroes and villians. Finally, the designers have created the world of Sentinel Comics, a new, vivid and unexplored “comic book land” to get lost in. There is a lot to like about this game-

Next come the heroes’ turns. Starting with the player clockwise from the villain, each hero will take his/her turn.

It’s important to point out one major quibble. Finally, an environment in which the epic battle takes place is chosen, also played through a specific deck. It certainly isn’t for everyone and can run on a tad long with a larger group, but if you are all in the right mindset and learn your characters powers then there is a lot of game in this box. 4 15-card environment decks While it has some characters who seem to have Silver Age elements, most of them have a grittiness or grimness better suited for modern comics. (I personally like the challenge). How many times have you read about your favorite superhero who not only has to overcome their archnemesis, but they also have to overcome some strange environment where they are located like the enemy’s base or some hostile alien planet? The art is just tremendous, especially given that it is all done by one artist, Adam Rebottaro.
Play Environment Card Learning Curve In short? Marvel and DC superheroes have their canon, their limitations, and their pre-existing strengths and weaknesses. Everyone should have someone they will enjoy playing, because most of the tropes are covered. The Marvel game has the disadvantage of not allowing players to control single heroes as they do in DC and Sentinels (the player is instead a S.H.I.E.L.D. I really enjoy this game. The modifier markers can help tremendously, but it’s super (pardon the pun) easy to miss one.

Absolute Zero tries to damage himself to channel a burst of energy against the Villain.

Beautifully rendered environment backdrops put you right in the action. Put on your cape or cowl and challenge this gem of a super hero card game. -cooperative gameplay BUT before the coming of Storm to the tabletop (and unless you knew someone that had Capes and Cowls locked in a safe in their gaming den) – the heroes at Greater than Games did Capes. There were a lot of times we had to look up online how to play a card, or noticed contradictions. Legacy is the archetypical leader embodying the strength of Superman, the patriotism of Captain America, and the family history of Green Lantern.

They feel vibrant and intense, and that theming is beyond beyond. Todos los derechos reservados. Players 8 years and up can enjoy the game, though it is by no means a kids game.

*Environment cards affect hero cards and villain cards. Hero options are Mr. Fixer and Expatriette, while villains selections are Plague Rat, The Operative, The Chairman, and Spite.

They did it well. Sentinels of the Multiverse is a cooperative, fixed-deck card game with a comic book flavor Enhanced Second Edition Takes about 60 minutes to play For 2-5 players Each player can play one card from hand, some are one time use and are discarded and others persist and stay to buff the hero. There’s such a wide variety, even without the expansions, that it can take a few games before you really start to feel like you are able to effectively come up with a gameplan. My Learning Curve and Teach Time Twisted Geniuses, Tricksters, Dark Gods, and Joykills are all represented. Next comes the hero turn, and it follows three steps: Play, Power, Draw. Power levels are scalable, with villains becoming tougher based on the number of heroes they face. Turns are simple: a card is played from the Villain deck, applying any effects as necessary (including ones from cards in play). The more games you get under your belt, the more you’ll get a feel for what works with what and how each hero plays, so this will take less time with each subsequent game. I was confused.

All in all Now, a villain’s minion hits him for 2 ice damage because he is now the lowest health of the group, and so on).

Baron Blade and his minions are attempting to destroy Megalopolis using their mobile attack platform! Two expansions have already been published: Rook City and Infernal Relics each introducing 2 new Heroes, 2 new Environments, and 4 new Villains.

Start of Environment Turn But for an otherwise excellent offering, this is a disappointment none the less. This is a great game, that I recommend. Play occurs fairly quickly, and everyone gets involved. Rock out to the official Sentinels Theme Song, along with ambient tracks for each environment. Sometimes, you might get a bad hero… but there is always a scrumptious caramel around the bend.

One game against Warlord Voss took almost 2 hours (lots of conversation on strategy) and another took about 45 minutes against Baron Blade. KAPOW!

At the time of this review, a successful Kickstarter campaign just funded 2 more expansions: Shattered Timelines following the same pattern of new material, and Vengeance introducing some Villains as playable characters in team play. They don’t pop up every now and again with a ‘Remember Me?’ – each turn the Villains bring something to the Tabletop Metropolis for your heroes to face.

It is vastly improved over the original version. Even an Environment card may need to be battled! Sentinels of the Multiverse is the award-winning cooperative comic-book card game in which you and your friends team up as mighty heroes to thwart the nefarious plans of the villains who threaten the entire multiverse! Simply one of the best cooperative casual games out today. Each of the decks play so differently that it goes beyond “more of the same” with just a different theme. The designers are free to go crazy with the character development.

Gamer Recommendations Each Villain you fight is represented by their own unique over-sized card with their own play style and powers.

Great game but runs very slowly on my Kindle Fire HD. Give it up to Greater Than Games, too, for paying attention to details. The most time consuming part of setup is choosing which heroes to play as, which villian to fight, and which environment to use.

A team of heroes, all with impressive powers and abilities stand between the world and the forces of evil. Even the ones that are given a ‘1’ complexity rating can wipe the floor with your team given the right circumstances.

There are no super heroes in the game that you have ever heard of.

Once they’ve done so, they draw a card or, if they didn’t play a card or use a power this turn, draw two cards. What’s great is that the environment can either help or hinder your team depending on the current environment card, so sometimes it can be to your advantage. The game is over when one side or the other is defeated (HP reduced to zero). The game mechanics built in to the function of the villains make them unique from one another and DEMAND communication and dynamicism from the hero players.

Play continues in this manner until all of the heroes are defeated. – The game has depth, good decisions and plays relatively fast. Somehow this system needs to consolidate how to quickly change and display a hero’s health as many of the villains (Hello, Matriarch) can hit several heroes with multiple damage, and what their HP is from attack to attack can determine if they are the next target (example: at 26, HP Bunker has the most health.

After they do their ability (which isn’t always attack) they draw a card. This makes for an amazing cooperative gaming experience. I’ve read lots of glowing reviews for this game and knowing that a few markers aside this was a game all about the cards…. I’m excited to play, but I have to give Christopher Badell, Adam Rebottaro, and all the other people at Greater Than Games a thumbs up. Each player plays as one of ten heroes, against one of four villains, and the battle takes place in one of four different dynamic environments. There are also a lot of expansions that add more variety. Game play is actually quick and fairly simple. While they’re all good quality, I can’t recommend that anyone use them exclusively, as the game becomes insanely fiddly.

The instruction manual is in comic book format (i love those sort of touches) and is irrationally short and concise – it can’t be that simple? This is where the replay-ability factor shines.

With an entire universe of lore,Sentinels seems like it could be a very strong platform to build expansions off of. So what are you shooting for in playing? You don’t have to keep secrets or work against each other. We did have to backtrack a few times after discovering we’d miscalculated or omitted a card with a rather obscure effect we’d forgotten about. – Each hero/villain/ambient is well thought and have its own unique features. However, even if a hero is defeated, they are not “out of the game.” When a hero is reduced to 0 or less hit points, that hero becomes “incapacitated.” Their deck is removed from the game, their Hero card is flipped, revealing three Abilities of which one can be used during that player’s turn. You draw a few cards for each hero. That being said the game is very fun as a party game and for newbies to games. You've never played a comic book like this! This is all about the take down, that epic huge splash panel throw down between earths mightiest and the baddest of the bad.

Through this game alone, superheroes like The Wraith, Tempest and The Visionary mean as much to me as Iron Man, Batman or Rorschach. Simply separate the decks and shuffle. Which leads too Analysis Paralysis on player turns

Sentinels of the Multiverse is a fantastic co-operative game, with great replay value. Next turn it goes back to a factory, but at the end of turn randomly brings back into play a drone from its discard deck. They even have a nifty Achievement Sheet on their website to help you set-up situations and scenarios mirroring those of the Pages and Panels so you can take a stab at them yourself – Sentinel style.

Heroes get two more steps by using a “power” and drawing a card to their hand. A good cape romp lets you play at being heroes. Of course the Villain is trying to do the same to the Heroes! With the impending feature upgrades the $9.99 price tag could be justified, but until then I think it might be a bit much for a game with some fundamental flaws. Cards that are played are either “one-shot” events that do something and are discarded or “on-going” cards that remain in play such as equipment, relics, minions, etc.

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