sheep swollen face

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Thanks in advance.
Just let me say that this encounter has been entirely professional and most helpful.

I would question a fighting injury.

We have never vaccinated our herd for chymidia, but woul, I have been raising sheep for about 4 years.

padding: 3px; } The wool comes away in small handfulls when I p, We have a 5 and a half year old non breeding Suffolk ewe who is one of our pet sheep.

Cheers, Mich. Have been in to see local vet, unfortunately they are unable to help, as we do not own the animal and so is up to animal welfare. Interesting re BP, a neighbours goat has had BP in the past and ever since has a swollen mouth/lower jaw - is this the case???

} display: inline-block;

This imbalance in the normal body fluids results in fluid accumulating under the jaw in some, but not all, affected animals. A four year old Suffolk has taken herself off in a way that suggests illness, refuses to come to feed, and for two days, Good morning. Audio Player failed to load. We use cookies to … }

#jsn-topbanner { For this reason, photosensitisation is more likely to be seen in livestock with unpigmented or white skin. So brought her into yards to check lump out, it feels quite solid, no obvious signs of puncture or wound anywhere. Normally, phylloerythrin is absorbed into the blood, then removed by the liver and excreted in the bile. Possibilities..BP causes bottle jaw a swelling around the jaw more than the face. Secondary photosensitisation is the most common form of this disease in Australia.

What's its breathing like.. He is now eating grass brought to him, but is not standing. .ial-bg { padding-top: 8px;

as regards to its correctness, accuracy, reliability, currency or otherwise. } If it were mine then I would keep giving the electrolytes and cut a pile of fresh grass for it, and see how it goes. Primary photosensitisation follows ingestion of photodynamic agents, for example hypericin from St. John's Wort (Hypericum perforatum). margin-top: 18px; #k2Container div.catItemView { You can help the swelling decrease faster by feeding a high protein feed, such as alfalfa or calf manna. Mastitis, occasionally gangrenous in nature, may follow the development of such teat lesions.

Disclaimer: Information in questions, answers, and other posts on this site ("Posts") comes from individual users, not JustAnswer; JustAnswer is not responsible for Posts. A verification code will be sent to you. I will tell you that...the things you have to go through to be an Expert are quite rigorous. Affected sheep must be removed from pasture and confined in dark buildings to prevent further exposure.

A few of my ewes showed same sympto, We have a couple suffolk ewes who are losing wool. So will continue for a couple of days and see if improves.

background: #F3F3F3; If the lower part of the face is swollen on both sides, it may be caused by internal parasites.

I have a pe herd of suffolk ewes and one catahldin ewe - they are fat as pigs, and my sheep vet said worming is not necessary -, Disclaimer: Information in questions answers, and, Sheep- has dihharea, blue tongue, wont eat or drink, little, Sheep collapsed and foaming in mouth. I live in Bandon Oregon and we have about 130 head of sheep, I have managed health in a breeding sheep herd of 125, not, ewes: never vaccinated our herd for chymidia, but would like to breed, I have been raising sheep for about 4 years. But gums and less swollen eye do look anaemic.

They are 4 months old.

div.k2ItemsBlock > ul > li { margin-top: 10px; "There's no particular treatment but people can manage the problems," he said. Infected glands....for any reason.

Update : the swelling in rams face has now gone, with the exception of a large lump above his left eye. Severe itching occurs, wool or hair falls out in patches, and the skin becomes reddened, crusted with scabs and sore. Photosensitisation of sheep can resemble the exotic diseases foot-and-mouth disease, bluetongue and sheep pox. text-align: center; Photosensitisation also occasionally occurs spontaneously on some pastures and crops, including biserrula, medics, clovers, oats, barley, wheat, lucerne, canola, and even capeweed.

Healing takes many months.

I have a ewe that has no milk.

Ewes with impaired vision in both eyes should be housed to ensure adequate feeding and prevent death by misadventure.

In really bad cases the skin can blister, it can look like really bad sunburn. } In severe cases, the ears may be sloughed. 26 years experience in small and large animal medicine and surgery. } width: 100%; Couldn't have asked for more. Give a double dose as that indicated for cattle on the label, And when deorming, if you use ivermetin or valbazen, repeat the dose in 24 hours. margin-left: 9%; min-height: 39px; Has the WHO backflipped on its own lockdown advice? Michele Konnersman and 87 other Large Animal Veterinary Specialists are ready to help you, Related Large Animal Veterinary Questions. } }

Morbidity can be high but mortality in uncomplicated cases is low. width: 100%;

what do you recommend to use on lambs to get rid of keds or sheep ticks my lambs are 2months old?
We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. display:none ; margin-top: 7px; color: #000; There is no oozing, no scratching. #kunena.lsb-kunena-wrapper.layout .modal { display: inline-block;

Board certified surgeon, lameness and advanced imaging expert with 9 years of experience.

} }

Primary photosensitization occurs sporadically and the cause is often not determined. content: ""; So should I just reworm her and see how she does ans how long before the swelling should go down? text-decoration: none; some were moved from 1 paddock to another and they started dropping dead within 12hours. } 22 weeks ago is a very long time. max-width: 96%;

Swollen ears droop and may be a distinctive feature, discharge from the eyes, conjunctivitis, corneal opacity, sometimes lameness (photosensitisation affecting the coronary band), dead and sloughing skin in the affected areas, with underlying tissues becoming inflamed and scabs forming over the inflammation. margin-bottom: 0px; Ask-a-doc Web sites: If you've got a quick question, you can try to get an answer from sites that say they have various specialists on hand to give quick answers... He also has a bazaar fluid collection under his docked tail and is qute du, I have a ewe that had a swollen head - her eyes were pretty much swollen shut.

margin: 0px; The photosensitising substances or the toxins involved in these occurrences are not known, and in most there is no clear evidence as to whether they are primary or secondary photosensitisation. } There is, I bought a Katadin ewe and a ram last month. font-size: 13px;

top: 20px;

Orf lesions can progress to large proliferative wart-like structures on the lips. Horned sheep must be checked regularly for in-growing horns. float: left;

margin-left: 9%;

> no change to diet, they just graze with mineral supplements, and no new sheep brought in .

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