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Have you ever chatted to Julie Oram about training the dancers and filming Swing Kids? enthusiastic audience. In the women’s camp, the swing girls often covered their windows so they could sing songs at night. Many of them felt it was a very important part of surviving the camps.

The swing youth had no political character until the Nazis started cracking down. They rented out private halls and wore American fashion as a political statement. Thanks for the facts. It has been accepted as historical fact so much that it has been used in movies focusing on the period. European Association of Teachers 2003. There were political dissidents, many of whom paid dearly. Log in or register to write something here or to contact authors. Mostly I see double-breasted dark suits. YOUTH (9u-14u) The first round of tryouts has been scheduled for Monday, Nov. 2 and Wednesday, Nov. 4 in Lodi, WI. Deutsches Historisches Museum (dhm.de) I also want to point you to an Austrian documentary called “Schlurf – Im Swing gegen den Gleichschritt” which I have a copy of. ( Log Out /  It was Hamburg that had the unfortunate, but perhaps unavoidable, combination of reactionary youth and reactionary government to warrant raids.). grown ups--the young took refuge in a counterculture and damned if they were listening to anyone. (I say reportedly because, though several reputable sources mention the checked coats, I’ve only seen one obvious one in all the pictures of original swing kids I’ve looked at. It had tiny windows and thick walls to frame them. Flaunting authority was their specialty.

Schlurf – Im Swing gegen den Gleischreitt – Dokumentation The swing youth were youthful nonconformists of their day, like every culture has, has had in the past and will most certainly have again. This is one point, however, where I personally wished it would have taken a few liberties, and, for example, allowed the most enlightened character, Peter, to run off and join the resistance or something in the end. In January 1943, at the age of 17, he was arrested — for dealing marked-up enemy music records on the black market and for being a minor out after curfew — and sent to a youth concentration camp. Dancing was a very important part of the swing youth’s social lives. Also, added your expansion of Lottern in a footnote. It’s easy to look at movies like Swing Kids, especially with the post-war everything-the-Nazis-did-was-evil mentality, and wonder how teenagers could go around so blatantly breaking the rules of the Third Reich. 2012.

Given that the Hitler Youth were bound to be a little biased against the swing youth, not to mention that they upheld a pretty puritan view of what constituted “moral depravity,” we can probably deduce from this report that the swing youth were just acting like many average teenagers would when they’re away from their parents and around members of the opposite sex.**. Apparently they danced Foxtrot, but tried to make it wild, imitating the actions they saw in pictures of American swing dancers. | Swungover*, Posts in Order of Publication | Swungover*, Regarding Nazi Regulations on Swing Music | Swungover*, Who is Ernie Smith? It's dark and scary out there.

“That is an old air raid shelter,” she said. All content copyright © original author unless stated otherwise.

She has some great stories. Hans-Jürgen Massaquoi: Oppositionelle Jugendkultur im NS-Reich Most of the other sources mentioned on websites say the same generic information. Most were sent home. As the 1930s grew darker — as the first anti-Semitic laws in 1935 gave way to outright violence against Jews in November of 1938 — it’s hard to imagine that there weren’t at least a few of them who realized that they were a part of something much greater than a teenage rebellious fad. Added history of the “Swing tanzen Verboten” sign and “Entartete Musik” poster. “The swing kids used to volunteer for the lookout shifts. By Jon Savage.

didn't turn up their cuffs in Munich. Great! Swinging went underground. There was no single movement that could call itself Swing Youth. This is where the story gets interesting: the “Swing Tanzen Verboten” sign is a fake from the 1970s, designed for a record cover. It was getting old, and there was nobody left to Swinging kids were deported. Furthermore I want to point out that the Third Reich was Germany, but also other parts of Europe and especially Austria. According to Wuthe, Swing Heil was also a dance step. What did they have, two whole months to prepare?). The Hamburg swing youth spent the trip being obnoxious and trying to provoke the authorities, rather than just listen to music and dance. Pity those individuals shed a bad light on Germany, gives a rather bad picture. [*] Regarding the umbrellas, this was mostly just a fashion necessity, except for those in the north; Hamburg has more rainy days per year than London. Change ). The Swing Youth tried to imitate British and American culture. Maybe this makes it a bit clearer what it means. The youth, especially in the early days, liked to broadcast their culture. 2007.

His name was Karl Hintze, a Sturmbannführer Kriminalrat who was trying to goose-step his way to the top of the Gestapo with rabid conservatism. Only I know many Germans who agree. The swing community is lucky to have someone like you to preserve our history, present, and hopefully future! The designation was applied by the government. Well, one Nazi in particular, anyway. Hat brims may have been wide in Hamburg Review of the movie Swing Kids The module describes the Swing Kids who refused to conform, and... As a decade of Nazi rule passed by, the Hitler Youth lost its appeal as something glamourous. Fun fact: apparently, despite the fact that Goodman’s music was “verboten” throughout the Third Reich, Artie Shaw was allowed and very popular. (It’s understandable if this is hard to believe. Vienna had it’s own Swing youth called “Schlurfe/Schlurfs”, a term still used to describe a person dressed unclean, lazy and also describes how this person would walk (scuffing the feet along the pavement, not really picking up the feet in a lazy, hunch-over position). hypnosis act. We can't have that now, can we? expensive clothes, those who could not just made do with whatever they found that would suit the purpose. “Tribus urbanas: Jóvenes del swing”. Will try and write some subtitles over the next weeks for you english speakers :). Some of the swing youth were known for having a causal attitude towards sex, and many assumed this was part of their swing parties. An interview, in German, of an original swing youth. Records were clandestinely copied and distributed. It was never a conscious resistance movement but a lifestyle that doggedly fought conformity and despised its symbols.

Since jazz music was illegal in Germany, this groups focus turned into a political issue.

Among the top Nazi officials, Goebbels in particular hated them with passion for being so "un-german.

First off, to satisfy a big curiosity, no, they didn’t Lindy Hop. A great read for those interested more in the swing youth. And, unfortunately, ladies and gentleman, facism is still alive and well. This is an amazing source for the history of the swing youth.

One can only imagine the parties he threw for his friends.

“Nein, das Nazi-Regime konnte meine Liebe zum Swing nicht brechen.” — Günter Discher, German swing youth, While I walked the rainy streets of Hamburg recently, my host pointed to a large rectangular stone building that didn’t so much stand as squat. There’s half a chapter dedicated to the swing youth, though most of Savage’s factual information obviously came from the Different Drummers book above. In recent years, several of the original swing youth have been able to meet these new Swingjugend, confident that the spirit of swing lives on. Especially because of famous anti-swing propaganda such as the “Swing Tanzen Verboten” sign and the “Entartete Musik” poster art. (Plus a critique of the 1993 Hollywood Picturesmovie “Swing Kids”) The youth of the western world was celebrating the end of globaleconomic depression and the approach of modern times during the 1930s and40s with a riotous explosion of dance and music called Swing. Really interesting article. in german we have a term called “Lotterleben” (lazy-life if translated) and describes a person that is lazy, but also unmotivated, a bit happy-go-lucky, without a real plan to life. ” “Heil Hotler” – Swingjugend im Nationalsozialismus”, Schlurf – Im Swing gegen den Gleischreitt – Dokumentation, ← Consider This: A Leader/Follower Conundrum, Consider This: German Swing Kids, Our Closest Relatives? ", Each city had its own swing scene and its own breed of party animals and fashion. Websites

The Swing Kids name was playing on the fact that Hitler required the youths of Germany to join youth oriented programs, but they were highly against this.

Music & The Holocaust

now, nothing could deter youngsters who wanted to party. The National Socialists disapproved of the free and easy swinging culture, labelling it degenerate and criminal. Throughout the war the scene survived. In German we have a term called “Lotterleben” (lazy-life if translated) and describes a person that is lazy, but also unmotivated, a bit happy-go-lucky, without a real plan to life. But those were the SWING YOUTH TALK AWAY (free from feb 14th) SWING YOUTH THE SCREEN (free from jan 31st) SWING YOUTH WORLD IN FLAMES (free from feb 21st) SWING YOUTH about. There were church men who disagreed and fared no better.

**** — The film really was quite authentic in a lot of ways, especially with the apoliticalness of the general swing youth. Once the war business started getting serious, the government's disapproving toleration ended and bans were imposed. Maybe it sounds cooler in German.).

The 5-foot rock wall and full-size monkey bar set will give older kids the climbing challenge they need and the flat-step ladder will give even the youngest kids a safe way to climb into the upper fort. The female swing kids wore their hair in curled Hollywood styles rather than traditional German styles like braids.

http://holocaustmusic.ort.org/politics-and-propaganda/third-reich/swing-kids-behind-barbed-wire/. “We were going to tell these dumb bastards that we were different, that was all,” said Tommie Scheel, one of the Hamburg swing kids. Or, you know, something like that. Sure, the lead actors don’t dance very well. Did you by change get any details about the presentations made by Mr. Discher? Many of these admired the American and British way of life and opposed the National Socialist Ideology, especially the Hitler Youth (for boys) and the League of German Girls (Bund Deutscher Madel). Each member of the group is forced to face some tough choices about right, wrong, and survival. defy. Not exactly the regulation hairdos for the crew cut boy and pigtailed girl Hitler Youth. the girls let it flow or permed it too. ), Though America was the home of the swing music and films the German swing youth devoured, the swing youth also took a great deal of their inspiration from British culture, especially the fashionable English nobility. The Swing Youth movement disintegrated after the war and went the way of every trend before it.

In 2000, he received a medal from the city of Hamburg for his contribution to the arts. The swing youth were mostly teenagers between 14 and 19 from middle and, especially in Hamburg, upper-class families. The swing youth were mostly teenagers between 14 and 19 from middle and, especially in Hamburg, upper class families. All dancing itself was occasionally banned, and as the war went on, dance clubs were turned into hospitals or places were Jews were kept before deportation to camps, but swing dancing was never singled out. It certainly doesn’t sound like an orgy, from my admittedly limited experience. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Understandably nervous, Jacobs and the rest of the city’s partially Jewish swing youth didn’t welcome the Hamburg kids back. For instance, the term “swing kids” wasn’t used before the movie.

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