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8.9 By signing up to or switching to one of our fixed plans or variable plans for prepayment meters, or being under a deemed contract with a prepayment meter, you are required to have a prepayment meter and you are agreeing by default to pay via your prepayment meter. (d) We will carry any debit or credit balance forward to the next month’s bill. Together Energy does not currently install or support smart meters. (b) Or you tell us you’ve changed your mind. In the table below we have compared the price of the Together Energy variable tariff to the standard, variable tariffs offered by other large, medium and small suppliers for a household in London using a medium amount of energy. 15.1 We can change your contract at any time. This includes failing to allow access to the property or failing to respond to requests for meter details or meter readings. 8.1 The payment methods available are as follows: (a) Standard direct debit, which means paying for your supply in advance each month by direct debit, where we set the amount of your direct debit. Discover whether you’re eligible for a grant to get a free boiler for your home. 3.3 A variable plan means one of our variable rate tariffs: (a) We will not increase the charges you pay under your contract while you are on a fixed plan unless your contract changes – see section 19. Negative comments include poor customer services, issues with meter readings, difficulties accessing account and bills, poor communication, issues switching, difficult to speak to a person, and back office systems problem. (b) A daily standing charge for each fuel supplied at your property.

20.3 You must not use the supply in any way that endangers people or property, or that could interrupt the gas supply of any other property. 13.2 If you tell us after you’ve moved, or once we hear from the person who’s moved into the property, your contract end date will be two working days after you tell us or we hear from the new occupier. For more information about security deposits, see section 8.11. 23.6 If any part of this contract is void or unenforceable, the rest of the contract will be unaffected. 4.7 If you are on a fixed plan, your charges will remain the same for the duration of your contract (for example, 12 months) from the start date of your supply. 3.5 You may be on a deemed contract, which means that: (a) You are on a contract that you have not actively agreed with us, but exists between you and us automatically because you are taking a supply, and. (d) Disconnecting or reconnecting your supply. If your balance shows a negative that means that your account is in credit.

(d) You can pay using a prepayment meter or one of our other payment methods if you would prefer not to give a security deposit.

Our customers agree. The fixed-rate tariffs are distinguished by contract length, e.g. If you clear this debt within 30 working days, we’ll keep your charges the same and allow the switch to happen. (e) We can temporarily suspend or permanently disconnect the supply under warrant (if necessary) from the Sheriff Court without your permission. How do Brits plan on helping out the environment? Discover how boiler flues work, what regulations you have to follow and whether you’ll have to pay for one to be installed. is a financial comparison and information service, not a bank or (d) We may not reduce your standard direct debit payments unless we have up-to-date meter readings for your account. 14.5 If you end your contract without switching, you’ll automatically move onto our cheapest variable plan. (f) If you are on a variable plan and we withdraw it from new and renewing customers, we may move you onto the cheapest variable plan that is available at the time. (d) Prevent crime, fraud and money laundering. 6.4 If you discover any damage, fault or other issue with your metering equipment, you must tell us immediately. may also receive compensation if you click on certain links posted on A supplier’s fuel mix is the ratio of different fuels or energy sources that it uses to generate electricty. c) Have not co-operated with attempts to obtain meter readings or resolve queries requested by us. 9.7 Details of the credit reference agencies operating in the UK (the ones we use and share your data with) are set out below. As well as being an energy supplier, Together Energy Ltd is heralded as a social champion in Scotland. 17.4 We reserve the right to terminate this contract if we believe that you are behaving inappropriately or in violation of applicable laws or regulations; for example if you are verbally abusive or behave offensively towards our staff. (d) If you’re on a variable plan, the charges that applied to your variable plan for the period in which you consumed the gas/electricity. 2.5 You will keep your contact details (including email address and mobile phone number) up to date. 5.6 If you decide to leave us and we hear from your new supplier within 20 working days after your fixed plan ends, or if you enter into a new plan with us in the same period, we’ll keep your charges the same until you switch or start the new plan (as applicable). Please send us an email at In the table below we have listed all of the Together Energy contact details. 4.2 We aren’t responsible for any debt or other outstanding charges you may have to pay your previous supplier. (c) Use scoring methods to assess your application and help us choose what plan and payment method is right for you. Our complaints procedure and your rights. If you have a Together Energy Economy 7 tariff, you will have two unit rates for electricty, a day rate and a night rate. offer credit facilities from a panel of lenders.

12.2 You’ll usually get your refund within seven working days of your request being accepted, unless we’ve arranged something else with you.

Once a read has been confirmed we will refund any credit within 7 days of confirmation. 6. A dual fuel tariff could save you money, but it’s not necessarily the cheapest option. Thomas St, London, SE1 9RG. Founded in 2016 in Clydebank, Scotland, it initially only supplied energy to domestic suppliers in Scotland, but has now extended its business and offers energy tariffs to households in England and Wales too. If it gets confusing, you can always come back and consult’s energy pages and guides! Replacing your boiler: What you need to know. The Scottish-based supplier claims to recruit over 90% of its staff from the poorest 10% of postcodes in Scotland. We may receive compensation from our partners for placement of their products or services. 15.3 If we make changes to this contract that are disadvantageous to you, we will give you 30 days’ notice to let you know about the changes. Together Energy is committed to giving every customer the best price available, but this will vary depending on your location and usage.

By browsing this site you are consenting to their usage. (e) If you have a credit meter, any up-to-date meter readings you’ve given us or, if you haven’t given us an up-to-date meter reading, estimated meter readings (using industry standard methods). You can contact the agencies for more information about what details they hold about you and how they are using that information.

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