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Not sure how this stacks up with those 2 in terms of game complexity and play time? :). JayC: 90% of the crates have the potential to be opened during and after the campaign. So how will you fix Charterstone here? Two things conflated to make this one an amazing game. (I own almost 100 different games and Scythe has quickly become one of my favorites.).

Can’t wait. Will Charlestone be available in French? We are just getting started, and one player has collected the building card for a charter unoccupied by a player. And I have the Steam version and have played through the campaign two more times…. :). Sythe which to back was a no-brainer for me. Thanks! I am a gamer and a collector, this means normally i try to keep my games in a prestine contition as long as possible, this means i use card sleeves and all avalable protectors for my games ( and yes, sleeves make my games much more expensive, but i know the benefit of having card sleeves).

Hey Jamey. Each player gets 1 worker that represents themselves, as well as a smaller worker. It was explained that the comments section or Facebook would be a better place to ask this. But, I have suggested we try the Automa in Game #3 at least and see how it goes. Online game shop for everyone! 2.

There’s even an automated element (called Automa) that can represent other players in their absence so they can continue to score points. you did it again… just when I thought it was safe…. Woo-Hoo!!! — Dan, We have! I do not have a gaming group and find the idea of legacy mechanics AWESOME, so even the hint that this might work for solo play is amazing. Well…it’s October and I haven’t seen any updates. So looking forward to the rest of this campaign! Hats off to you – this game will hold a place in our hearts forever. I’ve asked Mindclash about a French version, but I’m not aware of any such plans.

This is inspired. Together they’re Mindclash Games. Finally i’m not sure if you’re the right person to ask but one of my friend in the play group to play will buy but given that I am AMAZED at your games specifically Scythe and Viticulture, i’m not sure it worth and sensible to buy 1 as well and play it as solo with 5 automata. A strategy game of magic and deception, where aspiring Illusionists clash in a grand contest for fame and fortune. :) To my knowledge, it is the first village-building legacy game. can u buy another board? :). Reply. So if you have a retailer in Europe you like, ask them to take pre-orders for Charterstone. We have a redirect issue. What is the benefit for a gamer? The legacy part was fun and it’s always a treat to unlock some new content but I love the pace of the final game. We are psyched at the idea of tacking Game #2 tomorrow! My group is three games through the campaign so far and it’s been an absolute blast. I love their design and the increased thickness will doubtless make them a staple of many other games in need of metal money. Thanks for producing an absolute gem! Ok Jamey. :). The Charterstone universe is one that we love playing in. :). :-D. I don’t know the exact date, but I think Ludofy will have it in the next month! I’m not against legacy games (I have 2 of them), but I am still hoping that someone will make a great legacy game that can be fully reset…. I think I love this game! Cody: It depends on the game. You can add extra copies for $44 / €38 / £29 each, to a maximum of 10 games. I read somewhere that you might be making a digital adaptation for PC. The tension in this morning’s game was palpable! Inactive charters use neither of these. We would have been using four total Automas, to ensure that the game was being played with six active charters. Plus, this is my full-time job. She won… even though the goal for the game was something that I was more successful in (if that makes any sense). 3. With Stonemaier/Stegmaier’s track record, I’ve come to expect quality games where thoughtful design and love shines through in numerous ways. Also, it requires additional mechanisms to determine exactly which buildings will be replaced. Is it going to have a lot of miniatures? The base game of Trickerion - Legends of Illusion and the ’Dark Alley’ expansion. I’m just bummed that I will have to wait longer now to play Charterstone. Have fun! And please keep in mind that any retailer can carry our games or opt into the list–just because they’re not on the list doesn’t mean we don’t sell to them through distributors. Thank you for producing games with high quality pieces, beautiful art, and well crafted mechanics. I really appreciate that since my group has some that are not that fluent in english and its always a little bit of an effort to explain all the text on cards that are in english. John: Thanks! Mayyyybe. I **strongly** hope that you’ve got some writers working on some story level paragraphs for those decision points. August 2-5th in Indianapolis What shall we be bringing, you ask?

We are thinking (at this point) that we will play Game #2 without an Automa and see how that goes. * Joe is sending me some extra copies of the rulebook and Automa book

We just finished game 8 and already purchased a recharge pack. Total This game is ridiculously fun! It is official.

I realize there’s already a lot of content but I could see more being done with the story and buildings. All of the advancement cards in the general supply (deck, mat, and discard pile) just form one cohesive deck, and at the beginning of each game you’ll shuffle it and reveal cards on the mat. Flair icons are BoardGameGeek microbadges and are used with permission.

Thoroughly enjoying it so far, and wondering at what point in the campaign we will reveal a ‘rule 1’ sticker! That’s good to hear. We’ll release it as soon as it’s typeset. 1. And that’s only two strategies, there are so many more, each charter and sky island combination suggests different strategies. Not happy with your purchase? When he builds those buildings, should they go in his land or the land they match with? My husband is so excited about this game. I did a quick spot check through each of the other sections of cards and the stickers peeled off correctly. Charterstone is still on a boat, so No one will have it at the convention. 2.

Were the collector’s editions a combined Ape Games + Mindclash Games product, or only a Mindclash games product?

I’ve talked with Panda about stickers that can be removed, but there are a few issues with stickers like that. We made sure that each charter had a way of getting a minion, one way of getting income and a building where panic cubes could be spent. I appreciate you signing up as an ambassador. I’m Italian and I can’t find anyone who played half game…. This was already the most anticipated game for me of 2017, but seeing that cover art and with it the art style of the game and the somewhat whimsical conception of this world with that picnic basket shaped building has somehow upped my interest in the world. We do like our Scythe. That being said I absolutely love this game and our group is having a blast! I have to say, both this game and Viticulture has caught my eye and I definitely have an interest in potentially getting this game. Cheers Jamey and looking forward for more GREAT boardgames from you!

I mean, just thinking about how you would have to do rule book changes within Tabletopia makes it not really feasible. I have an eager playtest group at NKU. Hey Jamey, big fan, read you’re book and I loved it. You can find it here: It won’t be released until October at best. We ended up with only two points between us at the end of the game.

Hi Jamey.

there’s some boardgame local store here in indonesia, Because the core mechanism of Charterstone is that you can place a worker on buildings in ANY charter, even if one charter ends up slightly better crafted than the others, it’s not imbalanced. Will there be a preorder opportunity for those who track the game?

Also it’s easier for the Automa Factory team to see your question. Thanks for the report, Rupert! Thanks Nick!

Okay, to balance this I have one main gripe. And if so, when might that be possible? Should I cancel my order and wait for the french version to arrive here, with having no idea of when it’s gona be?. P.S. and has some very cool concepts going on within it. A legacy game designed by you will be the only legacy game I buy! Here’s where to get a Tuscany extended board: Ah! However that’s the one thing I won’t buy. The campaign will increase the difficultly compared to the post-campaign game, which will be just as difficult as the final game of the campaign. I imagine even the Legendary devs took an accidental hail of friendly fire before they got to the “-gendary” part. In Charterstone, a competitive legacy game scaled for 1-6 players, you construct buildings and inhabit a shared village. :), Thank you sir!

” It was my idea to have buildings that look like the thing they do/make,” YES, PLEASE! I must say that you have given me quite a bit of prototyping components in the main box such that I don’t plan on buying recharge kits. I love your games and i also love the way you created your company. thank you very much! To develop a completely new design using a legacy/campaign system is a huge task and I wish you well Jamey. Not to put down the tamthe as Im sure its been a labor of love and dedication. ho great! They have their copies in, have taken my money, and have a copy with my name on it ready for pickup. Subscribe to our monthly newsletter for important updates and limited offers. I truly enjoy all your games, esp. They have brought a lot of joy to me and mine. Definitely! All of the other sticker cards appear to be fine. The lines for the German version (their booth at least) was impressive, too. still didn’t work. Garrison: That’s a great point! I’m looking for it on internet every month. When are the next batch of ambassador shirts being offered. Game #6 is done. This means we couldn’t even progress past the first step in the game. Hmmm. Please say blimps! At some point when I reveal the box art, yes.

Thanks for your interest, Andy! So how will you make sure that it isn’t the same boring engine building every session. “Just yesterday my publisher mentioned that we’re putting more in the box at the price point of $70 for other games that add up to nearly double to the cost.”. It was one of the best experiences our group has had in boardgaming. That said, there are other fantastic legacy games out there. This has been a lot of fun. Just finished game 6 and like the comment back in august 2018, the link does not allow for score entry. Looking forward to Games #6 and #7 this weekend! We are currently preparing for the next Trickerion print run, scheduled for March. It really amazes me how anti legacy some people are. Thanks for the reply. (The FAQ link above takes us to a closed group.). :) Also, one of the reasons we included metal coins in the game is related to something you said–even if you stop playing Charterstone at some point, you still have something useful you can use in other games. I’m glad you all are having so much fun with it.

* I have played the campaign However, the lack of a intuitive and proper working UI and the plethora of bugs makes the game unplayable. I’m glad you like it, Stephen! You might have encountered a lot of questions but just wanted to confirm: The best thing will be to sign up for the APE Games newsletter, which you can find at the bottom of the homepage. Hey homie, I’m super psyched on this game. Połączenie mechaniki z tematem stoi na średnim poziomie. In an effort to start a new village… We each scored over 130 points in that game.

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