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Fax: (509) 865-2064 The clinic is staffed with a Washington State licensed Physician Assistant who offers general health care 5 days a week to all IHS eligible clients. Fax: (509) 865-2331.

Our mission is to maintain a current Tribal Membership Roll utilizing the Total Enrollment Administration Management System (TEAMS). weight management services, and diabetes education and WAK-WEI Scholarship on the Yakama Reservation. ©2019 Yakama Nation Tribal School of Toppenish, WA. REQUIRED: Age three for entire funding quarter or older, complete application, student’s Calling from Out-Of-State you may dial 1-800-859-5121 The emphasis of the museum is to serve the Yakama Tribal members, develop exhibits and dioramas, to emphasize the positive history of the Native people, and to create and emphasize positive self-esteem for our Yakama people. The Yakama Nation Main Agency Offices 401 Fort Road PO BOX 151 Toppenish, WA 98948 (509) 865-5121

The mission of the Transportation Program is to provide a quality road system that supports economic development and tribal life now and into the future. The Yakama Nation Home Health Program will educate patients, families, and the community about health related issues to enable them to better care for themselves and their families in their home environment. The office of Probation Services will network with the Healing to Wellness Drug Court as a team member to work in a cohesive and professional manner to ensure the success completing of offenders drug court program.

Yakama Nation Pre-College Scholarship Dependency Court Ext. The Yakama Nation Tribal School strives to offer an educational program in a cultural context, which establishes high expectations of all students, including the disabled. The travel needs of the Yakama Nation is our primary focus. The Employment Services and the Child Care and Development Fund Program have been combined to form the Native Workforce Development Services to better coordinate and collaborate activities and services. Goals and Objectives: 1) Utilize existing contract funding and pursue additional funding to fulfill the stated mission of the Engineering Program.

Provide Driver’s License/Washington State I.D. c. laiming to be a Veteran, please attach you. Electrical Permit Process. A supplemental food program that provides free nutritious foods with nutrition and health information for pregnant/breastfeeding women, infant and children under fiver years of age. readiness capabilities. This will legiate degrees and enhance the Yakama Nation workforce. SKC Forestry Classes Plan of Operation

All Rights Reserved. Learn More. Networking other health providers in coordination resources utilization through casefindings, referral, screening, assessments, follow-ups, and monitoring other essential direct services. (509) 865-5121 Ext. (509) 865-5121 Ext. the first week of November starting. Counseling services are free of charge. 4588 Toppenish, WA 98948 The Mission of the Forest Development Program is to protect, preserve and enhance the natural resources of the Yakama Nation, in accordance with the YN Land and Natural Resources Policy Plan, YN Forest Management Plan, P.L. lands of the Yakama extended in all directions along the

For Employment Listings and Application or for more information Also the management of this important natural resource is fundamental for the Yakama Nation to exercise its position as a sovereign nation. complication in Native Americans and the Yakama Community The Office of Probation Services will do this thru ensuring compliance with Yakama Nation Tribal court order to promote the well being of the community and future generations by using available resources to ensure compliance, as well as protecting victims. Our work includes providing support and education for victims and perpetrators of violence. 4583

Dial: (509) 865-5121 pressing four digit extension numbers allows direct connection to department. It shall be the mission of the Wildlife, Range, & Vegetation Resource Management Program for the Yakama Nation and its members to manage, protect, restore, and enhance the ecological cultural integrity of the Land & Natural Resources preserved since Time Immemorial and under the Treaty of 1855. and all other aspects of business and economic activity. The Forest Development Program coordinates with the BIA Branch of Forestry and the YN Natural Resource Programs to provide services of the Yakama Nation that will insure for the maintenance and enhancement of Yakama Nation forest lands. and/or expenses. The Water Code is responsible for the enforcement of the Yakama Nation surface and ground waters and all water rights for the Yakama Nation. Mission Statement: The Office of Legal Counsel will continue to provide assistance to the Yakama Nation with diligence in protecting the sovereignty, customs and traditions through proficient legal counsel as directed by the Tribal Council and its Committees. NRS Scholarship 2019

Vision Statement: The Yakama Nation Museum's primary responsibility is to preserve, protect and care for the artifacts and archival photos on behalf of the Yakama people. Includes Yakama Nation Tribal Council, Yakama Nation Programs, Yakama Nation Enterprises, Yakama History and the Treaty of 1855. The Yakama Nation Comprehensive Community Alcoholism Program seeks to promote the quality of life within the community through providing treatment and related services. Mission Statement: We provide a service to the Yakama Nation Tribal Council; General Council; Tribal Administration; and all programs under the umbrella of Yakama Nation by offering a drug free workplace to Yakama Nation membership; opportunity for current employees to apply for vacant positions and promotions; we offer on- site training; orientation; process the unemployment claims; classification; grievance; appeals; coordinate the Request for Payroll Action for approximately 250 a month. Our mission is to prevent and manage diabetes and its October 2009 edition. The program is divided into various units that include forest development, fuels management, fee land timber sales, Mt. A Bureau of Indian Education School.

We strive to provide reliable roads and other services while protecting the environment and ensuring the safety of our employees, of our Tribal members and the general public. This information supports tribal resource specialists in creating innovative management solutions while protecting the rights guaranteed the Yakama Nation by the Treaty of June 9, 1855. (509) 865-5121 Ext. *Note copies of identificationare required. Yakama Nation Tribal Child Care Application

The overall mission of the Yakama Tribal Court system is to at all times protect the sovereignty of the Yakama Nation and to provide for it's members the guarantee outlined in the Treaty of 1855. Generations before the advance of the modern world, the Location and Information: The Cultural Resources Program was set up as the arm of the tribal government to preserve, protect, and perpetuate the principals of the unwritten Creator's law of water, land, air, the cultural, natural and human resources to include legendary sites, places that our ancestors utilized and enjoyed for thousands of years prior to Treaty time.

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