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West Virginia has been voting Republican since 2000, although in earlier years it shifted back-and-forth between parties. >California has been steadily voting Democratic since 1992, fueled in part by the growth in its Latino population. The Democratic nominee has won in all 14 contests, beginning with Lyndon Johnson in 1964. It has switched back-and-forth between political parties ever since the years following World War II. Lot 7, block 4, section 2, Keystone Forest, $212,000, Mark Harrison and Davina M. Brown to Christopher E. and Priscilla S. Sonne. Democratic strength in New Mexico is attributed in large part to growing support from Latino voters. Alaska, Hawaii, and Washington D.C. show data starting with the year they voted for the first time in a presidential election. Trump no longer at risk of transmitting virus, White House doctor says, Michigan kidnap plot isn't first threat; Trump tries to restart campaign; and more on Election 2020, 2nd presidential debate is officially canceled, commission says, The Biden campaign started selling fly swatters right after the debate. Lot 15, section 2, Windy Hills, $149,900, Thurman B. Davis, trustee to J. Wayne and Annette F. Middleton. Lot 15, section 3, Hooper Woods, Jefferson District, $335,000, Audrey Deborah Anderson and Deamus N. Anderson to Marcus D. Anderson. Florida, with its diverse population of retirees, Cubans, and resort service workers, has been a critical battleground in the last several elections. Native son Barack Obama won more than 70% of the vote in 2008 and again in 2012. The report calls upon the global community to fight COVID-19 while honoring and respecting commitments that can improve the lives of women and children, and not widen the gap between promise and reality. But in the years following World War II until that point, it voted Republican nearly every time, breaking ranks only for Harry Truman in 1948, Lyndon Johnson in 1964, and Bill Clinton in 1992.
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ichigan, a big labor union state, had been voting solidly Democratic from 1992 through 2012 but gave Republican Donald Trump a narrow victory in 2016. The state Republican Party unsuccessfully fought the system, which was first used statewide in 2018. In 2016, Hillary Clinton beat Donald Trump, but only by a razor-thin edge of 1.5%. Other than joining the nationwide landslide to elect Democrat Lyndon Johnson in 1964, Nebraska has voted Republican in every presidential election since 1940, when it backed Wendell Willkie over Franklin Delano Roosevelt. - 1948: J. Strom Thurmond (States' Rights Democratic, 8 electoral votes), - 1964: Barry M. Goldwater (Republican, 8 electoral votes), - 1976: Jimmy Carter (Democratic, 8 electoral votes). Lot 12, Ashwood Townhomes, $138,000, Michelle Antonette Ferguson and James Edward Ferguson to Christopher Stage. “While much is still unknown and uncertain, our collective goal endures: for women, children and adolescents everywhere to survive and thrive, and for their lives to be transformed”, added the Deputy Secretary-General. - 1920: Warren G. Harding (Republican, 10 electoral votes), - 1924: Calvin Coolidge (Republican, 10 electoral votes), - 1928: Herbert C. Hoover (Republican, 10 electoral votes), - 1940: Wendell L. Willkie (Republican, 9 electoral votes), - 1944: Thomas E. Dewey (Republican, 8 electoral votes), - 1960: Richard M. Nixon (Republican, 8 electoral votes), - 1964: Lyndon B. Johnson (Democratic, 7 electoral votes), - 1968: Richard M. Nixon (Republican, 7 electoral votes), - 1992: George H. W. Bush (Republican, 6 electoral votes), - 1996: Robert Dole (Republican, 6 electoral votes), - Number of times Democratic Party candidate won: 11 (44% of all elections), - Number of times Republican Party candidate won: 14 (56% of all elections). In its earlier history, it shifted back-and-forth, although it was steadfastly Democratic during the Great Depression and World War II, backing Franklin D. Roosevelt and Harry Truman. elaware has been solidly Democratic since 1992. Lots 1-3, plan B, block 90, Rivermont Subdivision, $82,000, Kathy B. Bibb to John T. Cros. Among the displaced are an estimated 84,000 women and girls of reproductive age. 2112 Woodcrest Dr., $225,000, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to NBS Real Estate LLC. On the other side of the political aisle, Alaska has voted Republican in every election but one.

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