Preparing for Birth Center Birth

October 26th, 2015 by

New Parents & Refresher

Birth Center Class Content

  • Why natural birth works
    • Mini anatomy and physiology lesson
    • Pelvis & baby
  • Relaxation & Positive Thinking
  • Signs of Labor/What to expect
    • Braxton Hicks, 4 P’s
    • Effacement/dilation/timing
  • What to expect at your birth
    • Penny Simkins road to labor
  • Positions for labor and birthing
    • Balls, rebozo, breathing
  • What to bring to your birth
  • What’s different about Out of Hospital vs. Hospital
    • External Monitoring, AROM, Pitocin, Epidural, IV, Tens, Nitrous
  • Signs of an emergency
  • What to expect postpartum
  • Early introduction to breastfeeding
  • 3 Birth Videos

Birth Center Class Specifics

  • 8-hours of childbirth education specifically addressing out of hospital birth
  • 3-hour refresher version available for second time moms
  • Offered as a 4-part series or single day class (check the schedule for details)
  • Required for Birth Center clients