Mommy and Me Classes in Northwest Arkansas

February 11th, 2016 by

Okay, so we know that ‘Mommy and Me’ is not exactly the politically correct term for it, but we take it to mean any class that involves babies or infants and their caregivers, whether that’s Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, a babysitter, or someone else entirely. Using that as our framework, the team at the Birth Center of Northwest Arkansas scoured the ‘net to find the best parent and child classes in NWA. Here are the ones we think you should check out:

The Birth Center of Northwest Arkansas
Of course, we’re going to start off with the first and best: the Birth Club New Moms Group at our birth center! New moms and their babies meet once a week for six weeks to bond and talk about their concerns, questions, and triumphs. Each group discussion is led by an expert in newborn development. It’s a great opportunity for mothers to get out of the house and to meet others who are in a similar situation. You’ll learn infant massage and developmentally appropriate activities for you and your newborn. Who knows? Your child may even meet his or her future best friend!

istock_000021287831_large-300x219Little Giggles
This unique venue in Bentonville, Arkansas is all about open play. There are age-appropriate learning stations and a special ‘soft play’ area for pre-walkers. The passionate team at Little Giggles is clearly dedicated to the enrichment of children, and the facility is clean, beautiful, and thoughtfully designed (you’ll appreciate the feeding nook!). Little Giggles offers a free Enrichment Class each Monday, and they also hold ‘Little Artist’ classes and ‘Creative Movement’ classes for parents and children. Get ready to sing, dance, and create!

The Little Gym
The Little Gym is a national chain, but the Rogers location on Pleasant Grove Road feels like a smaller local business. There are tons of classes for kids of all ages; parent-child classes are divided up by age group. You can try any class for free to see if your child fits in developmentally and just to get a feel for the place. The Little Gym focuses on what they call ‘Three-Dimensional Learning’ – physical skills, mental skills, and social skills. Children as young as four months can participate in the ‘Bugs’ class. One reason we like The Little Gym? There are options for every schedule!

Kaleidoscope Dance Academy
This dance academy in Bentonville, Arkansas will help instill a love of dancing in your child (and possibly even you!). Even the most reluctant parents will find themselves swaying along to the beat in the ‘Mommy & Me’ classes for caregivers and children. Open to children between 12 and 24 months, this class is all about basic movement. Parents will learn teaching techniques to help them incorporate movement during playtime at home. And if you (or your child) loves it, there are classes for students of any age at KDA!

The Community Center
Community centers around Northwest Arkansas offer ‘Parent-Tot’ programs to help parents teach their children how to swim. Your child can enter a public pool when he or she is as young as six months old unless your health care provider says otherwise. The City of Bentonville offers parent/child swim lessons at the Community Center for kids between the ages of six months and four years. The Rogers Aquatic Center has a summer swim academy. Children between eighteen and thirty-six months will acclimate to the water as parents guide them in pool exploration and teach them self-rescue methods. Swimming is a great way for pre-walkers to get a bit of exercise in, and for you to bond with your little one!

Bonus: Yoga Story
Yoga Story in Bentonville offers a Kids Adventure Yoga class for kids between the ages of three and eight. Parents are encouraged to join their children and the instructor as she leads the class through yoga games and adventure stories. We included it on the list even though it’s for older children just because it sounds so fun!

At the Birth Center of Northwest Arkansas, we’re dedicated to helping mothers, children, and families be successful. Bonding over shared experiences is a big part of that! Have you tried any mommy and me classes in Northwest Arkansas? What did we miss on our list?

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