Photographing Babies: Rogers Photographers Share Their Tips

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Your little one may seem tiny now, but he or she is going to grow at an incredible rate. Most babies triple their birth weight and grow five to eight inches taller by their first birthdays. You’re going to want to remember these moments as they fly by, and the best way to do that is through photography! You might not be an expert, but you don’t need an expensive camera to take incredible pictures of your baby. We asked three baby photographers in Rogers to give us their best advice on photographing babies. Here’s what they said:

“Try not to use the flash, as it can be unflattering to your baby’s skin. Use the best camera you have, preferably something better than the camera on your phone. Light from a window is most flattering for your baby. Clear out a space in your home next to a window, place your baby on a blanket, and take pictures from many different angles to give you choices!”
-Jason Hudson, The Hudsons Modern Photography

istock_000024423542_large-300x196-Kaity Whitman, Photo Love

“The reason we love to take pictures weekly, monthly, and sometimes daily is to show how fast our babies are growing! The best thing to do is be consistent. Photograph your baby at the same time of day in the same spot, so you get similar lighting conditions. For my youngest, I used the master bed with a simple white bedspread. Show how your baby is growing in size by photographing him or her with the same stuffed animal each time.”
-Melinda Worthington, MJW Photography

As the premier birth center in Rogers, we’ve seen a lot of babies here at the Birth Center of Northwest Arkansas. Some of our mothers choose to have a photographer in the birthing suite with them as they labor and deliver their babies. We completely understand this; after all, this is one of the most joyful days of your life! If you’d like to have a photographer join you and your midwife in the birthing suite, here are some tips you should keep in mind:

  • Choose someone who has done this type of photography before. The birthing suite is a unique environment, and you’ll want someone who has experience and knows the best angles and lighting for your pictures. Plus, birth can be messy – the last thing you need is for your photographer to faint!
  • Get to know your photographer beforehand. You want your personalities to click. Your photographer should have a calming, reassuring presence. He or she shouldn’t be yelling for you to “look over here!” as you’re working your way through a contraction.
  • Set expectations beforehand. This is the one and only time you will deliver this baby. If there’s a specific picture you want (like when the baby crowns, or the first time you nurse her), make sure your photographer is on board with that. You’re going to be very busy in those first few weeks after your little one arrives, so sort out payment and delivery details ahead of the big day.
  • Don’t worry about how you look. Have you ever seen a picture of someone with their hair and makeup all done up, right after they’ve given birth? These photographs are about memorializing this moment with your newly expanded family. Trust us; no one is going to be looking at your messy hair or chipped nail polish.

The birth of your little one will be one of the most miraculous days of your life. Unfortunately, it can also be stressful. At the Birth Center of Northwest Arkansas, we offer personalized care to make our moms feel as comfortable as possible. We provide the safety of a hospital birth with the comfort of a home birth.

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