We like to guide our clients through their entire journey that is womanhood, whether that includes becoming a mother or not. We provide well woman care services including annual exams and pap smears, birth control, fertility counseling, and wellness advice tailored to your needs from our team of certified nurse midwives. Call us today at (479) 372-4560 to schedule your well woman appointment!

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Personalized One-On-One Appointments With Your Certified Midwife

During your annual well woman visit, for which you are allotted up to 60 minutes, you will have time to ask questions, explore your options of contraception use, and educate yourself on your health and wellness. Our certified midwives strive to empower the women they serve. So many women have no idea how the female reproductive system works and we take the time to educate you on your body while listening to the specific concerns you may have.

Evidence-Based Holistic Care

Your well woman care is approached with a holistic outlook, focusing on your health and wellness. From nutrition, exercise, stress reduction, and beyond, we explore the big picture and come up with a plan that mirrors what is important to you. Getting to know your medical history is important when it comes time to discuss birth control options, fertility, and a personalized care plan moving forward. Our evidence-based care is designed to set women up for a lifetime of healthy choices and if they choose to have a family in the future, the best start possible.

Comfortable Environmentkpgmedia-net-2-edit-300x200

Doctors’ offices can seem a bit uninviting and instill anxiety. You will feel at ease in our comfortable home-like environment, run by welcoming, caring professionals. The “waiting room” is more like your living room at home. There is no glass partition separating you and the reception desk. We want you to feel free to pour a cup of coffee and relax. When you get into the exam room there’s no tension or awkward wait times. Our certified midwives will treat you like family and be respectful of your time.

Affordable Self-Pay Rates

Midwifery care at the birth center is affordable! While we accept all major insurance plans, our well woman visits are only $70 if you choose to self-pay. That is lower than you will find at your local OB/GYN office and it comes with a much more personal touch. Our facility may look and feel like a spa, but we operate at a lower cost than doctors’ offices and are happy to pass that savings on to our clients.

047-baby-co-300x200Continuity of Care

If you do become pregnant one day, you will have already established a trusting relationship with midwives that can follow you through your prenatal care, labor, birth, and postpartum! After you give birth, you can continue your well woman care with the same team that you saw throughout your pregnancy.

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