We will be closing on December 20, 2018

Over the years, it was been an incredible experience and an honor to care for NWA families as they expand and grow. The Birth Center of NWA values each and every one of our patients and we truly want the best for you and your family.

However, due to financial hardship the Birth Center of NWA must close its doors on December 20th, 2018.

This will be the last day we will attend to any patients at the Birth Center. We understand that this news is unexpected, but we want to make sure your transition to a new provider is as smooth as possible.

All birth and newborn classes will run through the end of December as currently scheduled.

Our currently pregnant patients who will be affected by the closing have already been notified. Patients who are sure to deliver prior to closing do NOT need to find a different provider.

The process for obtaining complete medical records is as follows:

We will need a signed release of records before you can:
Pick up your complete medical record in person.


We will release those records to your new provider when we receive a signed release of records.

Medical records cannot be emailed or faxed to any individual that is not a healthcare organization under any circumstances. This is the law.

Please direct any billing/financial questions to the Birth Center of NWA Billing Manager. Kayla can be reached Monday-Friday 8am-5pm at (479) 644-6464.

Financial and billing questions will be handled directly with the Billing Department as the CNMs, nurses and receptionist will not be able to answer those questions for you.

Again, thank you for your trust over the years.

With Love,

The Birth Center of Northwest Arkansas