About Us


We are driven by a passion to expand women's choices to make what can feel like a choice between two extremes, hospital delivery and home birth, into a spectrum of options. Not because we don't support these other models of care, but because for many women, neither feels like the right fit.

Our Rogers birth center offers personalized birth center care in a spa-like atmosphere that is beautiful, relaxing, and family friendly. The birth center was designed to give our families the experience that they want. From the comfort measures they use during labor to the lighting in the birthing suites- everything we do we do to support women's access to what works best for them.

We take a holistic and education based approach to care. We give our families the information and support they need to make good choices about their own health.

We believe that high quality care starts with mutual respect and a trusting relationship. One of the key differentiators in our model is the amount of time that we spend getting to know our birth center clients and the level of access they have to our care team between visits.

Pregnancy, just like parenting, goes differently for everyone. Our goal is to create opportunities for women to have the most positive experience possible, on their own terms, supported by a team of caregivers that respect their wishes completely.