There is always something going on at the Birth Center of Northwest Arkansas! In addition to prenatal and well women care we offer a wide variety of childbirth & early parenting education programs, drop-in support groups, movie screenings, and community events throughout the year.

Core Classes

Childbirth Essentials - 5 Week Series
Childbirth Essentials - Express 2 Week Saturday Series
Childbirth Refresher
Breastfeeding Basics
Newborn Care & Safety


Childbirth Essentials 5-week Series (10 hours)

Class 1: Late Pregnancy and Preparing for Labor

  • Changes of late pregnancy

  • Nutrition

  • Mental and physical preparation for labor

Class 2: Understanding Labor and Birth

  • Signs of Labor and what to expect

  • Stages of labor: what does each stage look and feel like, and how to navigate.

Class 3: Birth Planning, Interventions and Complications

**Optional group tour of BCNWA collaborating hospital Mercy

  • Birth Planning

  • Navigating routine procedure

  • Introducing potential interventions and complications

  • Optional Tour of Mercy Labor and Delivery

Class 4: Coping and Comfort Measures

  • Relaxation and breathing techniques

  • Positions and movements to take in labor

  • Focus on partner specific comfort measures

  • Labor Rehearsal/contraction practice

Class 5: Postpartum Mom and Baby

  • Immediate postpartum: what to expect and suggestions

  • Postpartum support

  • 4th trimester, touching on normal newborn and breastfeeding


Childbirth Essentials Express 2-week Saturday Series (8 hours)

Class 1: Late Pregnancy, Preparing for Labor, Understanding Labor and Delivery

  • Condenses information provided in classes 1 and 2 of Childbirth Essentials course and introduces coping and comfort.

Class 2: Birth Planning, Interventions and Complications, Coping and Comfort and Postpartum Mom and Baby

  • Condenses information provided in class 3 and 5 with labor rehearsal/contraction practice.

*This class does not include a tour of Mercy Labor and Delivery