Lactation Services

Lactation consultants provide tailored advice and information to mothers wishing to take full advantage of breastfeeding their newborns.  The Birth Center of Northwest Arkansas offers the following lactation services:

Takeaways from Consultation

After a mother's consultation or breastfeeding class, she will have gained knowledge on:

  • latching techniques
  • her milk supply, rationing and supplementation as needed
  • ability to recognize child's signals of hunger and satiation
  • skills for working with a medically needy or fragile child
  • a custom plan for scheduling feedings and the her particular situation
  • an understanding on the use and maintenance of a breast pump or other device


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a lactation consultant?

Lactation consultants have the privilege to help empower and educate moms, dads, partners on the many ways to be successful in providing breast milk to their treasured little one.  Consultants help secure a bond in prime situations, and in circumstances that are not seen as optimal in providing nourishment. Consultants help mothers achieve a sense of confidence that will not only help them in breastfeeding but as parents, as wives and partners.

The International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) serves nine roles

  1. Advocate
  2. Clinical Expert
  3. Collaborator 
  4. Educator 
  5. Facilitator
  6. Investigator
  7. Policy Consultant 
  8. Professional 
  9. Promoter


Why should mothers seek a lactation consultant? Why is this service important?

Many mothers enter labor with an expectation of how a birth will go- and sometimes things go a bit differently than expected! Breastfeeding is a way to create a strong bond between mom and baby, no matter what happened in the delivery room or birthing suite.  

The role of a lactation consultant is to help ensure that whatever the outcome may be, a bond between parent and child has been facilitated. There are plenty of health benefits to breastfeeding to the infant and mother. This not only is beneficial for long term health, but cost and economical stand point is considered better for the family and the country state of health and wellness.


When should mothers look into this service?

Women who are pregnant or plan on breastfeeding for the first time, Other women who seek out this service are those who desire to further their knowledge, need some extra confidence, or who have:

  • had issues with breastfeeding previous children
  • are adopting
  • surrogacy
  • Multiple Babies - i.e twins, triplets
  • had IVF
  • had past breast issues - implants, reductions, cancer, cystic breast


Learn more about international lactation consultants, and the lasting impact they have on mothers.

Our Team


Joy Stay, RN, International Board Certified Lactation Consultant® (IBCLC®).


A personal note from Joy:

My life's saying has been "see a need, meet a need and change a community/village." So started my journey in seeing a need while working on a pediatric unit.

Why was I seeing so many sick babies and children what was the root cause for all the young adults I took care of when floating to Med-Surg in the hospital? I can't solve world hunger or bring world peace, but I can start at something as small as educated women on preconception health and wellness, helping increase our breastfeeding statistics and educating our culture on the benefits of breastfeeding and long term benefits to not just their children, but their children's children and to the community.

I started researching and it brought me to the impact of breastfeeding and the statistics as to why we (Americans) don't breastfeed.  What hinders our culture from being successful in breastfeeding when in other countries, cultures and sub-cultures it's not as "difficult"? Difficult is the word  that I hear the most from mothers. "Difficult to understand, perform, feel accepted, feel 'normal', etc". I now try to be a resource to the women who seek out help. I want to empower them to approach motherhood confidently, and to put aside some of the different voices that our culture throws at us, I want to empower women to listen to their motherly instinct and to reach the goals they have set for themselves and their little ones that they have been given to grow, raise and nurture.