Birth Center of Northwest Arkansas – What We Offer

Welcome to Birth Center of Northwest Arkansas!

We are a modern birth center located in Rogers, AR offering high quality maternity and well-woman care in an intimate setting, outside of the hospital.

Our Birth Center Services include:

  • Personalized Clinical Care: Education-intensive prenatal, postpartum and well-woman care, including birth control and fertility counseling.
  • Labor & Birth: You can choose whether to deliver at the birth center or at our partner hospital up through the third trimester. At the birth center, we offer low-intervention birth with a certified nurse midwife by your side throughout your labor. You will have access to a range of comfort measures at the center including nitrous oxide and water birth.
  • Education & Wellness Support: Classes, discussion groups, and counseling including: prenatal yoga, newborn and childbirth education, lactation counseling, and new mom support groups.
  • Products: A curated selection of pregnancy and newborn care products we love.


We’d Love to Hear from You!

Thank you for your interest in BCNWA. We’d love to introduce you to the team and our model of care. If you’re interested in getting more information, hearing about special events in the area or in seeing a midwife for your prenatal care, give us a call at: (479) 372-4560 or send us a message using the form on this page.

The Birth Center of Northwest Arkansas is a fully licensed birth center in Northwest Arkansas offering a range of prenatal, labor & birth care, and well-woman care services. We accept all major insurance plans. Contact us for more information or schedule a tour of our birth center facility today.

Phone: (479) 372-4560